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  1. Ask them if they would prefer to surrender the tenancy prior to the works, and apply for the tenancy post works. In truth I would rather see such T's gone.
  2. I agree with Mel, we would increase rents to compensate our additional expense. The tenants can then afford more, the LL's that don't increase will soon have rented properties full due to being cheap. While our rent increases are monitored, effectively, we could increase gradually, or of course in one hit for new tenancies. Where this will be a negative is that HB claimants get council tax relief. We would not. So less properties would be made available to claimants. They really would become a lower class than they already are, as they would ultimately be in lower cost housing (with
  3. The above is correct, but it would seem only in England. Most don't have concern for Welsh rentals but for me it is of great relevance. I intend to confirm this but it looks like the Welsh aren't automatically included in English legislated attacks on us, they seemingly must create their own legislation. For me it has felt like the Welsh, and socialist, Gov't have been competing to go better than Westminster on more than the letting industry. And I read that Shelter Cymru are annoyed that the School Ass embly haven't gone far enough, and of course they want stronger and more imposing
  4. "My Lord, the truth of this case is that this unscrupulous, worse than a 2nd hand car sales person and slum keeper, merely used the lack of vaccination record as an excuse to reject these kind hearted, generous , clean living applicants who offered to provide valid medical reason for not taking the covid vaccine. The reason for rejection is clearly that these 2 ladies are of Afro Caribbean and Chinese decent respectively, who have chosen to commit to each other in the Hindu church, were not to acceptable the landlords restricted values. I ask the court to recognise the unfair disadvantag
  5. V true RL. But is the concern out of proportion? I guess we should be concerning ourselves with England, possibly Wales for me, and treating Scotland and N.I as outside of our sphere. But their figures do corrupt the overall UK figures a little on deaths (and presumably serious outcomes). Infection rates are running at a little over 11% of population. Most will feel little or no effect, as demonstrated by the death rate of the UK running at a shade over 0.2% Vaccination and future boosters would seem to reduce the possibility of infection and more so the more serious effect
  6. RL while I accept your business concerns I have great issue around the privacy, and right to that. The idea that the unqualified being able to enquire into another's medication or lack of it abhors me. In truth I believe it should be our choice of which qualified persons should be allowed such, in normal non legal type situations. After all we wouldn't have thought of asking about other medical possibilities that may increase our risks. Thin edge and all that.
  7. Please correct me where I might be out of date. We cannot deny a tenancy on the grounds that the applicants are, of undesirable gender (any one of 57), are of any particular heritage (unless English). I believe soon enough we will be unable to deny same for those with animals, children (same thing really), are in receipt of any benefit. To date I'm not aware that we can deny someone who is unable to demonstrate that they have 2 valid pricks, or would that be 3 as winter progresses? Come the time the Gov't may authorise doormen (or women, or indeed any other type o
  8. RL I agree that on the face of it investing in BTL still looks attractive to the naive, but positively scary to those with a little more knowledge of the criteria we must meet and the restrictions imposed come debt chasing time. To offset the possible evacuation of investors from this industry I expect, but not only me I see, that we will have greater CGT imposed on our sale profits. For many that would result in a less attractive revenue from a sale, or two. That will result in personal appraisements of the risk of keeping against the lesser revenue of selling. I, for example, durin
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58516799 Likely using Dabbot maths, it would be funny if not so dangerous. Just saying.
  10. 1 month isn't set in stone, you can both agree as you please.
  11. Personally I see the point in serving notice, in case you are left in the lurch following excuse after excuse. An alternative may be to request the tenant serve notice for an agreed date. Both of these can be used in with some form of flexibility. As you want to sell and they want to buy it seems reasonable that you can reach agreement in an amicable fashion. On a side note has anyone considered the possibility of a right to buy scheme for tenants? With current Gov't trends I can see how this could be an attractive strategy for them, but costly for us if long term t
  12. A similar suggestion was made by insurance companies some years ago. If I remember it was to be an investment for our pension pots, and would receive advantage from the Chancellor. I've not read anything since. I would expect these larger invertors to only show interest in the upper end of the market, but perhaps not so much in London with the increased work from home trend and masses leaving the City. Since this trend will be emulated a fair bit in other Cities I'm surprised Lloyds would chance this now. But at 5k properties p.a. it 'aint a big gamble for them. Of course others seei
  13. Nearly all true. * You are the registered owner of the property. *You receive a commercial return for it being let. *It may be an owner is negligent if he fails to ensure the property is a safe environment. *It may be an owner is responsible for the activities within their property. Is there anti social behaviour, are there illegal activities? *Did the owner ensure the 'Agency' dealing with the rental is competent? Owners often leave pretty much all dealing to a property Agent, not all are a competent as Grampa. If the property should have a HMO licence the Agent
  14. My point is around the legality. We would still be owners of the property, so a search by whichever dept of which ever local council will cause them to approach us, I've been there. Departments are well known for not communicating with each other. Then there is risk from changing policies that may result in the shoulder shrug when we attempt to cause 'them' to uphold their end oft he bargain. In the event that we might then sue for the broken contract we would have a legal department to go up against. Using our money against us is then our disadvantage. It was Wales but the
  15. RL can you be sure? What with Selective Licencing and Rent Smart Wales, and with our legal responsibility still standing even though we are encouraged to use Agents, can we legally transfer responsibility? Local authorities certainly like to pursue the owner, with associated threats.
  16. In an area that will attract low issue tenants that can actually afford the market rents, or the additional time and effort destroy any theoretical calculations. Tbh Kanrent I struggle to see the reward over risk advantage of btl these days.
  17. I find that, while my cynicism is certainly no less, my apathy has increased. I've taken on a few battles, and ignoring the financial aspect (which is difficult), it's a part of life I'll not get back.
  18. I get a summary of costs. The lease states that if I require the accounts to be audited then they should be. Regardless the freeholder has the accounts audited and then charges on for that. I argued in court that as I don't require the audit I should not be liable for the cost. My argument gained no sympathy. Due to my arguing that the overall charges were excessive, and trust me they were, I was given copies of all invoices. Their in house solicitor then charged his hourly rate for that 'service'. The eventual legal costs claimed against me far outweighed the original cos
  19. I've been providing links to the info. But maybe I'm expected to drive the T's to an internet source and press the buttons as well.
  20. By usual I guess we must be sure to include the latest leaflet or be prevented from a S21 repossession? Wouldn't it be nice if our Gov't could show us how to be compliant at any point in time? I feel we are presented with ongoing additional hurdles that are designed to trip us as they are placed in our path in hope don't see them. I also see these ongoing hazards as central Gov't and local Gov't (that to include the Welsh Retard Assembly) as LL harassment. Imagine the response if we had tried these tactics on our T's, when we had such powers as to create our own AST contracts.
  21. Thanks, I wonder what additional 'how to get your LL' info is added. The contradiction there is that if the tenants are treated to be so unable to research for themselves then they can't flippin' read the leaflet.
  22. I sit corrected Grampa. I thought it became a legal requirement some years ago. Me confused again.
  23. Any new equipment is ok for 12 months, so keeping the receipt should satisfy that one. Considering properties will have RCCB protection now it raises the question of the need for a PAT test. But I suppose the dog might have chewed the cable and left a live conductor exposed. Ting is, I don't supply toilet paper but I still expect T's to wipe their own ass when needed.
  24. Any electrical equipment needs to be PAT tested, more responsibility. My view is that the t's should maintain such, if they don't after written warning send in a contractor and charge 'em. The issue with ignoring is the cost may be greater than any deposit. Then the garden may be off putting to prospective T's.
  25. 'If' the T's haven't already vacated you will need to organise for a locksmith to gain entry with Bailiff presence, and police if things look to be turning ugly. But the Bailiffs will consider police attendance. Nowt wrong with you using a key or drilling the lock yourself, but if you fail the Bailiffs might swan off requiring you to arrange another visit with them. While the High Court Sheriff is far more effective at confiscating goods and debt recovery I'm not sure they are any more effective at facilitating entry, happy to be corrected on that one. I would monitor the proper
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