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  2. Quite right. Justice I have learnt is not black and white but whom (to an extent) has the better (and likely most expensive) legal counsel. Same as the Police in my skewed eye view from my experience . As far as I'm concerned they dont want justice at all, they are only interested in is a "result" to get their numbers up. My cynicism seems to increase with age.
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  4. I get a summary of costs. The lease states that if I require the accounts to be audited then they should be. Regardless the freeholder has the accounts audited and then charges on for that. I argued in court that as I don't require the audit I should not be liable for the cost. My argument gained no sympathy. Due to my arguing that the overall charges were excessive, and trust me they were, I was given copies of all invoices. Their in house solicitor then charged his hourly rate for that 'service'. The eventual legal costs claimed against me far outweighed the original cos
  5. Quite agree. My experience is that annual accounts are signed off by an independent accountant......something I have been involved in, in the past. These are then sent to individual leaseholders. In recent years it's been acceptable to issue a summarised version of the annual accounts but even this can be quite difficult to understand and not in enough detail for some. Only the profit & loss sheet would provide a high level breakdown of expenditure. Its entirely usual and legally acceptable for managing agents to require individuals who wish to inspect in more detail to make an
  6. Well regarding the accounts its only "not correct" if the lease states otherwise and I have never seen a lease that does however, I acknowledge its possible. There is no requirement I believe to provide accounts if the building is 5 or less units (though most agents will) anything over take a look at note 3 ICEAW Service Charge Accounting 2011. And as I stated earlier It isn't standard practice to provide evidence/receipts to leaseholders unless formally requested/asked. I know of no Managing agent who sends copies of receipts and invoices to leaseholds on the yearly basis without a requ
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  8. The Lease is KING so read it.....if the lease does not require you to pay into a reserve and sinking fund then quote that clause back to the freeholder/mangeing agent. Also under L&T Acts in particular section 19 (1)any payment asked for in advance needs to be reasonable. The lease will tell you when decorating works require doing normally every 3/ 5 years - have they done this? The reserve fund is not for emergencies it is for specific items of expenditure which will be in your lease..read the lease
  9. Well that is not correct as firstly it depends what the lease says as some leases require an accountant or surveyor to approve the accounts this is a condition precedent so its not that straightforward and yes freeholders have been prosecuted for not providing information ...make an application to the FTT under section 27A L&T Acts and tell them FTT that you need disclosure of all the invoices and receipts to narrow the issues and section 19 whether costs are reasonable
  10. I bet there is a certain element of people from NI who are rather glad to being left out of any connection to the mainland.
  11. Purple Bricks, sponsor for Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics have shot themselves in the foot. GB = England, Wales & Scotland......it doesn't include N. Ireland. But the team includes Irish athletes. It should be called Team UK = all 4 nations. So, if you are Irish you have every right to be upset at being left out of the description.
  12. I've been providing links to the info. But maybe I'm expected to drive the T's to an internet source and press the buttons as well.
  13. The media are reporting a slight relaxation of rules & restrictions have been agreed between the Gov' & mortgage lenders for properties under 18 metres high.
  14. I don't wish to be pedantic but I'm gonna be anyway, because I can on an internet forum and it sometimes adds a bit of fun to an otherwise very boring subject.....the MHCLG arent telling us anything we don't already know. In fact, one could argue it's missing, perhaps, one of, if not THE most important piece of information. That is, has the December 2020 version been updated or not ? My understanding is that it has, although I refuse to check it because I always fall asleep before I get to the end.😴😴😴 It's important because I suspect, like me, others print out a few paper copies so t
  15. Here we go, I think this clarifies the issue and is from Safeagent which is a regulatory body for Letting Agents on par with ARLA How to Rent Guide – MHCLG clarification MHCLG recently published an Easy Read version of the How to Rent Guide. The Easy Read version is designed to simplify the language and ensure there is an option for the information in the guide to be more accessible, if needed. The Easy Read version is not an update, nor is it required to be given to tenants, it is just designed to be an extra resource. The most recent version of the guide which is required to b
  16. I once locked out in car and thanks to car locksmith boca raton who immediately came to me for help.
  17. Well the latest opinion (legal) in the industry is the easy read version is to be amended or recalled due to typos, incorrect email addresses, it doesn't comply with the governments own requirements and at present you only need to give the easy read version (+ normal copy) if requested so "normal" copy appears to be still valid to serve solely as is. As soon as I hear anything else from other sources to back up the above I will post.
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  19. By usual I guess we must be sure to include the latest leaflet or be prevented from a S21 repossession? Wouldn't it be nice if our Gov't could show us how to be compliant at any point in time? I feel we are presented with ongoing additional hurdles that are designed to trip us as they are placed in our path in hope don't see them. I also see these ongoing hazards as central Gov't and local Gov't (that to include the Welsh Retard Assembly) as LL harassment. Imagine the response if we had tried these tactics on our T's, when we had such powers as to create our own AST contracts.
  20. Well, until I'm advised by the legal beagles I use its business as usual.
  21. Now come on, surely you are experienced enough to realise the the Gov' can, will and have in the past updated this document without applying a later date to it. You have to set aside all your common sense and expectations......this is the Government you are dealing with. Any application for an MI5 job expects you to know this. 😁 Apparantly it does contain some changes......something to do with COVID19 I believe. The NRLA have said we should continue to issue the Dec 2020 guide to tenants. The new update can be issued in addition & would be useful to help people who might have dif
  22. Yes it applies to all properties now. As far as I know only those with no external cladding will escape scrutiny. Properties with minimal cladding and an appropriate fire safety report/ certificate may be acceptable to lenders. But......as there are lots of people on this forum who are property investors, I'm just giving you a heads up that if you are persuing the purchase of a property that has cladding.....do check very early in the process that the property has an acceptable fire safety document. There are some anomolies.......I did read of a block of flats that looked like it was
  23. I have yet to confirm this but it looks like a new "easy read" version has been brought out so a 3 year old can read it which is 48 pages but the normal one of 18 pages hasnt been changed. As both are still on the government website I can only assume there is no change to the normal one and the easy read one is the same. I cant be bothered to compare them but there will be clarification on the web in the next few days.
  24. So does this also effect houses that have had cladding. Around my area it is very common for houses to be cladded in a wood /grain effect cladding in various colours. I'm unsure what the material is made of though.
  25. In any emergency, locksmith can make you a key. So, there is no need to worry about it.
  26. Thanks, I wonder what additional 'how to get your LL' info is added. The contradiction there is that if the tenants are treated to be so unable to research for themselves then they can't flippin' read the leaflet.
  27. The title says it all. New one released 21/7/2021 Landlords should make sure they issue the latest guide to new tenancies.
  28. As you can imagine, there are many blocks of flats, some built quite recently which have the wrong kind of cladding so they will never get an EWS1 certificate. Therefore, there is no point in paying many £000's for a specialised survey to tell you what you already know or suspect and which will never be accepted by mortgage lenders anyway. My heart goes out to those leaseholders who are 'stuck' in properties that they want or need to move from but cant. Hopefully action will be taken in the next couple of years that will help to resolve the issues. I was very nearly caught up in all
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