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  1. I dont as a rule use rent guarantee insurance but the one time I did which was which was with Rent4Sure they made a big thing of accepting benefit tenants. So your agent may need to come up with another reason in case they come across a sharp tenant. There is bound to be other RG products with other underwriters as well who accept HB tenants. Now if the rent is sustainably higher than the UC/HB rates for that size property that will wittle down any possible benefit tenants. Or as a final resort they get told their application has been put forward to the landlord with the other interested
  2. Well the Agent should have been a bit more careful regarding the way the property was marketed and the manner in which the tenant was refused its not hard. An agent who out rightly tells an applicant they wont be considered due to being in receipt of benefits then gets fined has no one to blame but themselves. Its no different to a wheelchair user who insists to view an unsuitable property even after being given the reasons why its unsuitable, you would be just inviting an discrimination claim whether it has merit or not. Sometimes in business you have to give lip service to head off a pr
  3. Really? ill informed judgement? Please clarify and justify the reasoning behind this statement and why it is "ill informed". Posters can only comment based on the information provided in the original post and based on that, my advice still stands. I believe you were the one who stated in reference to your tenant "I have not commented to date in order to preserve working relationships" which implies an inability by you to address issues with your tenant and avoid a possibly difficult conversation. So if you are not going to address the situation WHO IS???? That leaves either you bury
  4. If its but mutual agreement thats fine but I would confirm it by email just so there is a paper trail clarifying the amount and start date so there is no confusion at a later date.
  5. The help/advise was to use an agent if you couldn't address the problem yourself which is good advise., so I fail to see how that is judgemental.
  6. If you feel you cannot address the situation with the tenant you either need a letting agent or consider that you are not suited to being a landlord
  7. Old Boilers. I've known many over the years. Some just keep going but you do wonder sometimes if its time to trade in for a new model.😉
  8. Whatever route you choose it has to be a commercial decision, handled carefully and ideally you want a win/win situation. If it is perceived as a win/lose to the landlord you potentially could lose the the tenants and have a void period that may cost you more or any number of problem. We had a similar situation earlier in the year with a new boiler installed badly by a contractor and after numerous return visits had to get another contractor to put right which took longer than it should have. The tenants wanted compensation even though there was an electric immersion heater and electric s
  9. There are a lot of laminate type products out there now that are completely water proof/resistant. I will only use these now no matter what room they are being laid.
  10. People who threaten to sue very rarely do. Also if the tenant refuses access it is a situation of his own making and thirdly what would he sue for? He hasnt incurred a material lose. I have found warning people you will put the phone down on them and not discuss the matter further if they continue to swear or be aggressive to be quite effective. A lot of the time they phone straight back with a different attitude. Sometimes it took putting the phone down on them mid-sentance a couple of times but they soon got the message.
  11. I agree to a point but there are a number of reasons I would say it isn't in the landlords favour to release the tenants earlier. 1. If there are extra fees the landlord has to pay for new tenant referencing which some agents charge for + also new set-up fees which I acknowledge would have to be paid anyway at some time but there is still an element of extra cost depending how earlier from the original end date. 2. If the property is tricky to rent ie: due to location, layout size etc. Had a number of these over the years that causes a groaning in the office whenever they become em
  12. If your solicitors have advised against making/amending the claim for further arrears at this stage TAKE THEIR ADVISE. You need to prioritise the 2 issues. The most important thing is to get your property back. Deal with any further arrears at a later date as they wont go away and be still be owed. However, you have to realistically decide what your chances are of ever getting the arrears out of this person. If they are on benefits this is very very unlikely so put it out of your mind FOR NOW and revisit at a later date if practical.
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