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  1. Sounds about right to me , I paid £75 earlier this year to a gutter cleaner with a vacum pole with a camera to show he had cleaned them.
  2. I fully agree with this , we have 3 holiday lets , all bookings come through Booking.com , Air B&B , TripAdvisor or our website , I have a paper trail for every booking which are more than 140 days per property.
  3. Sounds like my recent experience with Palmer Snell, I will never deal with the Sequence group again ( Palmer Snell and Connells ), I will stick with our local Martin and Co franchise.
  4. What a relief, the electricians arrived today to do the rewire and would need 2 days to do it BUT their boss told them to clean the metal conduits that are the supply to each flat back to bare metal and to rebond with new straps and a larger earth wire , this was done where the 3 phase comes in and then goes 5 ways , the conduit was bought back to bare metal in all 5 flats and all re bonded , perfect readings and only 2 tin wires surface mounted needed replacing in one flat. We called out SSE as the electrician said a incoming supply terminal need replacing and a modern earth bond need fitti
  5. Its strange how things go full circle, I remember a grey metal fuse box with the door hinged on the left hand side ( MEM ?) ,then they went to plastic casings and now back to metal casings.
  6. Your old fuse box was the same as ours ,a Wylex one which I recovered from the electrician , eBay here we come !!
  7. Thanks for your tip about the "C", I will look , the property was a 14 bedroom house when I bought it 40 years ago ( built 1898 ) and converted it to 5 flats hence the splitting of the phases, we live in one of the flats. This is the final property(of 12) to have the test and the electrician has done my work for 30 years + ,so I do trust him, I bought 12 metal "trip boxes" from Toolstation when they had on offer Aixcom boxes and extra RCD,s are only £2. He showed the paperwork showing very high readings (which meant nothing to me ), told me the tin wiring needed replacing and about fitting
  8. I had an inspection done yesterday, it failed big time , the tails from 3 phase to single phase need changing , some of the wiring is in tin (whatever that is ), it is recommended a second ring is added , but the good news is the lighting circuit is fine, I have today had to buy a combined carbon monoxide and smoke detector and another smoke detector which now have to be hard wired with gismo that when one alarm goes off the other one receives a radio signal and it goes off also , I don't think I am going to see any change out of 3K
  9. I beat you b y one year RL,I retired at 52 and still don't. know how I had time to go to work
  10. kerbut

    S 21

    Thanks RL , in all the years I have done this its the first problem , so not too bad
  11. kerbut

    S 21

    Hopefully he will be gone by then !
  12. kerbut

    S 21

    I personally think they (he) will go before the tenancy end date , he emailed last Sunday asking for the joint tenancy to be amended to his name only as his partner and new baby have moved out , I declined the request pointing out it is an AST in joint names and as it runs out on the 29 May it would be costing him a lot of money to change it, I have given him 2 dates , (next Monday at 0900 or next Thursday late afternoon ) to have a 3 monthly inspection by our inventory clerk , so far I have not received no reply , the rent is due on 29th , if it doesn't arrive I will send an email to the gua
  13. kerbut

    S 21

    Thanks for your reply and I think you are right , we have a home owning Guarantor in place but didn't do rent guarantee in this case due to the price hike that was levied due to C19, hopefully when lockdown ends we will be able to force through the court evection.
  14. kerbut

    S 21

    I have an AST ending at the end of May and intend giving them notice on /or before 29 March, as its the end of the 6 month term I do not wish to renew which grounds do I use?, at present no arrears ( but expect them when I serve notice )I presume ( not a new Landlord , been at it 30 years )that if I do not wish to renew rather than the tenancy being an extension of the previous agreement and if they refuse to move out that they would be squatters which is a Police offence as a new tenancy agreement has been offered.
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