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  1. I also us Excel, with my own spreadsheets. Tbh though I'm feeling that automatic reminders for all the stuff we need to comply with would be an advantage. The financial isn't so complicated.
  2. Lawyers huh, I knew the could be good purpose for the 2nd.
  3. Or not. I'm seeing them but seemingly unchallenged. I imagine though that if the scooters for hire in London aren't used because people have their own then Grant Shapps will make sure the police act.
  4. While I agree Grampa I've experienced a different response in different areas. Prestatyn is a wasted phone call, unless there are blood and guts. In Buxton I have experienced more pro active responses, but as you say one occasion I had to tell them where to find the perpetrator or it would have been shrugged off. Different occasion 2 years ago I called 999 as what I could hear over the gardens was an escalating intense and threatening situation. Walking on and the sirens were going t'other way, so already busy. The next day Plod called to ask if I had seen knives, of course I h
  5. I'm sure it isn't the 1st time many of us have heard of this, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-dorset-57599056 The poor sods who fall for this are somewhat complicit as they mustn't have viewed prior to handing over dosh. But increasingly I'm seeing a trend to hand over lots of dosh for unseen merchandise, buying cars springs to mind on that one. From the selfish perspective does it increase our risks? It seems if 'occupiers' are in our properties the police are shrugging their shoulders. I thought that had been made criminal and such occupiers and those that had ai
  6. Cynicism RL, that used to be reserved for LL's as I remember. Anyway welcome to the club, it used to be a lonely place but increasingly less so. Still not a happy club though. Just a thought but you may find the Chinese hoops are too small for fat Westerners. (But you might try selling them in France as compact self inflating life rings to the wannabe illegal migrants. Just add water.)
  7. Thanks Grampa, has there been a consultation period on this? Of course if it is pushed through as covid legislation I guess there would be no need, but as you query what about after? With my usual cynicism I wonder what further wait period we might have to endure if post mediation (and agreement) the T fails to comply. I guess it's obvious who will need to pay up for further action. In my fantasy world for this to be balanced the court might monitor (perhaps even manage) agreed solutions with a view to a repossession becoming automatic where a T fails. Otherwise it's just a
  8. I have T's with an older car on the driveway, so similar. It isn't legal in any respect for road use. It will stand and deteriorate. Brakes will lock, they will use it to store 'things' just for a little while. I don't find that acceptable. They have said their son is going to renovate the thing for himself. Then he can do that at his own property (he doesn't live with my T's). For him to do these works at my property is equally unacceptable. 'Some time' down the non road it will be a rusty lump not worth the effort of renovation. There has been risk of my needing to hoof 'em a
  9. My AST does restrict size of vehicles and that they must be road legal, of course that only applies within the boundary of the properties. The risk with any belongings that will deteriorate is that the T naffs off leaving us with the disposal issue. W/o a clause in the agreement I'm not sure what can be done. But any of us that experience anything that might be considered junk and dumped would take action. Not road legal (in this case)= junk. If it really concerns you you might consider a S21, while you still can. If your T can't demonstrate ownership you might have it rem
  10. Am I confused or was it here I read of some one claiming that a licence to reside (rather than the AST) means the landlord can repossess w/o all cr*p we must endure? If memory serves the upshot was that we may call it what we like and ask a T to signa as such, but essentially if we have T's they have the rights as we understand. Anyway to the crux. Today I attended my M/cr property. Neighbours are complaining that residents in 2 house o the small street are bad news. Police visits regularly, rubbish cast over fences, anti social sorts generally. Stated to be rehabilitating druggies w
  11. S21's are to become history anyway. We are effectively to request permission to recover our properties from abusive T's. While I don't condone such is this type of outcome really a surprise? https://metro.co.uk/2021/05/17/landlord-fined-for-dumping-tenants-belongings-in-the-street-14597450/ The big surprise is that the penalty makes this worthwhile. Court costs and the wait for, eliminated. Lost rents reduced. Damage during an eviction process eliminated. Either route would have stresses. I have read of the big stick persuasion becoming used more. Like I said I don't c
  12. Many are aware there were changes that came in during 2019 for new tenancies, relating to charges and penalties no longer allowed. Those changes became applicable to all existing changes by 1st June 2020. There are a few more than the true but sarcastic referred to change in the title. One that has caught me out is the penalty for late payment of rents. Each month if arrears are greater than £50 at 5 days after the due payment date I would apply a £30 penalty. As it was a term within the AST I thought it was ok. NOT, I have been wrong. The titled charge may be 'only' made i
  13. Shelter have come up with a useful tool, https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/private_renting/how_to_end_a_fixed_term_tenancy_early Talking periodic here. Working through it, the result is for a tenancy to end on the last day of a tenancy period, or the 1st day of a tenancy period. Seems strange to me that the 1st day would be applicable but hey ho. It states that a tenancy period starts on say the 14th if the move in date was the 14th. This is where it is at odds with my set up but I still believe my set up to be applicable. My AST states tenancies will becom
  14. They've been long term T's with excessive wear and tear. My usual is to say "thanks for letting me know, keep me updated as to when". Here though I'm expecting heavy repairs, and ott cleaning / removal of 'stuff'. Rather than chase for damage and rubbish removal costs that could be more problematic to achieve, the strict claim of rents due till the end of a notice period could give me a less complicated way to recover some losses. If they leave the property in reasonable, but a some what worn state then no problem.
  15. Things change often in this game, so nowadays I'm not as sure as i used to be. It used to be that a T was required to give notice of 1 month (for a periodic tenancy that is paid monthly). and for the last day to be the last day of a tenancy period, Is this still true? I often refer to the Shelter site, but on this they state one month and don't specify the end date, another site does specify last day to be end of a tenancy period.
  16. The price can depend on so many things, so near impossible for us to say. But most tradesmen would consider a £55 charge as a minimum for call out. I view that £55 isn't worth worrying about for this and might well save further damage.
  17. The rejection of HB applicants on that ground doesn't apply to me, because I need T's and it wouldn't be realistic in some / most of my areas to expect better. I guess I need be cautious on my wording when advertising though as I 'did' state no unemployed. I also state sickness and elderly claimants welcome and while that often amounts to benefit claimants it is a restriction to some. Shelter's barrister, well any really, are there to find the best cause to hang the defendant, us in these scenarios. Insurance companies are allowed to assess risk and charge the premium accordingly. I
  18. My simplistic thoughts, cynical of course. When I was rejected for the self employed covid grant HMRC stated I wasn't classed as self employed, and yet I have completed a self assessment and paid tax due to that for many years. So I'm not self employed, I don't pay PAYE so who do I work for. Well it's the Gov't of course. Our decisions and choices of how we run the business that we are allowed to be responsible for have been diminished to such a degree that we must accept that it isn't our business any longer. We are merely the one's responsible to provide accommodation to the
  19. Losses are automatically carried till offset.
  20. Condensate is acidic and so corrosive, but even so I would be surprised if the leak would cause serious damage. More often these sorts of stains are dealt with by a coat of undercoat followed by emulsion, not usually near the excess cost never mind whatever the claim is for. I would want to interrogate this. But if the mismanagement company are Comptons they don't discuss and enjoy ramping up the charges via their 'not' in house solicitor who works for them.
  21. Should I require a defence. Whatever the situation the soil wasn't his to remove, as said it has value. Theft end of. I appreciate that there are different views on actions but mine is he is a weasly thief. He demonstrates that no trust would be reasonable. Btw, tenants should only be doing work with our consent and approval. Even then it can be a dangerous result if there is a court case regarding the tenancy. Where I can trust the tenant to do good work I offer to refund the receipt of materials, by credit on their rent
  22. No problem with discretion, just enjoy quietly. Or with sound proofing.
  23. Is that the new model that might be attracted to a sports car?
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