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  1. Mr op I feel for you. A 4 star hotel is what you would need to resolve such issues. Good luck.
  2. RobC, not enough information for us to take a guess at. Sharing your property? That would make them a lodger so no, but you still need to ensure they are in a safe environment. Do they have exclusive right to an independent property? Then most likely but what agreement is in place? Are there benefits in kind? I'm not sure what situation would relieve you of landlord responsibilities there possibly it is more complicated than they being a tenant.
  3. A little useful info for the inspections. I have a contractor in play to carry out mine. For a 3 bed terrace he has quoted £190, I forgot to confirm if he's vat registered but tbh I find that acceptable even so. My consumer units are split load, so essentially all but lights and alarm are not so far RCB protected. I have been fitting RCBO's (these are individual cct RCB's that replace the MCB) so as to ensure all ccts are RCB protected. My 1st inspection in Wales didn't require the consumer to be upgraded to metal clad, so aware of differing interpretations on this I've just h
  4. Good tip chaps, I'll look at the insurance type. In truth I'm reluctant to learn new stuff continually as by the time I get my head round it it has often changed. Just for laughs, on the subject that the world has gone nuts (it dissolves toward Idiocracy more each day(I refer to the American dumber than dumb film)). I had a cheque, nuisances nowadays, for £2,988.75 - with Barclays I am able to only pay in by photo online to max of £1,000 - so off t' bank. Today I'm checking the balances of various accounts via mobile and see I'm near £2k light on one of the Barclays accounts.
  5. So a T naffed off in August last. I traced her new location, not far away, so knocked on and had keys returned and surrender signed, during September. I made the claim for the whole deposit, of course it is only partial settlement, again during September. I wait, no response from T, no surprise. So I finally get back to this and progress toward the 'Statutory Declaration'. So I've to print off 3 pages to take to a solicitor for sign and stamp. The 3rd page is for the solicitor to complete. He/ she must sign , write address and stamp. It is a stand alone page with absolutely
  6. I wouldn't have sympathy with a LL fitting an unsuitable floor, cheap or otherwise. But dog mess will be accompanied by the bladder emissions, that will have a more extreme effect. I guess it wouldn't be only one occasion and may be left until your return. Gaps aren't good for fluid, imagine spilt milk, mind what got under from doggy might smell bad enough. How much doggy do has caused / increased the gap is now a matter of some debate. If my property I would be expecting the floor to come up for a good clean below. I suggest talking with the LL, but if he wants the majori
  7. Should consideration have given to materials that could survive water in the amounts used. cheap laminate in a bathroom wouldn't wash, te he.
  8. Absolutely. But we may transfer part of a property at will. We will do this at a sale when we gift 50% to a spouse to double the CG threshold advantage. No tax on gifts / transfers between spouses. Clearly it is different gifting, or transferring for what ever reason (is really a private matter) to a company. It may well be as a loan to the company that is carried over each year, increasing annually. Then there would be IHT as a consideration come the time. At any point we may have a share in a property with any partner. Mr Taxman asks us to declare that proportion each year. Wh
  9. I don't see any reason why portions of a property can't be transferred. It may well be a slow process but transferring to the company at such a proportion that the CGT isn't passed would mean no tax payable. So an ever increasing share of the property is owned by the company. Then as suits as reward for effort more shares are taken by individuals in the company. In my mind the aim is for the company to own most prior to the present owner of the properties snuffing it. Up to the IHT threshold ideally. The rate at which ownership of the company is taken over is less of a pressure as t
  10. I don't see you need people for that. Your controlled (in whatever fashion) limited company could lease from you. Wages can be paid to whoever for what ever. Dividens can be apportioned as available.
  11. Scary, is this receivers that are selling? Is this an investor with an out stretched arm slowly sinking into the water? Of interest, where? I feel for those that did buy. Are the light areas cladding?
  12. Wether it be road fund, N.I. or whatever it all goes into the treasury pot. Where it goes from there can be very questionable, especially with the near open corruption MP's are enjoying due to covid. But what is this right wing Gov't you speak of, I don't see it. There are ever increasing policies to relieve any Gov't of responsibility, that can no longer be afforded anyway (aside from covid rescue packages that are going to burden the working classes (whatever that means these days) for longer than I could calculate). The likes of us, but far from only, are the new entities to carry the
  13. The Welsh council of clowns are so well organised even the people living in Wales are having trouble finding out where they stand with covid restrictions. The web site bounces you from link to link and when you think you've landed on relevant info it is only relevant to last year. As far as hoofing T's, I came to the conclusion that none of us are in a position to do it. 'Leave them alone' policies that are continually extended are just the 1st hurdle. Waiting for a court date is long winded. Then will a T claim to be at high risk and defer? We need to understand what finan
  14. In truth RL why it feels ridiculous because we have become used to CGT being so lenient. Over the last decade or two the leniency has been gradually eroded. There used to be taper relief, and another one I forget the name of now. A sort of demonstration that whichever flavour of Gov't we have become more an more socialist. The continual attack on the LL (to favour the lesser able and / or willing) supports that in my view. I am discussing with Mrs Me if this could be an opportunity to off load these ever increasing units of responsibility (that are questionable as to if th
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56218952 With the extension of the stamp duty holiday (the only holidays available at the moment). This could encourage buyers to buy, but with CGT hits not so much 'us' sellers to sell. It seems some are considering a sale here or there. Gifting the 5% would mean 100% funds for a buyer, and upping the price a tad could compensate that some.
  16. get a yacht Grampa, your free time will be well and truly consumed.
  17. As an unrealistic suggestion, and this assumes post sale the solicitor pays revenue into your account rather than paying the tax on your behalf as with stamp duty. But as they aren't an accountant to calculate such I would imagine it's the tax payers responsibility. Withdraw cash, if we're able to do such. B*gger off to Ecuador. You will be made bankrupt in your absence, any remaining assets would be confiscated.
  18. Shows how lazy I've become, pay CGT and never see it again. Reinvesting is no longer a benefit toward CGT deferral. https://finance.zacks.com/tax-benefits-reinvesting-capital-gains-9608.html This essentially refers to share CGT, but I'm assuming there is no difference.
  19. I've been meaning to research some. It used to be that reinvesting a capital return would defer the CGT payable. An incentive to continue investing ones dosh and aid the economy. reasonably so in my view. If that can still be done it was would seem that the CGT is paid and an attempt to reclaim it in what ever period may be allowed for later, post the investment in another venture. Not good for cash flow even if that is allowed. Of course if not allowed it then means our CGT is paid as it is realised, closer to income tax really. Either way it reduces incentive to carry the
  20. I'm not surprised Grampa. Many LL's have a choice of me or them if they are likely to go down themselves. Of course harassment is much the same thing but may not carry the same threat of police action. Then if a LL is charged, how long before a court hearing? By then you expect said T to be relocated so at no significant detriment, or homeless so a no show at court. I don't believe Shelter are active at the moment, they were certainly as good as closed in Rhyl during the 1st lock down. I would guess Citizens Rights to be similar.
  21. Totally agree with that. The difficulty is finding an A that is as knowledgeable and as up to date as you Grampa. If the A gets it wrong the LL suffers the fallout. Tbh I used to be able to quote legislation, nowadays I don't know where I stand with it. On RL's point of the Govt not being able to supply housing if the private sector reduces supply. My view is that the houses will still be there, put that together with the local authorities imposing greater penalties on mt stock and those houses will be lived in by someone. It won't cause any more of a housing crisis than we have
  22. The removal of S21 is still in consultation isn't it? That is aside for the action plan Grampa put up, that nigh on makes a S21 useless anyway. Isn't the repossession possibility returned to us at the end of March, so far? If that's still the case we then have the problem of when we can get a court hearing to get an official 'out' date. At that point are we still able to instruct a Bailiff w/o further court involvement? As above I would take pro active steps against the G'tor and hope they put pressure on the T's, and not bury their heads. So many changes, so much to protec
  23. Is anyone charged with monitoring the property in their absence? If no contact it's unlikely you would know. But I wonder how you are aware that they are abroad and absent for months. Personally I would inform in writing that that you intend to inspect 24 hrs later (each time). No denied access, so let your self in and satisfy yourself the property is in good order and prepared for the absence, water off, heating set sort of thing.
  24. I wasn't aware there was 'the vaccine'. Surely its down to luck which is administered, but the 2nd dose being imminent would point to AZ. Are we in a police state or can you reply that you consider the information to be personal? Are all NHS managers suitably authorised to request details of your health status and prescription drugs taken. But to add to your recognition of the NHS lack of info sharing, even for those with authority. Chesterfield infirmary request me to get a blood test at my local surgery. I am then asked to obtain the results so I can let the specialist know the re
  25. I suppose what I have failed to appreciate is that many here will be experiencing greater numbers of covid examples close to them. If follows that those coming from say Slough might get a "not even a viewing sorry", while those from South Derbyshire (but not Derby) may will be invited in with a smile "but no hug Duck (Derbyshire expression, quakers I know)". Here in the High Peak our numbers are good but not fantastic. But does that mean we are merely behind with natural immunity? Will Slough prove to be covid safe before we are? But don't forget to reject anyone coming down fr
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