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  1. Hi all, We seem to have resolved the issues and the forum should be back to its usual speed now. Typically, we always seem to have some techinal glitches this time of year when we aren’t monitoring things quite as much as usual! We hope you all had a nice Christmas and would like to thank you for your continued support and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2019. Best wishes, Resident
  2. Hi all, Apologies for the delay with the technical problems we are experiencing. These are currently being worked on and normal service should resume within the next day or so. Best wishes, Resident
  3. Hi Melboy, We have been experiencing problems recently, apologies about that. But all should now be resolved (hopefully). If not please let us know. Happy new year !! Best wishes, Resident
  4. Hi all, We thank you all for your continued support in 2015 and hope you all have a very happy new year, and that 2016 is prosperous for all! Apologies about the recent glitches, all should now be working again properly. But if anyone has any problems please email us at info@residentiallandlord.co.uk to let us know. Best wishes, Resident
  5. Hi all As Melboy kindly pointed out, the ‘Right to Rent’ legislation has been trialled in the West Midlands since December 2014 with a view to rolling it out to the whole country. Despite problems the government has decided to roll it out nationwide, but as yet no firm date has been given, so unless the property in question is within the West Midlands trial area there is not currently the requirement to check. However the legislation is expected to be in place in the very near future, so it is worth considering implementing it now. For further details refer to our recent article below. http:/
  6. Thanks for your suggestion Mortitia, as you can see the two conversations have now been split
  7. Hi everybody We are sorry if anyone felt that we were just paying lip service to your comments. That is certainly not the case. The views of everybody on the RL forum are important to us and particularly those of our long standing regular contributors. Our reply was simply an attempt to update you all with what we have been doing behind the scenes to modernise and improve the experience of everybody visiting the Residential Landlord website, which has included rebuilding the website on a dynamic platform to increase usability on all devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This sh
  8. Hi all, First of all, we would like to thank everyone for your continued support! We have recently redeveloped the main RL site and upgraded this forum to include all the latest web/forum technology and spam deterrents. In all it has been quite a task, and of course had its problems along the way. We have certainly not been lazy, but apologies if this has seemed to be the case with the radio silence recently. We have just been very busy improving everything! Since the redevelopment of RL and upgrading our forum technology to fall in line with all the latest requirements for the ever changin
  9. Hi guys, Don't forget if any of you need a outline assured shorthold tenancy agreement there is one available to download for free on Residential Landlord. http://www.residentiallandlord.co.uk/tenancyagreement.html Best wishes, Resident
  10. Everyone seems to be very quiet????
  11. Thank you Melboy your help has always been much appreciated. Kind regards, Resident
  12. Hi Kerbut, The security of the forum has been updated with the very latest spam protection, however there are probably going to be a few more dodgy posts from the pesky spam bots that signed up prior to the most recent update. If you guys can report any that appear as soon as you see them that would be very helpful. Best wishes, Resident
  13. Hi All, Thank you for baring with us, the forum update is now complete. We appreciate your patience and continued support. Best wishes for 2015 !! Kind regards, Resident
  14. Hi All, We are currently updating the forum because of the increased spam posts. So all new posts are disabled for the next day or two, please bare with us. Apologies we will get this fixed asap. Happy new year everyone. Best wishes, Resident
  15. Spammers gone for now. Happy new year everyone, please keep reporting the spam posts so we can remove and block as soon as poss!! Best wishes, Resident
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