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  1. In truth tax hikes are expected and will more often be accepted due to covid costs I imagine.
  2. RL if they tax the voter on boilers they lose votes. It's us that are fair game. 12 year old cars, well a whole new subject that involves manufacturers designing to make us more dependant on them and causing a return to the keep it 3 years or so and sell it on principle. There will be an increasing realisation that, certainly with diesels, pre 2010 cars (and possibly more so vans) are more reliable. After thought, if they could tax gas boiler spares that might well be a sly way of persuasion.
  3. There can be a lot of this and that thinking around this but. They have been inconvenienced, and I'm not considering guests here, and as much as you did as you were able it was the various tradesmen that screwed up. If you are able to achieve compensation from them it would be reasonable to pass it on. But I wouldn't want to put the effort in for the benefit of these tenants. They have turned your property into a care home, they are selective as to who can have access. They run the property w/o any consideration of you but expect all the responsibilities of you being a landlord. I th
  4. I have wondered where up North. I let properties in less affluent areas, at your rent price it's either very cheap or in an area worse than mine. In the lesser areas I often find the quality of tenants is going to be lower, with associated additional risk. I must accept that but the lower value of the properties can mean the return is proportionally higher, until. Also guarantors can more often be found, but again of a lower quality. So in the event they aren't really going to compensate the situation. But I still want one and if nowt else they can find the bugger when they've h
  5. I managed to overcome the issue of fluids getting under a laminate, I have it our bathroom ceiling. Tis true, honestly. Mrs Me thinks I only did it because I like Lionel Richie.
  6. I imagine you will consider that I'm looking for problems. but Should there be issue with the floor you have no agreement with the installer, you would need to take it up with the tenant, who by then may be the ex tenant possibly living in America. When you create the new agreement you have effectively accepted the install anyway. A laminate floor that gets fluids underneath isn't something i would wish to have as a concern, milk, coffee, cat pee.
  7. As RL decide what you want in the long term. In my mind waiting till the end of the tenancy for resolution leaves you at too much risk, in no small part with her being an international traveller. If you want it to be returned to as was then the money to do so should be paid now for you to carry out when you wish, and consider the void time of the works. I'm sure the legalities would be otherwise but I consider such to be vandalism. Treating you property with such a lack of respect shows the attitude to expect at end of tenancy.
  8. Different scenarios, different strategies. Deposits are of limited value regarding recompense. 5 weeks being the max. We are so controlled and find it awkward to even seek financial satisfaction, never mind actually getting it, I can see an argument for keeping the T for a long as. I have negotiated an early release settlement. How we phrase any charges might bite back, but I would hope a settlement is acceptable as a payment. If the T has changed his mind he should pay for the luxury. London rents are falling, maybe elsewhere in city locations also, due to the reduced numb
  9. I think this has gone far beyond our abilities to suggest any 'legal' means of resolution. Of interest, the council inspector rejected claims of disrepair, good. That suggests the property was habitable and in an acceptable state at best, but at least points to you not being responsible for any apparent damage. Why did you authorise repairs for a simple request from the officer? I had similar, to a lesser degree, in Wales some years back. The council inspector stated the tenants living condition were lifestyle and not my responsibility, but requested I repair a toilet that didn't flu
  10. 1st point is that a new consumer is code 3, at worst. That equates to a recommendation for improvement, not a requirement for a 'Satisfactory' on the cert. Challenge your electrician as to why. Next point is if you are able to demonstrate you have tried to do all reasonably possible to carry out the electrical inspection, and that must include improvements, you are no longer liable for the £30k fine. Record you communications with your tenant and set up the evidence of your attempts to do as you desire. If you tenant feels the electrics are unsafe there is clearly a contradiction if
  11. My 2nd hand little girlie was paying £1,650 pcm, Hammersmith though. Nice spacious 2 bed flat. But with Mussolini as a concierge.
  12. Nice idea but if they decide to relocate there would be issue over who owns what proportion and what rights to it there would be. Perhaps that can be clarified in contract but sounds like being complicated with possible litigation ahead. Then if one part snuffs it it their estate would need to be clarified. Similar issue arises should they fail to continue paying, and how would you then evict a part owner?
  13. I've just been chatting to Mrs Me, she says I look to deep, duty of care, demonstrating responsibility if challenged and all that. It seems you think like me Mel. Not paranoid 'cos the gits are out to get us. And the design of all this ever changing and increasing responsibility and confusion is that we shall fail in compliance.
  14. I reserve the right to alter my stance on this if a reasonably qualified Sparky but not registered or recently updated to 18th Edition (plus inspection and testing) is prosecuted as a a tester. On the principle that we can never cite the authorities as incorrect, w/o spending a couple of £million Gina Miller style (and still w/o a likelihood of success.) Anyway a little ditty to add. I see I've to check my immersion heaters. If they don't have an automatic hi temp trip (98 degrees) as well as the stat control, and they have aplastic head tank, they are C2 and 'unsatisfactory'. Easy to spo
  15. Most are aware of our continually increasing responsibilities to our poor, disadvantaged and bullied tenants, that we expect to live in the squaller we provide them, for extortionate and unjustified rents that we demand from them at gunpoint. A few years back I created 'Tenancy Packs'. The 2nd page detailed the contents, that included all the legislative required stuff and more. It would also include meter readings at start of occupancy. Both parties would sign and date. The record of required information given to T's was so created and I needed to just keep a copy of the one page, aside
  16. I've been in contact with 3 lots of sparky bods so far. Some are happy to detail new metal consumer units, fire rated downlighters and more. They are slow to explain that most often these upgrades are only a requirement in specific situations, so often not required at all. I spoke to a couple of sparky's who said I could do it myself, but I'm not registered says I, so a local authority would reject me as an inspector. Anyway it wasn't a lengthy discussion. It is true I am a little behind with my knowledge. I put myself through the 17th Edition Electrical Regs, but since then there ha
  17. There is lots of info out there. Much misleading, some inaccurate. I would be interested to see the info Nev M has as my understanding is different. I read the link below at speed so may well have missed something. But lower down where it details the penalty it is at £200 for not producing or providing an EPC to those entitled. An EPC is valid for 10 years, after that we are liable to have a new one produce d. I'm happy to be shown my error on this. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/671018/A_guide_to_energy_performanc
  18. My last comment above was that lat piece of jigsaw that helped me realise why Shelter get so much support from the state, more often locally. They are the unofficial policing of us for the state.
  19. I only know of one local council that actually has my properties registered. And that is just one property I have in Hydburn (Accrington) through their Selective Licencing scheme. Even the Welsh Rent smart don't record my properties. Hydburn do ask for my gas cert each 12 months, they haven't asked for my EPC, and I'm wondering if they will take interest in the EICR. It seems that the policing of the ever increasing initiatives, in the main, are still ahead sometime or down to an event that causes investigation. T's taking a complaint to Shelter would do it of course.
  20. I thought Covid had caused such insurance to be of very limited purpose.
  21. They providing a British and reachable G'tor seems less likely. That would be the let down for me. They could be earning a £Million, but if they relocate over seas it doesn't help you any.
  22. In my case I make it clear, over 25's, no animals, retired or sick welcome intentionally unemployed not. As for g'tors while home owning is strongly desired I can't always hold out for such, but it doesn't take much noggin to realise the a are wasting all our time by suggesting another unemployed renter, if they have even considered I require a G'tor after being told. As I am remote from most of my properties the idea of the A is to save me pointless journeys by weeding out the dross, and finding a suitable applicant from their superior marketing set up. In Ashton this was achieved, and s
  23. It might be of benefit to learn what both LL's and T's find most attractive about using A's. I used to hope that I could live remote and use the services of such as yourself to look after my properties in my absence. I became paranoid that they would drop me in the goo. But long term T's in my Ashton property wouldn't have found me, or wanted to, if it wasn't for the find only service provided. When they learned I would self manage they were unsure as they perceived they would enjoy a more professional service from an A. This we know is often not the case. I guess some T's would
  24. Longer than that I had a T that was organising loft and cavity wall insulation. As well as solar panel installations. I approved 2 houses for loft but nowt else, and told him not to have it laid as I would prepare the lofts and wrap the insulation to keep dust down. Being on commission he arranged cavity wall, I had to move fast to stop him / them drilling the flats when I heard as the flats already had it. He had the garage filled with more loft insulation than anyone would need. All at no cost but I was still sorry i trusted him. He absconded leaving his g'friend to reso
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