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  1. I suppose it follows that if a bad T register was desirable then a bad LL register would be also. While there are 'stated' efforts to improve LL qualification and the quality of their stock, and there is a record of LL prosecutions, we aren't subject to resentful T revenge as a register could become.
  2. The same. His promotion of this was a surprise to me also. The conversation wasn't going to take up too much time as it has no value to me. But if we need interrogate everything we come across our progress screeches to a halt. And an issue might well be that it is beyond our means to understand where the flaws are. Speaking to another Welsh LL and she was already aware of online EPC's. It could be that this is widespread. Certainly on the EPC's I see no detrimental outcome. I haven't met a T that knows of EPC's let alone wants the information. Come to that I haven't heard of a LL t
  3. I personally have no issues with a North / South divide. London is the natural centre of the universe and so will create and receive the vast majority of intentional business. It follows that a migration of commerce from there will remain closer to it. I visit with some regularity and enjoy the tourism like all them forinors. The prices are somewhat eye watering and the traffic reminds me of the advantages of up 'ere. As far as central heating. I get the impression it is gas fired wet systems that are considered to be such. something at odds with trying to outlaw the use of gas syst
  4. Ah, but you're Southern. Up 'ere we're just past 'avin to go out t' lavvy in't night lad. The jo po steaming under bed was warming but a bit smelly. I reckon it's only us loosing the coalman that stopped Sunday bath night in front of fire. A black man was just last one in't bath.
  5. Talking to EPC chap (previous thread), he states that any property that is in a habitable state that doesn't already have central heating can have this fitted free. No need for claimants as T's, no cost to LL. If anyone has such a property it might be of interest.
  6. I suspect it will be low readings that are the issue. A test is performed to check if the insulation is still in good enough condition. Essentially this is looking for the breakdown of the pvc coating of the cables but will pick other causes of breakdown. It could be from corrosion in back boxes causing growth within. Spiders and such could do it. Some have found vermin have chewed cable and a dead rat might still be with its teeth embedded into a cable. Anyways the test is using 500volts as that emulates the peak voltage present on our 240v (RMS) installations. A simple multi
  7. I feel your pain. An issue I perceive is that the contractor is keen to say you need, rather than I recommend. I asked my contractor specifically about the requirement for metal consumer units. "They are needed if they could impede the exit, by fire, of the only exit route." Stairs were mentioned. But it gets a C (advisory). The consumer is a chushy unit to replace and looks like a significant improvement. Easier money than crawling under floors anyway. I've several downlighters that 'neeeed' replacing, but I'll read up on that tomorrow. C's can wait.
  8. This might be viewed as just one interpretation. Of the question of plastic boards, their advice recommends that a C3 - IMPROVEMENT RECOMMENDED code is given for a plastic board, only when it is either under wooden stairs or else in the sole means of escape from the property.A C3 code is akin to an 'advisory' on a car MOT. It does not constitute a fail, rather a situation where safety could be improved by having the following items rectified.Any other areas where a plastic fuse board may be located as opposed to a metal consumer unit, would not even be considered a C3 code, rather
  9. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this. Covid is causing more to stay home, kids as well as adults. One family in particular, 3 boys off school, mummy and daddy have set up office in the kitchen. A call to tell me the door handles were broken, not all. I could claim it is abuse but good, long term T's I replaced all. But working in the house is a flippin' nightmare. It's no wonder stuff gets broken with the clutter and constant in / out. A large desk in what was a spacious kitchen needs to be navigated round and it's the main thoroughfare of the house. There always seems to be a
  10. Landlord references. Their T is a nuisance and they are happy for them to leave. Why would they want to put you off taking them? You are highly un likely to gain possession of relevant tenancy history anyway. Sung for compensation would just be another gamble. A good T may not get a reference so that could be a deterant and the happy LL keeps that T. Financial checks on the G'tor are more valuable,
  11. Last eve I was looking at through my epc's online. Recommendations for under(solid)floor insulation, est cost £1,500 - £2,000. Saving £47p.a. You might think that's silly till I tell you of another that recommends a wind generator est cost £4,000 - £6,000 to save £9 p.a. That on a 2 bed terraced house where the thing couldn't realistically be sighted any where and if the rear drive had one I envisage the neighbours would dismantle it so they can sleep at night. That one was scored low for sandstone outer skin, is that worse than clay brick? But it recovered some for the (assumed) cav
  12. I think some MP or other would do their best to outlaw it.
  13. Assuming you are btl you are going to need certificates. The electrical inspection will hi litre anything there. For the gas inspection find a gas engineer who is conversant with general plumbing (be difficult not to in my opinion). Request they look it over with an eye to what they or another might see as work to be quoted for. A good builder would look over the rest and point out issues. But really a lot would be fairly obvious or not easy to find w/o intrusive examination. An experienced eye into loft and underfloor spaces is worthwhile. How much peace of mind do you wan
  14. The silver is yours Grampa. So he is a naughty assessor. Perhaps he is depending on his audit being held off until post covid. Prior to he doing the Welsh bunch, at a quoted £30 each I should research any personal risk. Tbh I am quoted £38 each by a local (to Wales) assessor so maybe just coughing up the little extra is better for peace of mind.
  15. PS. Don't dob me in if you wish to dob them in. and better still give me a couple of days to get the Welsh bunch out of the way (some sort of smiley).
  16. Very much so Grampa. In truth unless there is a covid pass on this I don't see how w/o a vist. They wanted payment from text info. I wanted an invoice emailing, that was with me in 5 minutes so paid. https://find-energy-certificate.digital.communities.gov.uk/energy-certificate/1100-7114-0522-8003-1793 When I've more time I'll scrutinise the survey more, but it looks like I'm covered and since I see this as bs anyway I'm happy with that. Any one looking to investigate that my EPC is up to date can see that it is. Should it transpire that the company aren't doing this legally
  17. I'm trying to type and eat, and wipe beans off me knackers. The company is EPC Surveys. 0800 158 3836
  18. I'm not sure they apply sense to legislation. I've tried to call an inspector that carried out an inspection yesterday, by a visit (evil covid spreader he must be by comparison). No joy. A "yeh I've heard of this and it's a no /yes" would be handy. £36 isn't a scary gamble, but he doesn't get the 7 in Wales till I'm given more confidence.
  19. "Due to Covid we are doing desktop EPC's. As long as there are no changes to the property we will provide another 10 year certificate." £36 is paid prior to the online record being changed. Thoughts.
  20. In Hydburn a non licensee can be fined £20K and rents for the last 12 months returned.
  21. That sounds like my flats, MEM plastic 4 way board with replaceable cartridge fuses. Cartridge is preferable to rewindable as the rewireable is too easy to abuse, and less reliable in it's protection than a cartridge.
  22. If that's the only egress and it combusting would prevent egress then metal. You could replace the rewireable fuses with MCB replacements. Then you would ned protect the whole property with an RCB (not ideal as all goes down with one fault). Better to replace with a new split load unit, and hope the fixed wiring isn't failing under test.
  23. Mel you have recognised that Wales already have this effectively. In liddle 'ole England it's called Selective Licencing. The local Gov't apply for a licence and go through the process of asking us our opinion. I might suggest this is socialist councils that like this. Hydburn charge circa £800 each 5 years, I'm 2 years in the period 2. Stated each property would be inspected within the first year, after 7 years no sign thankfully. My view is that T lifestyle will be ignored and notices will be served for improvements. I am also responsible where my T's are unruly and antisocial ( a
  24. 5% is v cheap, 10% is still good value. I'm guessing the £11pm is to cover annual costs but you need to understand what is included and what other costs may be applicable as they arise. For rents to need dropping by 10% sounds excessive as over 5 years most have risen significantly. But as the A sounds reasonable otherwise I would attempt to understand why. London for example seem to be seeing rent reductions at the moment but I have just raised my rents after my annual assessment of comparisons. I'm raising one property by 8.7% and the T's are still happy. So much depends on local situat
  25. Why bow out Mel? It's an intelligent discussion that may be invaluable to others. It does seem to me that comments are relevant and in the main are opinion. The problem there is in the event interpretation could well mean it progresses to a court for an ultimate decision. That often seems to be the way, that it gets passed up and the passer is relieved of the responsibility of the decision. In that scenario the defence is expensive, as the vultures enjoy the game (and revenue), the stress is life shortening. The effort becomes great as the vultures need input to progress, both sides
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