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  2. I’ve done as you suggested and the tenant seems happy enough.. the locksmith will fit a new locking mechanism when he gets the correct one. thanks much appreciated
  3. With a Housing Association such as ourselves (Derventio Housing Trust - covering East Midlands such as Derbyshire, Staffordshire, parts of Notts, Parts of South West (Swindon) and Warwick, Nuneaton etc) you will receive your property back with tenant damage rectified including redecoration and new carpets in majority of cases, we also replace worktops where damage has occured etc and anything else as needed. We have had some excellent feedback from landlords on returns of their properties. And like you mentioned in one of your earlier comments we are able to give the guaranteed monthly rent fo
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  5. I'm assuming it's a sliding patio door. Why not just fit x2 security bolts (x1 top & x1 bottom) ? You can get key operated bolts.....which sound to be considerably cheaper than replacing the whole mechanism. Then you do not have to replace the centre key operated gearbox. I'd be surprised if it's not possible to get the lock body repaired by someone, somewhere. The door will be secure, it can still be opened to access the garden but they won't be able to use it as a final exit door as the locks will be on the inside.
  6. It would have been helpful if they had mentioned it as they only live two doors down and I see them everyday. To make matters worse no one can get me a new gearbox for the door so I’m going to have to get the whole mechanism changed.
  7. Paying rent doesn't excuse a tenant from carry out their responsibilities, namely lubricating a lock. It sounds as though they broke it...... * Are they expecting you to pay the cost of it's replacement ? * Did they lubricate the lock ? Sounds like they are liable for the costs of replacement ......and your contribution might be the time and effort expended in sourcing and fitting a new one.
  8. They did say it had been getting harder to lock recently…however it’s the gearbox that operates the door locks that has gone..I’ll go and see if I can get a new one and fit it myself What could possibly go wrong !
  9. Was it particularly old ? I have a patio door lock that's at least 32 years old and that has never snapped. I wouldn't expect a patio door lock to snap unless it was abused or not operated normally. If it was getting stiff it's a tenants job to recognise this and lubricate it.......not to carry on using it until it breaks. If it's a standard Euro lock they are inexpensive & pretty straightforward to change.
  10. The reason I was enquiring is because the patio door lock snapped on Friday night and I’ve had to fit some sash jams to make the property secure..I’m going to attempt to fit a new lock on Monday and if that fails I’ll have to get someone round to sort it out. I’d be happier if I had insurance.. thanks for the replies
  11. I have an emergency key lock safe attached to a wall on one of my properties with a 4 digit code key thingy that gains you entrance to the spare key inside. As it happens it has proved it's worth on 2 occasions when it comes to this particular tenant being locked out. They have the code on their phone now! Would I fit a key safe to other properties? Not really as this particular tenant has been the only person to have a key problem over the years but it is an option for landlord's to consider. I also think my Direct Line insurance covers for locksmith call outs but it is expensive I wo
  12. I've always made sure that there are local key holders available to cover that situation. It's best if there is more than one key holder. They just need to be people you can trust......your neighbours, family members, friends etc.
  13. If it’s an issue or concern for you in case a tenant gets locked out just provide details of a couple of your preferred contractors for the tenant to contact if an emergency. Also remember it can be a lot cheaper sometimes to gain access via a small broken window than calling out an specialised locksmith.
  14. Or if you have prior knowledge of the tenants recent renting behaviour such as them moving from one of your properties to another.
  15. My first reaction to that question is why ? I've been a landlord of multiple properties for 20 + years and in that time I've never had to spend money on lock replacements that would otherwise be covered by insurance.
  16. My landlord house insurance is due soon and I was thinking I might include door lock replacement etc. Can anyone recommend a suitable insurance policy. Thanks in advance.
  17. It's recommended to start all new tenancies with a 6 month tenancy agreement. The only time I can think of when it's acceptable to start a new tenancy with an agreement longer than 6 months is :-..............sometimes with leasehold property the lease allows the freeholder/ managing agents make a charge for issuing permission to let the property. Sometimes that charge is made for each new tenancy agreement or renewal or it becoming an SPT (statutory periodic tenancy). Therefore instead of having a 6 month AST & paying their charge twice in the first 12 months, it's preferable to have
  18. As above. But as an agent myself I would advise away from using break clauses because it is so easy to get them wrong the wording can be unclear and acting on one to serve a tenant notice has a higher chance of being incorrect. Just start any new tenancy off as a 6 month fixed term and consider giving a longer one after a say 12/18 months. Keep it simple.
  19. Just add to the normal cleaning clause that it includes the balcony. Making it a requirement to remove nests maybe a unfair term and if someone had an accident doing it you may have a potential claim on your hands regardless of merit, after all you wouldn't expect tenants to clear nests from gutters. Just make sure you have a good inventory with added photos showing condition prior to the tenancy starting and signed on every page by the new tenant. Why include cleaning? That is an unusual thing to add and some tenants would take advantage of it to live in a grubby manner and make complain
  20. There is clear legislation for notice periods, your agents will know the legal requirements. The more you fiddle with standard AST contracts the more chance of getting it wrong. Most people use standard, pre approved, tried and tested ones.
  21. 1. In my opinion that's a waste of time. You or your Agents will be carrying out regular, 3 monthly inspections when the cleanliness of anything associated with the property can be dealt with. We have a property in Spain, it's not let but we have someone who tends the garden etc. I can almost 100% guarantee that tidying up, weeding, watering, sweeping et c is carried out a day or two before we arrive. Does it matter ?....not a jot. It's tidy when we are there, that's what I pay for. Most standard ASTs already carry a clause about looking after, keeping clean and tidy in a tenant like
  22. Hello, I was thinking of having two different periods for the serving of notices: A) 2 months for the exercise of the break clause 3 months to break the tenancy Is it okay to have two different intervals (2 vs 3 months)? Also, is it legally enforceable to say the tenant must serve notice to end the tenancy at the end of the initial term (I.e. It does not auto terminate)?
  23. Hello, were just drafting the AST for a new tenancy and wondering if anyone has any sample wording for the following custom clauses: 1. Requiring the Tenant to keep the balcony clean, free of bird droppings and to clear any nesting immediately after becoming aware of it. Would also like to ask them to look after any plants that remain on the balcony on a best efforts basis. 2. Adding a point stating that the rent is inclusive of cleaning paid for by the Landlord. Want tenants to be happy :-)! Preference would be not to commit to exact number of hours or frequency. 3. If there is
  24. Dont forget BTL lenders will refuse to lend (even now) unless the EPC rating reaches a certain level. So with a low rating it will reduce the amount of potential buyers. I had to pull out of a purchase with a low EPC rating a year ago because I couldn't get any BTL finance on it. The property was liveable but I was planning to renovate anyway which the lender knew above and I was prepared to give an undertaking to do so within 4 months but still had to withdraw.
  25. Correct.....but take it from me, when the time comes to sell, any ......and I mean ANY.....opportunity to reduce your liability to pay CGT will be more than welcome. For some people (depending on personal circumstances) getting tax relief on paying CGT at 28% is preferable to income tax relief at 20%. You can always consider borrowing to fund the works......interest rates are so low it could be your best choice.
  26. Well some of us on here are suffering from a long list of problems.....dissatisfaction, uncertainty, over taxation, excess adverse legislation, difficult trading conditions, unsatisfactory tenants, dysfunctional utility providers, nervous lenders, problem local councils, unscrupulous tradespeople, lack of support for Government and an undeserved poor reputation etc. If you think you can fix any of those I'd be happy to hear from you.😁😁
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