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  1. Grampa


    Even with the bigger agencies fees are negotiable but first you need to establish what all the fees are because as RL mentions above you could be charged extra for all number of hidden add-ons. 10%+vat is still a good rate to pay especially now agents cannot charge tenants any fees and the extra laws and regulations that have been brought in means you need a good agent and you cant cut corners on service and legislation in this industry because if the agent makes a mistake the landlord will be held legally responsible which most landlords dont realise. You can get either a cheap or
  2. CoR you need to look at the paid (insured based) deposit protection scheme. I think it costs about 25-30 quid which is a one off payment and you can then hold onto the deposit funds yourself without all the silly hoop jumping. Having used both schemes (insured and custodial) the insured scheme is SO much easier to deal with and the timescales greatly reduced.
  3. Was it a "thorough mopping" or a mopping up of a spillage? Just Asking. However, you would likely need a independent written report stating it was caused by poor fitting to counterclaim against misuse. I would suggest you contact the landlord now about the issue and not leave it until you leave.
  4. Grampa


    if commercial with a tenant and lease in place investors would be looking for close to 10% return but you then have to factor in the length of the lease, is there a guarantor and quality of the tenant and that's just the bear basics
  5. No. I dont believe you can drink the water thats why careful thought has to go on the location of the softner ie: other side of the drink taps. However, I am no expert on them so some one may say something else.
  6. Maybe if I lived in the Carbbean. Not enough sunshine here for me.
  7. I would like to (and could) retire now but i would need to find something to occupy my time. I dont want to be one of those people who keel over 18 months after retiring through over eating and drinking. Trouble is you spend so much of your life working it can be a bit adjustment to just stop without planning for it.
  8. I’ll take a stab of £2000 give or take 200 quid either way depending of the brand and if the contractor is vat registered or not.
  9. Grampa

    S 21

    I have read somewhere landlords in some areas are now illegally evicting tenants as the financial penaties can be hughly less than the current extended legal eviction route. But you do get a crimminal conviction though.
  10. Totally agree RL, as you say its still a good return you just have to be more diligent when picking your tenant. However, I have found landlords are questioning fees a lot more recently and see a small number wanting to now self manage as they dont see the fees charged value for money. I would say with all the law changes, penaties and hoops you have to jump through you need a managing agent more than ever.
  11. Very satisfying turning around a rental ready for letting isnt is Melboy. I just compleated a week ago on my 2nd property within the last 6 months but my first for my new Ltd company which on the face of it needed minimal work. It is a modernish large 2 bed 80's ex council flat with parking and its own enclosed courtyard and the freeholder is the local council. I was planning to move away from Leasehold but the S/C are only £160 per year (for building insurance) and £10 pa GR. A damp smell in the tired shower room (no window) needed to be addressed which I thought was the non-working ex
  12. Grampa

    S 21

    yes, so an extra 4 months on the notice period and any delays there may be with backlog of court cases.
  13. Grampa

    S 21

    Don't be pressurised into giving a new AST otherwise you will need another 4 months and 1 day. If the current tenancy is not their first one the 4 month and 1 day doesn't apply. COR I agree the new rules are a pain but just look upon it as normal but with longer process.
  14. Before it was changed, yes I did see it in Polish otherwise I wouldn't have said it.
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