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  1. You have to roll with the punches in this industry. Residential letting is considered far to profitable for landlords at the expense of poorer people. Why else would the larger organisations like the recently announced Lloyds bank plan to build an enormous property portfolio even be considered it they didn't think they could make a good return ? The industry has always been subject to changes and they are going to keep coming......just as long as our profits are high, the housing shortages exist and the Gov' can achieve political gain from milking it. Complaining won't get you a
  2. Why is it that tenants seem to think they are entitled to compensation because they pay rent instead of a mortgage ? It would be bad enough if the boiler had broken down and the tenant wanted compensation for the inconvenience BUT the work is actually being done at the tenants request. I wouldn't be paying compensation. Ask them if they think you might be entitled to compensation by way of a rent increase to cover your costs for the renovation.
  3. There is no particular advantage with one property. Here are some considerations, there are many others :- * It will cost you to set up a Limited Company. * Ltd Co' mortgages have a slightly higher interest rate. * The Company will pay corporation tax instead of income tax. * You will still pay income tax on anything you take above the nil rate allowance. * Corporation tax rates are more prone to political changes. * The decision to go Ltd depends on your individual circumstances.....best to get professional advice.
  4. I haven't read the whole link. But, apart from doing tax returns digitally as opposed to paper returns it's also, more importantly, really about keeping digital records which for many of us is likely to be more of an impact than the actual tax return itself. I suspect a very large proportion of us already do our returns online, I certainly do. But I often do the preparation etc on paper and that's what is going to need a change on my part. If you employ an accountant I suggest you talk to them about what they intend to do, how they see their responsibilities, what they expect from you and
  5. But it's a false and inaccurate premise that is not supported by the science. An unvaccinated person doesn't present any greater risk to visitors than a vaccinated person. Id argue that it's the unvaccinated tenant who is more at risk from the visitor. I think a vaccine rufusnik, many of whom are well read on the subject, would see through your argument immediately. But there is nothing to stop you trying it.
  6. No I don't need to concern myself with that. The various vaccines have all been approved by people who know far more about the subject than us. Stick to what you are good at......eg..mitigating unnecessary risk from your businesses.
  7. Bring it on, I love a challenge.
  8. If you mean that they may get sick with non Covid illnesses, you are correct. But that risk has always existed and will continue to exist. Covid is different, its in addition to normal illnesses, it can cause serious problems, result in long periods in hospital, occasionally death and if you recover it may be a long time before you can return to work. So, as I already said it increases the landlords risk of a default in rent payments. Why would I let my property to an unvaccinated person when I have a queue of fully vaccinated waiting to move in. Finding fully vaccinated tenants isn't ev
  9. I agree it's an issue where we all have a freedom of choice. My original post was actually asking if we are allowed to refuse unvaccinated applicants....& assuming there is no legal reason, I am going to choose to refuse them a tenancy. I believe I can develop an argument that proves it increases my risk vs reward to a point that is unacceptable. This winter we are likely to need to show proof of vaccination for all sorts of activities or be refused.
  10. I think you may misunderstand. The danger with an unvaccinated person is mainly to themselves and far less to fully vaccinated people. A fully vaccinated person can still carry and catch Covid but there is far less chance of them being hospitalised or worse. The issue here is not that the unvaccinated tenant will pass Covid to contractors, visitors landlords etc but that if they do contract the virus it might seriously impact their ability to meet their obligations towards paying rents.
  11. True but.....this is an unprecedented global pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of people. There have been restrictions arbitrarily placed on democracies which has never happened before. It's still with us and many are concerned as we move into winter. My take is I'd prefer vaccination to be mandatory..... the Gov' don't want that so I accept the situation. But all I'm asking is for an applicant show me their vaccination certificate along with all the other stuff that's expected like..... their passport (& visa where applicable), their bank statment, their job offer or r
  12. Glad you are recovered Melboy. Make sure you get the booster jab. It wasnt intended to be a trick question but there are some serious considerations here:- Although almost all of the medical risk for an unvaccinated person remains with that person, a landlord accepting an unvaccinated tenant does expose himself to the increased chance of that tenant becoming ill, becoming unemployed and defaulting on rent payments. In other words the landlord takes on an increased risk. So, the question for the jury is......Do you want to accept that increased risk, when most of your time is spe
  13. Are we allowed to refuse tenancies to people who have not had x2 Covid Jabs ?
  14. Its suitability depends on the lettings agents terms & conditions and your attitude towards risk & return. It sounds like it might be a situation where the lettings agent decides who rents the property, so you could end up with anybody, even someone who you would normally consider totally unsuitable moving in. More details will probably result in a better response
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