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  1. Melboy


    My biggest fear is that this anti Landlord /BTL Government will pass legislation permitting Local Councils to keep a register of all the rental properties and have the power to fine landlords heavily for any minor/major infringements. This will raise an enormous amount of money for local councils...........just like their camera controlled bus lanes. I do believe in some areas of the country it does cost £300 per property to be on the Council register........not too sure about that as a fact though.
  2. Oh! Yes! That is a historic collectors item. 😀 This is a definite replacement if there ever was to be one. I haven't met an electrician yet that will sign off an old fuse wired consumer box and if they are they shouldn't be doing this ............according to my electrician. My last electrical certification property is being done next Wednesday. It has been a very expensive month for me what with 4 fuse board certifications and a new boiler in one of the properties (plus other heating work) and another boiler change on the horizon in another property but my Son has managed to fix
  3. Melboy


    "They also want £11 a month inc. vat for Landlord Regulation checks". Not too sure what is meant by that statement. £132pa for doing what? Landlord regulation checks are carried out at the beginning of a tenancy and the majority of those checks are a one off check.......aren't they? It has been discussed before on this forum in the past about keeping rents at the original price at the start of a tenancy and not raising them at all for a lengthy period. I would say that 5 years is too long imo without some sort of rental increase review. Having said that perhaps the te
  4. I can't think of anything more to say that would help or convince the OP why I think they should have Gas & Electric certificates in place. 😀 If you check out the Government HSE website it also states that in the OP situation of renting with no payment to family / friends members that there are certain regulation conditions that will apply. It is now Rob C's choice to heed the advice or ignore it as he wishes.
  5. I have done a little research on this matter and there are a few pointers that would suggest you still have to abide by the rules of landlording even if no rent is being paid by a family member. One example below. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/buytolet/article-4487684/Can-let-property-family-member-no-rent.html It also reminds that around 5 years ago I was paying the annual insurance on a property that my Son owns and he had a tenant in that property. I had my reasons for doing this at the time and then I thought should I be doing this as I do not own the property so I con
  6. Well, I suppose the case of injury or death would be based on it's merits I guess. House sitting and a 30 day holiday away may well not require safety certificates etc. but there again to quote the OP he has family paying council tax and utility bills so in this case it can be regarded as a place of permanent residence for those occupants as it has effectively been handed over. There is a verbal contract isn't there and as I understand it you do not need an written tenancy contract.
  7. I am under the impression that locksmiths trawl the internet to advertise their business because I have seen so many advertising on this one forum over the years. 😁 The chances of gaining any work from the advert is virtually zero especially if the person requiring a locksmith is not living in close proximity. Jeez! What's the call out charge from Florida to the UK ? 😅
  8. Nope. Not the case RL. Just think of how the law and the Courts would determine this matter of a say a person being injured/killed through carbon monoxide or electrocution through a person being the occupant of a family/friends property where you as the owner of that property don't actually live in it and gas/electric certificates were not carried out. Duty of care and responsibility? Does that make any sense? If you dig deep into it you will find the definitive answer. I can quote one legal case that happened in Royal Wootton Bassett some 10 or 12 years ago.
  9. Rob C The answer is Yes. My Son regularly comes across this situation regarding Gas safety certificates whereby the owner of the property will say " I am renting to a family member (or a friend of the family ) so I don't need a gas safety certificate" ) Not true........You do. It doesn't matter if you are not receiving rent, you are the legal owner of that property and it is a requirement that you are a landlord even if you don't consider yourself to be one due to not receiving monetary payment. The same ruling applies to Electrical safe
  10. The last of my properties is being certified next week. It has been a very expensive time for me but there is not a lot you can do about that. What I do know is that with all this electrical work being undertaken and 2 boiler replacements and much more my tax bill for this year is going to be much reduced.
  11. I pay the £22.50 for the Insured option available from the DPS. (tax deductible expense) 😁 No hassle and I'm in charge of proceedings and control future events. Having said that it has been many years whereby I have not returned an outgoing tenant their full deposit back to them.........and did so as recently as 2 weeks ago.
  12. Melboy


    I was listening to a financial expert last night and he stated that just a 1% rise in interest rates will wipe out completely the Chancellors budget forecasting. Frightening as it is generally expected that IR will rise within a year. Overall now that I have had time to digest the budget I don't think it was particularly that great but in his defence he has a hell of a job ahead in keeping the UK finances stable.
  13. Sounds about right but you don't say which combi boiler you are intending to fit.
  14. Well, I guess it is by arrangement between yourself and your landlord to come to an amicable agreement then.
  15. Melboy


    The Chancellor stated today that 12,300 CGT allowance remains in force.
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