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  1. I beat you b y one year RL,I retired at 52 and still don't. know how I had time to go to work
  2. kerbut

    S 21

    Thanks RL , in all the years I have done this its the first problem , so not too bad
  3. kerbut

    S 21

    Hopefully he will be gone by then !
  4. kerbut

    S 21

    I personally think they (he) will go before the tenancy end date , he emailed last Sunday asking for the joint tenancy to be amended to his name only as his partner and new baby have moved out , I declined the request pointing out it is an AST in joint names and as it runs out on the 29 May it would be costing him a lot of money to change it, I have given him 2 dates , (next Monday at 0900 or next Thursday late afternoon ) to have a 3 monthly inspection by our inventory clerk , so far I have not received no reply , the rent is due on 29th , if it doesn't arrive I will send an email to the gua
  5. kerbut

    S 21

    Thanks for your reply and I think you are right , we have a home owning Guarantor in place but didn't do rent guarantee in this case due to the price hike that was levied due to C19, hopefully when lockdown ends we will be able to force through the court evection.
  6. kerbut

    S 21

    I have an AST ending at the end of May and intend giving them notice on /or before 29 March, as its the end of the 6 month term I do not wish to renew which grounds do I use?, at present no arrears ( but expect them when I serve notice )I presume ( not a new Landlord , been at it 30 years )that if I do not wish to renew rather than the tenancy being an extension of the previous agreement and if they refuse to move out that they would be squatters which is a Police offence as a new tenancy agreement has been offered.
  7. We have 3 holiday lets using Booking dot com and they are not accepting bookings from guests without a vaccine apparently.
  8. I have been a member of the (NLA ) NRLA for a while as well as Landlord Law. I find Landlord Law far more informative, has a good range of documents , a Tenancy Agreement you can tailor for your own needs and all other docs, section 21,s section 13,s. With NRLA you are supposed to get a discount when you lodge a deposit with my deposits , its never worked for me yet and recently have been receiving mailshots from them trying to persuade me to go from Residential letting and do holiday lets with Cottages.com , I am one step ahead of them , we did that 4 years ago and kicked Cottages.co
  9. It goes from bad to worse being a Landlord
  10. kerbut


    Strange , I had 2 tenant changes during lock down , I managed to register the new deposits with Mydeposits no problem , but my PC hadn't caught C19
  11. Thanks for the comprhensive reply. Its left me a lot to think about..Making an inventory never crossed my mind. i wouldnt say its an executive property but a couple of people have said it should rent out at £800 so perhaps any prospective tenants would expect a few trimmings.. The garden will need some maintenace also, I suppose i could offer to cut the grass seeing as how its on the same block as me. My cheapest is £ 850 , all I supply is a hob and built in oven
  12. We have a Glowworm in our house I had fitted 30+years ago , the gas engineer said this will never wear out as it has a cast heat exchanger , the only thing it requires occasionally at service time is a thermocouple , our AGA needs one every service.
  13. We have always followed Richlist,s check list , but having a new tenant last month we went to our rent guarantee supplier and we normally paid £150/£200 they wanted £600 due to C19 , we declined and went for the guarantor only option.
  14. We have had 3 EPC,s done + 3 electrical certificates and 1 consumer unit change in the last 2 months.
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