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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have a further question.....we only started renting the property out in December.. The total rent received up to 6th April is £1600.. As I understand it, we both get a £1000 property allowance..So for tax year 20/21 do we have to declare anything? thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, me and my wife are tenants in common of a rental property we own. My wife pays higher rate tax than me, so my question is......Do we declare the rent split 50/50 on our self assessment returns or can I declare all the rental in my name? thanks in advance.....
  3. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/19097879.watch-warning-video-landlords-criminals-growing-cannabis-rented-properties/ I’m going to get smart meters fitted to my rental property when the current tenants leave in April. Hopefully the utilities company will notice if the electric consumption goes to zero. I can only imagine the grief it would cause if you discovered this activity going on.
  4. My smoke alarms were fitted by a very tall fireman and now i cant easily reach them. so i have sympathy with the sweeping brush lady.
  5. I'd better fit a couple just to be safe.. i'll include them in the inventory too..Thanks very much for your replies.
  6. Hi there, i rent out a terraced cottage with mains powered smoke alarms on each floor..My friend lets out an apartment in another town and his Letting agent had written to him informing him that a carbon monoxide detector has to be fitted to the apartment. My terraced cottage has no open fires or log burners and doesnt require a Carbon monoxide detector..I wonder why his apartment needs one.
  7. I'm learning all the time on here. You've all been a great help. What i learn on here will hopefully make me a better landlord.
  8. Thanks very much for the explanation.. i previously watched a HMRC webinar and came away with the impression that boilers were not included in tax relief. In fairness most of the people who watched the webinar,put boliers down as tax deductable..Your explanation sounds more reasonable.. I clearly have a lot to learn.. Many thanks again
  9. I've been thinking on what you said and the price of a pressure is around £70 so including fitting would come in around £200..This sounds more attractive especially with your suggestion of supplying heaters in a crisis Regards your second question. I bought the property without vacant posession as the sellers are waiting on their new build being completed . i agrred to let them rent it from me until then. once they move out (April 2021) I will be looking to find more permanent tenants.. I'm getting an education on here and I'm glad i registered.
  10. The gas engineer who did the Gas safe certificate said the boiler wasnt worth repairing as its twenty years old. it wasnt so much the heating but the hot water i was concerned about. But i will take your comments on board. Thanks
  11. Thanks for the comprhensive reply. Its left me a lot to think about..Making an inventory never crossed my mind. i wouldnt say its an executive property but a couple of people have said it should rent out at £800 so perhaps any prospective tenants would expect a few trimmings.. The garden will need some maintenace also, I suppose i could offer to cut the grass seeing as how its on the same block as me. Also the house has a double garage which is down the back street. I'm unsure whether to include use of this or use it for myself.
  12. The present boiler is getting worn out ( pressure vessel gone) so id be happier with a new one that will cause me less hassle. as i understand that boiler faults require 24 hour repairs
  13. thanks for the info there will be a fitted gas range and a washer dryer but nothing else at present. i suppise i could provide toasters kettles and the like, but im hearing things about PAT testing that sounds like added overheads.
  14. when i eventually let my property do i have to provide any sort of appliances? i dont really want any additional burdens if things go wrong with them.
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