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  1. I have a similar unit in one of my properties which has Memera rewirable cartridge fuses. It controls the storage heaters & immersion heater which are on the night circuit. The separate main fuse board has already been replaced with a more modern unit. Fortunately I don't have the expense of replacing the older unit.
  2. Why does selling property need to be so bloody painfull ? * First I had to tolerate a raft of rude viewers some of whom either asked stupid questions or worse, no questions at all. * Then I had to accommodate a miserable, extremely annoying buyers mortgage valuer with a bad attitude. * Now things have progressed to me having to deal with a buyers solicitor that seems intent on asking some rather silly questions. The only saving grace now is that the buyers solicitor thinks he needs answers to these questions so, I'm inclined to provide a cynical response that answers the qu
  3. Do you pay extra for: * Inventory & schedule of condition. * Deposit Protection & prescribed information. * Arranging gas & electrical safety certificates. * Referencing. * Arranging a guarantor. * Arranging rent guarantee insurance. * Regular inspections. * Tenant check in/check out. * Checking the property complies with regulations. * Issuing all of the docs required (legionella advice, how to rent booklet, template for reporting repairs etc). * Immigration checks on tenants where appropriate.
  4. The trouble with calling someone a lodger is that it suggests or implies that rent is being paid. Having a friend or family member stay in your home where no payment is being made, especially for short periods would be unlikely to trigger a need for safety certs in anyone's mind. I suspect that in 99.99% of situations where people are letting people stay temporarily in their PPR, for any length of time they do not get a gas or electrical safety certificate. If I think back to my childhood there were situations where e.g. Cousins would spend some of their summer holidays staying with
  5. You may well be right but..........Let me play devil's advocate. I go off to Spain for a months holiday, my sister in law moves in to ' look after the place' and my dog whilst I'm away. Its my PPR so I don't legally need a gas or electrical certificate. Problem occurs whilst I'm away.........what's the difference ?
  6. Let me say that I agree you should have gas & electrical certification. However, I was under the impression that for there to be a rental agreement, there needs to be a consideration ie a payment. If there is no payment, there is no contract, therefore there is no tenant or landlord created.
  7. Yes a sorry tale indeed. I feel quite fortunate that in over 20 years of residential letting & probably around 100 tenancies I've only had one small problem a few years ago. The tenant, ex army, 'naffed off' midway through a fixed term contract. My lettings agent.....who only finds me tenants and handles some of the admin' were brilliant. They are registered as official deposit takers and also offer free rent guarantee insurance (well there is a small £10 charge). Obviously applicants have to meet a strict criteria to qualify and then they have to pass my 'interview' to stand a chanc
  8. Yes, see my post at top of page.
  9. Just read on another forum that March 23rd is the key date for announcements on CGT, property & wealth tax. So, not out of the woods yet......
  10. I didn't see any anti PRS announcements in the budget.....no tax rises, nothing adverse.......that's certainly not what I was expecting. Capital Gains Allowance fixed at £12300 until 2026 Happy days
  11. It sounds like you are referring to a laminate floor that has been damaged by excess water. You have been over enthuiastic with the quantity of water used and not mopped up/ dried the floor adequately. Some laminate flooring is not waterproof. It depends on how old the floor is and it's life expectancy. The owner wouldn't normally expect to receive the full replacement cost. But it does sound as though you caused the damage and will be expected to contribute to the cost. How old is the damaged flooring ?
  12. Wouldn't recommend you try to do it yourself unless you know the details of the process required.
  13. There are a lot of assumptions there. I'd be very surprised if a loophole such as described actually exists. Best to seek professional advice.
  14. Assuming your property is in a single name and you are a 28% CGT payer, if the allowance is reduced to £5000 the changes you mention will cost you an extra £2044. Thats obviously not good news but it's not a sum of money that would persuade me to change my mind about selling. The only certainty is that if you wait until next year to sell your tax bill is very likely to be even higher.
  15. Richlist


    You may have missed the boat with regards to CGT.....which I assume will hit you hard.......and perhaps even harder after Wednesday's budget. You may regret not completing any sale last week.
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