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  1. I have an emergency key lock safe attached to a wall on one of my properties with a 4 digit code key thingy that gains you entrance to the spare key inside. As it happens it has proved it's worth on 2 occasions when it comes to this particular tenant being locked out. They have the code on their phone now! Would I fit a key safe to other properties? Not really as this particular tenant has been the only person to have a key problem over the years but it is an option for landlord's to consider. I also think my Direct Line insurance covers for locksmith call outs but it is expensive I wo
  2. You could get your tenant to sign a document of risk and expense but also important is to know what colours they are proposing to use. Also ensure you carry out a post painting viewing of the flat.
  3. All the usual suspects I would imagine. 😀 Leona Helmsley will always be remembered for one of the most arrogant statements ever uttered: "We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes." That's you and me!
  4. This is how I would go about it, or rather how I did go about it when I sold my property to my tenant a few years back. You agree a selling price with your tenant. Raise a document to reflect this with the both buyer and seller solicitors added. Standard estate agent practice at the beginning of a sold property. You officially serve your tenant with 4 months notice with the correct procedures for doing this and not your tenant. Your tenant and yourself will then instruct solicitors. You will need an EPC certificate. Your tenant must show that they have a mortgage arranged
  5. After 4 years and no follow up replies I would think that the OP has solved his own problem don't you Markel E.
  6. My last word on this subject because after all it is only a Government think tank proposal at the moment and my view is they need to think it through a bit more before actioning their proposal. The average price of council tax for a 2 bed semi in my location is around £1,500 per year. £125 per month. I would have to add this to the monthly rent or at least a good proportion of it. This is not going to make the tenant very happy but there again they had been paying CT prior to the new legislation coming into effect haven't they. Personally I hope it doesn't happen.
  7. Should these proposals become law it will lead to much higher rents and probably many landlords selling up. This action of course will lead to longer queues at the Council housing offices for those trying to obtain virtually non existent council housing.
  8. Your tenant is not entitled to any compensation for no hot water if the boiler is being replaced. At most it would be a bunch of flowers if you were minded to do so but I certainly wouldn't. You cannot have a situation where the tenant is laying down unreasonable conditions on you, the landlord. LVT = Luxury Vinyl Tile. 😉
  9. MTD = Making Tax Digital https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/making-tax-digital/overview-of-making-tax-digital
  10. I can reveal to you all that I have had two Covid jabs One in January and 2nd one in April. On June 4th I contracted Covid D in spite of being very, very careful and I was very poorly for 2 weeks and almost put into hospital by the Doctor with chest breathing problems but my O2 level condition slowly improved and then I had another 3 weeks of convalescence. Doctor told me if I had not had the Covid jabs I would probably not have survived but I did and you will all have to put up with me for a lot longer now. 😀 So 2 jabs or 3 jabs it matters not. It can bite you in spite of ALL the pre
  11. Mainly what Richlist has said already but you would need to tread very carefully allowing any letting agent to place their tenant of choice into your property. Personally I wouldn't never do this as I like to do my own tenant vetting and acceptance and fortunately for me it has worked satisfactorily for me over many years of letting property.
  12. Just another ignorant labour politician who is clearly not aware that landlord's are already taxed on income. If his plan was to ever be implemented then it would just lead to even more landlords selling up and a shortage of rental property. Try getting social housing from your local council. The waiting list is long and depending on your requirements anything up to 10 years as my Niece found out.
  13. I would be very surprised if CGT doesn't rise. What if the rumour is correct about a 1% tax on domestic property sales? Quite possible I would say.
  14. My next door neighbour has just filled in his very large swimming pool and re landscaped his garden at a cost of £35,000. It was only used 4 or 5 times a year and was very costly to run and maintain. I do know that when it was built some years ago it was heated by a gas supply. Imagine the cost of doing that now! I also know that some 5 years ago he purchased a solar pool cover which was just over a £1000 and they have a life of about 10 years. They also had a safety concern with young grandchildren coming along in the near future and this pool would need to be fenced off for safet
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