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  1. Being so self righteous is why she has done wrong. But as far as I am aware the only part of this that could feasibly be a police matter is not declaring her electoral address correctly. And really, does that deserve time and effort by a police force that only prioritises and turns up to an event when the blood is flowing? Otherwise the financial affairs are beyond the 6 year limit. So records are beyond the HMRC capability to interrogate. The 'advice' will surely be, "you got away with it, it's too late for HMRC to do anything". The only change to that is if fraud is cited, but that's v difficult to prove, as it's an intent. Naivety is the obvious defence. She has been naughty, but I can't imagine the Ashton voters will give a toss (if she still has the whip come election time). They're too busy sourcing drugs (to buy or sell) and shooting each other for fun. As it 'appens I have a property there, and it's still better than Prestatyn.
  2. We are responsible for those we engage on our behalf. Same way, if a tenant engages some one (that may screw things up) then they are responsible for any outcome. But the job is done here, there are no demonstrable losses, there is no more to be said it's done with. As said the tenant could have refused access, he is in possession of the property. So I stick with my earlier assertion. And you will either continue to be managing a person continually looking for problems, or be free of him. I wanna tell you a story. I visited a tenant w/o prior notice, he's always been a nuisance, but in that location it isn't unusual. I was invited in, so his choice. As I sat he informed me that he had the right to have a dog, and I needed to give good reason why he shouldn't. He had already posted the request by registered mail. Now this was a time when Wales was evolving to 6 month notice (coming all locations near all of us soon). So I went with the S21 prepared, as it was my last opportunity to serve it. But my using it can be decided on later. I stopped his speech and presented the S21. He opened it, "what's this, why?" "Cos' I don't want you to have a flippin' dog." the tenant can't wipe himself clean, so he shouldn't be responsible for an animal. "I don't want a dog, forget it." The next day I refused to sign for said letter. I'll be honest I did get pleasure from that little episode.
  3. Serve notice, the pillock spends his time looking for issues. Most would be grateful for the faster repair.
  4. I haven't applied interest, but 'I would assume' that interest is due, on daily basis, until the outstanding amount is settled. Maybe the interest is applied to the statement balance each month.
  5. A valuer would provide the expected rental return as part of the report. But if at application the figure submitted is lower, I'm guessing, that would be used instead. A mortgage company then apply that to whatever their criteria is. While they might want to see accounts of the applicant/s, I've never been asked for any accounts relating to a BTL property.
  6. Methinks your tenant is a clown. Such a round figure on a scrap of paper is the work of a school boy. Absolutely, there is no right of compensation. I assume the tenant informed you and you responded in a reasonable time. Nowt else you should be expected to do. You may charge minimal interest on late payments, of more than 14 days. In truth not worth the effort. Where you can offer incentive is to point out that his account is in arrear, and shall remain so until paid, and would likely affect any future rental come request of a reference. Otherwise, as you suggest, ignore it till deposit hand out time. You demonstrate the ongoing arrears, with the rental statement/s. He cites the laundry charges and doesn't have a receipt anyway, you get £50 back. If you have desire to hoof the pillock, be aware that soon enough Gove might / is likely to extend the 2 month notice to 6 month.
  7. The flats my daughter has rented in London have come with white goods, so I'm guessing that it is the norm there. But it seems there is a high demand, so I'm also guessing that, even w/o these the flats would still rent easily enough. I find anything can be complicated with many of my tenants, so simple is better with my rentals.
  8. A Welsh tenant has served notice, well sort of. On the 7th his father in formed me that he would be leaving on the 20th or 27th. Then on the 8th, because I asked, the tenant served to say he would be gone on the 20th, by the 12th that had been amended to the 27th. It's fun this is'n it? In Wales now, if a tenant stays after the notice date, I am unable to do anything other than charge for each day they desire to remain, or serve 6 month notice. Anyways, he thinks leaving his washing machine is a bonus to me. Nope, don't want the bl**dy things.
  9. You are responding to the issue in a timely manner. There is no claim for any inconvenience. It is for the tenant to arrange access. Tbh, I would be v tempted to say that it isn't a 5 star hotel, or any other star. Renting a property comes with occupier responsibilities.
  10. You could sue the tenant, have they the funds to recompense? You could sue the agent, but 'if' there is success the values will be written down due to wear and tear. In each case you will expend effort and additional dosh in your attempt. The costs should be awarded in your favour, should be. My view, w/o a deep study, is to complain where you can, threaten action to tune them in, and negotiate for whatever you can. Then take it on the chin.
  11. Being cynical I have to consider that this is designed to trip us up. But, imho, we were caused to convert our existing AST's to Occupation Contracts, or if new tenancy it was straight to Occupation Contract prior to that. We were required to serve these documents on the tenant. I don't see that there 'terms' applicable to a notice of possession, as we aren't negotiating this, effectively we are dictating our requirement for repossession. The 'terms' in my mind, are applicable within the contract. So for me the date of contract is asked for. And as Grampa suggested in a prior thread, demonstrating your compliance with those other requirements of a tenancy, those that would prevent your claim of possession being granted, makes a lot of sense. He will generally serve such things as the gas inspection, ECP.... again, prior to service of the repossession notice. My way has been to create a tenancy pack that has all such detail within, and ask each tenant to sign and date the front page, this detailing the contents. Please keep us updated on your progress. I have intention to serve 4 of these in the future, 1 flat is mt already. So far I have been more than reluctant to replace that tenant. I am strategizing the disposal of the 5 flats, but the deferral of the Leasehold Reform Act has complicated that for me.
  12. RL, don't you discriminate against all tenants these days? I'm hoping to do the same as soon as I've sold mine. The properties that is, as we know we've to pay to dispose of tenants.
  13. Due to the changed legislation in the UK many landlords feel consideration toward tenants is more than enough. Factor in that a 2 month notice period is required in England for repossession, 6 months in Wales, followed by waits to get a court date, and then a period prior to being granted repossession, many might prefer tenants to be so unhappy that they relinquish their many rights to a tenancy. If it turned out my tenants didn't love me any more I would nearly care a jot.
  14. Let's not forget the offset. There would be a saving on the cost of gas while the boiler is u/s. But do they show gratitude for that?
  15. Thanks Grampa, yes it might be relevant to me eventually. Although I've only 3 properties left in England now. I'm looking to escape from the 5 Welsh property responsibilities, but holding off for the leasehold reform bill to make them more attractive to buyers. That isn't looking v promising nowadays though, as it's likely to be stuck in the pipeline indefinitely. I guess that's too complicated for the senedd to get their heads round in the meantime, instead they'll wait for Westminster to act and show how superior they can be, again. This one is a notice served on my Daughter. LL wishes to increase rents dramatically, and she has contested his rise. He can achieve more, likely not as much as demanded (he attempts to be authoritarian), so she will be leaving. Personally I feel he will regret losing a good tenant, but hey ho. Meanwhile his communications for viewing and works access (up to 2 per day) become harassment. While he feels he might bully my little girlie, I'm not such a push over, and willing to respond at whatever level.
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