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  1. Not strictly true COR. If there is evidence of tax avoidance then HMRC can go back as many years as they deem fit to go back. It's in their small print. But normally it's 7 years.
  2. Angie has a lot of explaining to do and her attempts so far have been dismal but not unsurprising really. It is now up to the HMRC to carry out an depth investigation and report those findings if it is discovered that she avoided paying CGT. I don't fancy her chances though when evidence from neighbours are stating that she was not living there but her Brother was and even her Bestie friend says she never lived there during the period in question.
  3. I don't provide washing machines as I have mentioned a few times over the years past. Too much hassle. The thing is I have never had a problem with letting the properties out either in what must be 15 years or more since I stopped providing washing machines. The only concession I make is that I will install the washing machine they provide and I know that is an easy job 'cos all my w/m water / discharge connections are bang up to date thanks to my Son renewing them all to a high standard. 😀
  4. Gas off Water off. Electric off...... if nothing electric is going to be affected within the property. No need to drain down CH systems in Summer. If you do, it can produce troublesome pipe / system airlocks when you come to the refill and system test. You will need to inform your insurance company as it will be vacant for more than 30 days. Essential to do this IMO.
  5. My Sister in Law is a senior manager in the local DWP and she would tell you in a private conversation that the benefit system of social payments is so high now that for a lot of people and families it doesn't pay to work and pay taxes etc. Not only that the Black Market of working for cash in hand is now the choice for may people receiving social payments. You have all read in the national press about benefit fraud and the people who commit this and in some cases the amounts are staggering and the punishment fairly light if caught out. Meanwhile the working population pay for this through taxes and NI.
  6. Melboy


    You need to set mouse traps to catch them and dispose of them. Mice reproduce every 6-8 weeks so it doesn't take long to be over-run with them. You cannot expect the tenant to pay for vermin damage under the sink. Mice are not concerned whether your property is clean or dirty as they will infest in either condition. You have to inform the tenant that detailed cleaning is required if, upon your property inspection, it is not up to standard. There is no easy way of doing this. Just inform them.
  7. I was going to raise the topic of whether it was worth having Landlord legal cover including rent guarantee etc. etc. I did have it on one of my policies for one property for 5 years but I have now taken it out of the equation as the cost of Rent Guarantee Insurance etc. has tripled in cost to be added to the policy price. Only time will tell whether this was the right thing to have done.
  8. Well, as this topic is raised what should come through the letterbox Saturday morning were my renewal quotes for 2 of my rentals. Yes, quite disgraceful rises in premiums two of which were 1. An annual increase of the premium to pay £188.69p and 2. £139.99. Both of these policies were with SAGA who I have been with for about 4 years because their quotes were always very competitive and excellent cover but clearly no longer the case. So, I went straight onto the internet to obtain quotes and it looks like I am back with Direct Line Landlord's Insurance again having left them 4 years ago! I have actually managed to save £300 on the two properties by moving to them to DL in March. Not an inconsiderable sum of money saved I would say. I do have other insurance policies which I shall be scrutinising very carefully when they are due for renewal.
  9. My rental properties are all due in March as well. ( Mistake to renew ALL at the same time or a wise move? 😀 ) I am expecting a large increase in premiums as I have just had my own property insurance renewed and the the premium has jumped by £80 a year. I could not find any other insurance company that was cheaper than my quote renewal.
  10. UK scraps ‘boiler tax’ after makers raise prices to cover any fines Well, that new Government tax didn't last long did it. 😄 Read all about it: UK scraps ‘boiler tax’ after makers raise prices to cover any fines (msn.com)
  11. My Son told the tenants that the new uprated boiler would save them money on their gas energy bills which must also be factored into the "compensation" costs of having electric heaters for a day and a half. 😄 Seriously though they were very happy with the arrangements made to keep them warm on the UK's coldest day of the year so far.
  12. I have just had an upgraded gas boiler installed yesterday on the coldest January day for 10 years, -6 degrees. My tenant had 6 weeks notice of this essential work to be carried out which, in the end, would provide them with enhanced heating and hot water and comfort and lower gas bills. Their "compensation" was 3 electric heaters (on loan) for the day and a half of inconvenience, not that they ask for or expected any "compensation".
  13. As always. Fortunately I have never had to do an eviction through the Courts but I am of the opinion if I ever do have to I will employ a professional organisation like Landlord Action and just suck up the expense. So much hassle otherwise that I could do without.
  14. How do you convince the Welsh people to not vote Labour though? The 20mph speed limits does help to change voters minds and their deplorable Labour run NHS and probably a few other things as well. Wales is definitely a split Country though with the West of Wales totally different to North Wales in virtually everything you can think of. It will be interesting to see how the Welsh do vote in the general election though. I should declare I am of Welsh descendants through my Grandfather hence my interest in Wales and many good holidays in Pembrokeshire over many years and I got to know some very nice Welsh people.
  15. If the panels can be lifted out then it is probable that you have concrete posts. Your panels need to have a proper panel screw fixing on the inside into the post to stop the lifting out. Regards the kicking in of panels how do you stop that. Normally if there is pedestrian access to the side of your property a more robust fencing is required like vertical feather edge close board fencing and rail supports.
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