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  1. Anyone can find a tenant. There is a massive shortage of rental property in most areas of the country. You don't need a lettings agents to find someone who wants to rent your property. That's never ever been an issue for any landlord. I could have 20 applicants available in a week........but they are all likely to be unsuitable. Finding the right tenent, one that ticks all the boxes and meets your list of critetia.....that's the difficult part.....and that's where you need to prioritise. There are a growing number of potential tenants that will not be prepared to go thru an agent. Th
  2. Lawyer (Solicitor) = No. CPA (Commercial Property Agent) = No.......but there are another 248 definitions for CPA !😃 Property Manager (Lettings Agent) = No
  3. That sounds like an awful lot of effort with no guarantee of ending up with a model tenant. I always recommended a landlord to pick /choose their tenants very carefully. There is nothing more important or that takes priority over picking a suitable tenant.
  4. I can read the words but don't understand any of your questions....... * What is a private sounding exercise ? * Why do you need two estate agents ? * What does de-instruct 'flexibly' mean ?
  5. When I bought a few years back I remember my solicitor telling me I needed a couple of indemnity policies.........and I had to pay for those policies. I guess that when prices are rising sharply expectations of who pays the bills changes from seller to buyer. At around the same time I bought a couple of leasehold flats and the buyers asked me to pay extra for the property because they had contributed to the reserve fund over the previous 5 years. The reserve fund had grown into a large sum of money to which they had contributed, wouldn't benefit from but I would as the new owner. I refuse
  6. It's an interesting story. Billybob has owned a property for over 20 years and he's now in the process of selling it, in fact he's very close to completion. However there's a hold up......the buyers solicitor has now decided there is a document missing. It's not held by the land registry or anyone else and he believes it is absolutely required. * When Billybob bought the property he had a solicitor do the legal work. Over the course of those 20+ years he's also had 3 mortgages on the property. The solicitors and the 3 lenders legal departments had all gone through the legal documen
  7. Are you sure it's mediation and not medication ? Some landlords I know would definitely prefer the later !😄
  8. The documentation for standard property letting is already complex. Once you add in any non standard features it's easier to make mistakes. Using a solicitor who specialises in property means if it goes wrong you usually have some recourse. Non of that is readily available on an internet forum. We dont, as far as I know, have anyone who is a legal expert.
  9. I suspect everyone will need to jump thru hoops to get any benefit out of this so..... I'm thinking of importing hoops from China. It looks like there is more of an opportunity selling hoops than letting property.
  10. Surely you are employing a solicitor to handle the conveyancing of your purchase ? Presumably you will have explained at the outset what you are purchasing and the details surrounding it and would have ensured that the legal work is being handled by someone competent to handle what would be described as non standard ? If the answer is yes why then do you need the opinion of persons unknown on an internet forum ?
  11. Consultation underway Re forcing landlords to allow gigabits broadband upgrades. https://theregister.com/2021/06/09/dcms_landlord_gigabit_consultation/
  12. I've done the survey but if you haven't already I'd suggest you post your message on other landlord web sites. I doubt wether this forum has 100 regular members so responses are going to be quite light.
  13. You are entitled to your opinion, we just take opposite views on what is needed. As I've said many times, the most important thing a landlord will ever do is to pick their tenants very, very carefully. You may find it unacceptable that an old car is parked on your the drive but they aren't breaking any rules. I accept you need to be able to sleep at night and if it bothers you that much your only option is to issue an S21 with all the potential cost & time that it might involve or go busy yourself with something far more important. Landlording is about compromise. It's also
  14. But that would apply to any parking area, anywhere in the country and is an over reaction. As I read the post, in this case, it's a parking area available to tenants for parking their cars...... the forum responses are OTT. What comes next ? the tenant moves in extra furniture and the landlord gets worried he'll have to dispose of it when they vacate ? It might be worth reminding forum members that a car parked on private land : * doesn't need to be insured, taxed, mot'd or working. * doesnt need to be newer than 18 years old. * the owner doesn't need to be able to dr
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