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  1. Quite right. Justice I have learnt is not black and white but whom (to an extent) has the better (and likely most expensive) legal counsel. Same as the Police in my skewed eye view from my experience . As far as I'm concerned they dont want justice at all, they are only interested in is a "result" to get their numbers up. My cynicism seems to increase with age.
  2. Well regarding the accounts its only "not correct" if the lease states otherwise and I have never seen a lease that does however, I acknowledge its possible. There is no requirement I believe to provide accounts if the building is 5 or less units (though most agents will) anything over take a look at note 3 ICEAW Service Charge Accounting 2011. And as I stated earlier It isn't standard practice to provide evidence/receipts to leaseholders unless formally requested/asked. I know of no Managing agent who sends copies of receipts and invoices to leaseholds on the yearly basis without a requ
  3. I bet there is a certain element of people from NI who are rather glad to being left out of any connection to the mainland.
  4. Here we go, I think this clarifies the issue and is from Safeagent which is a regulatory body for Letting Agents on par with ARLA How to Rent Guide – MHCLG clarification MHCLG recently published an Easy Read version of the How to Rent Guide. The Easy Read version is designed to simplify the language and ensure there is an option for the information in the guide to be more accessible, if needed. The Easy Read version is not an update, nor is it required to be given to tenants, it is just designed to be an extra resource. The most recent version of the guide which is required to b
  5. Well the latest opinion (legal) in the industry is the easy read version is to be amended or recalled due to typos, incorrect email addresses, it doesn't comply with the governments own requirements and at present you only need to give the easy read version (+ normal copy) if requested so "normal" copy appears to be still valid to serve solely as is. As soon as I hear anything else from other sources to back up the above I will post.
  6. Well, until I'm advised by the legal beagles I use its business as usual.
  7. I have yet to confirm this but it looks like a new "easy read" version has been brought out so a 3 year old can read it which is 48 pages but the normal one of 18 pages hasnt been changed. As both are still on the government website I can only assume there is no change to the normal one and the easy read one is the same. I cant be bothered to compare them but there will be clarification on the web in the next few days.
  8. So does this also effect houses that have had cladding. Around my area it is very common for houses to be cladded in a wood /grain effect cladding in various colours. I'm unsure what the material is made of though.
  9. Unless there has been a change in the law there is no legal requirement to PAT test in residential however, all appliances must be “safe” on supply but if the property is an HMO I think there is.
  10. So you supply a lawnmower and the tenant chops a finger or toe off, you potentially could be leaving yourself open for an insurance claim regardless whether you gave instructions or not. Unlikely I acknowledge, but the risk is still there none the less and I think we would all agree the odds of tenants making a claim rises every year. It is so important for landlords to have their own liability insurance in place now even if the property is leasehold and there is block insurance arranged by the freeholder.
  11. Having used the bailiffs many times over the years I have never had a ex-tenant have to be physically removed from the property mostly they go before the day of the visit because the bailiff has has contacted them prior to the visit to pre-warn them what could/will happen if they try to remain. You just have to make sure you give access to the property on the day of the visit to the bailiff such as keys or have a locksmith on hand. If not the bailiff will walk away if they cant get in. He will then walk around check no one is there and sign off, 5 mins max. You then secure the property to
  12. You have done the hard bit getting the possession order. After the notice period the judge gave expired you need to establish if the tenant has vacated by the ordered date. If not you need to apply for a court bailif to enforce the possession order which I think is form number N325 and approx £110. You are there in the hands of how fast the bailiff in your area work. There has been a hold on bailiffs due to COVID but I think it has been changed again so called you local court and ask the question and what their lead time is. You could also use a high court bailiff which could be a lot quicker
  13. Are the knobs faulty? If not the tenant is clearly at fault. If they are faulty request details from them when they reported it. It they can’t do so they are at fault for not reporting it. Have you checked your insurance to see if you have cover for this?
  14. Having the memory of a snail I shall take the 5th on that.
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