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  1. Aren't these part of the annual Gas Cert now? That being if it gets a cert then detector requirements are met.
  2. Carryon Regardless


    As far as I'm aware we must use a court appointed Bailiff, happy to learn different. Your having a locksmith onsite is personal choice. Once a Bailiff approves access (that may follow negotiation with the T) how you get in is your choice, as it's your property. But a Bailiff may not hang around as long for you to DIY as he may hang around for a T to gather their stuff.
  3. I was of the impression that you can give lodgers more rights than they would otherwise have by creating a contract but Grampa is more knowledgeable than I. If you're in the RoI the laws will likely differ though, but I'm not sure which way round you lived and commuted to.
  4. As lodgers you had no need of a contractual agreement. But as you created one it becomes likely that you will be bound by some of the terms within. To now say you did this wrongly as you didn't know any better isn't likely to work in your favour imho. W/o sight of the contract it isn't possible for us here to comment really, and tbh our legal knowledge is limited anyway. To my mind their solicitor isn't acting with expert knowledge on housing law, but he only needs to read up some. Where a deposit isn't protected and dealt with correctly the penalty is 'up to' 3 times deposit and return of deposit (so 4 times) as would be decided by a court. Consider settlement as it may be far easier and cheaper in the long run, but be sure that this is a full and final settlement. Shelter would take on their claim for free and attempt to claim legal costs from you. A Landlord friend (with far greater experience than I) challenged Shelter in court over an Agents mishandling of deposit. The final cost to him was £16K.
  5. Thanks again Grampa, now you've put that up I do have some limited recollection of it. If I remember my summary was that as and when we wish to recover a property we will be in hope that a court will allow it. The making easier and faster for the LL I didn't see, and w/o deep reading I still don't. Our S21 tool was always our release from a bad tenancy, it being no fault. It has gone during covid and I would be surprised to see its return even if they don't extend the March 31st no eviction protection in place now, but you know I have been v cynical for years. I've read of moves to increase controls of who and how we choose T's, to include benefit claimants, animals (a human right apparently), single mothers....well the direction is clear and w/o training we might well become a long term half way house for ex cons. Following the action to remove our choice of how to terminate a tenancy we then are wholly a gov't agent, local or national same / same. Has my cynicism gone too far
  6. I said years ago that the Housing Act needs replacing. With the continual tweeks and additions of every new minister and his team of school leavers it is so complicated and confusing it makes for excellent litigation material. And we know the winners there. We got used to reading of solicitors and judges mis interpreting the legislation. This would invariably cause additional hardship to the LL in assumption that he is morally wrong and so deserves what ever negative outcome is imposed. It got massively worse before covid, and covid has served to cause additional confusion for along time after the pandemic has passed due to additional tenant protective measures that are cited as applicable and will continue to be much later. Where we find ourselves with an adverse tenancy our choice will be to spend more money with far less likelihood of success to attempt to amend the situation. Or ignore realising there is little legal power we have even if we can still afford that route considering losses already incurred. Or use a big stick. Tbh I only scantily read the link, thanks Grampa. The jist is clear. Trying to stay up to date is like my pc needing updates 3 times a week, most are irrelevant to my pc and my use of it, legislation is often the same. Better spend time on it when I may need to be aware, there is naff all I can do about it anyway. I'm not aware of the 'Reform Bill', but I'm confident it will introduce more to be afraid of, and that's before Welsh Retard Assembly will want to go one better.
  7. The only way I see to be legally anonymous is for your own Ltd company to let. This can be registered at such as an accountants or solicitors. 'We' can use any name we desire as long as it isn't for fraudulent purposes. Grant Shapps has used Green historically, and he is a very suspect character, so why not. Using 'another' as a point of contact keeps you remote. But any AST needs a LL address for service. Out of hours contact for emergencies would need some consideration also, there are agents that can accommodate this. The costs would be my concern. Being sarcastic you might consider citing the Gov't as LL, as we don't run our own properties any more. 'We' are merely agents ourselves.
  8. Cooker, carpets (well floor coverings), and window blinds. The last time I let the previous had left a hoover and a wardrobe. I offered them as a gift to the new T, he was happy. "Don't want them back". In Wales such needs to be removed by a registered disposal contractor, and records kept for 2 years. I circum navigated that as well.
  9. Were there any comments on the cert?
  10. 'If' I read this right, they are scared of the possibility of contracting the virus during inspection, but more for their non tenant parents. But bringing their parents from overseas wasn't a concern. I wonder how effectively shielding the parents during the journey was going to be achieved. Whichever type of port requires human interaction. If they drove there is possibility of better shielding, but still limited. Were there no toilet breaks? Did they not consider the possibility of spreading it rather than contracting it? Low intelligence people tend to only see from their limited point of view. Tell 'em to p off, they had tenancy responsibilities before the parents arrived, they should have factored that in.
  11. I don't see how a T signed disclaimer would be valid. The responsibility for a gas inspection is set in legislation, saying "I don't want one" doesn't fit. I had the same issue with a T that refused entry for the inspection. I responded with no sympathy (poor T's anyway). I pointed out the the engineer has no reason to go upstairs, so they have choice to go there during the visit. No inspection and I would require the property back, they then complied. But I'm not sure how we repossess these days. As a minimum I would want evidence of my efforts to arrange and for the T's to refuse should there be any repercussions.
  12. Not sure about the insurance, although I'm not sure telling them anything would have advantage. I little heads up though, Some yeas ago an ex con sued his LL when released from prison after a lengthy period. The property hadn't been surrendered and the LL hadn't served notice believing it to not be the main residence. The git won, and no doubt benefitted from legal aid.
  13. Bit of an update. Rent Smart Wales referred me to the local authority as they don't control, EPC on compliance. Denbighshire responded the day following with a "I asked my manager" response. they will not enforce while Wales is in Level 4. The fine in England is £200. I haven't been overly stressed about this tbh as I'm experiencing more T's wishing to be effectively left alone. I'll consider again in the New Year (maybe even the one that starts tomorrow. Happy New Year to all. For those that didn't get as they wished for Xmas, have a care. Santa said the journey wasn't essential (I told the Grand kids he had covid).
  14. I wish you a crappy Christmass, I wish you a crappy Christmas, and a sh---y new year. But seriously, I hope everyone gets everything I deserve this year, and a tasty bird in Christmas stockings.
  15. Yes I have had one or two different experiences. I'm not so sure you reminding me of those is entering into the festive spirit tbh.
  16. Recently while looking for LL insurance I was seeing that insurers aren't honouring rent guarantees "due to legislation". I guess this means covid legislation. 'WE' can never evict, a court order is required and then an instruction to a Bailiff or Sheriff. If we want them out issuing a repossession notice is always the best way, later discussions may mean it isn't acted on, but our choice. Are the courts sitting again for repossessions? If we pay the court fees are we well aware of additional hurdles due to covid that we need overcome? We are able to expedite evictions on grounds of anti social behaviour. It can be defended, it may be that a court appearance is just a stage in the process if the claim fails 1st time, at our additional cost.
  17. I don't doubt your right Mel. But France aren't on their own by closing transport links to us. When the likes of Russia and Turkey do this it becomes a bit surprising. Are the nations leaders (40 so far) responding knee jerk style to Macron's lead?
  18. It seems a lot of our international trading partners have renewed fear of dealing with us. My thoughts are that be closing borders and the like they might buy a little time. If the UK has the new strain then other countries will have it already, even if the transmission hasn't been in the same numbers, as yet. The signs are that this is putting pressure on the infrastructure. I haven't been overly fearful of covid, but failures of infrastructure are scary.
  19. Most of mine are up for renewal. I've rung a couple of firms in N Wales and one has responded. Initially they say that EPC's aren't essential so should be deferred until this is over. They have now responded saying it's best I get some one else if I'm in a hurry. Not convinced of the deferral bit I'm awaiting clarification from Rent Smart Wales. I can see the 'not essential' bit and also go along with safety 1st. That being why increase risk where unnecessary? But legislation is out to get me (you decide for yourselves), and that says I neeeed them. Has anyone any views on liddle ole England and EPC's?
  20. Well, AXA got the business. All online, none of this "you need to call us". The information isn't ott and much auto filled. Initially the prices weren't particularly attractive as separate quotes. But when you learn their style of creating one quote for all 3 properties the price becomes more reasonable. As for the other. I believe many companies are looking at the feasibility to run much of their business as working from home. The savings on overheads of requiring less office space is easy to envisage, much like the High St disappearing in favour of online shopping. For those working from home the attraction is also obvious, it's a flexi time, flexi most things. No commute has to be personally cool, but for many the reduced social activity (as most chat more than work) will have a backlash. I can only anticipate the conversion of much more redundant commercial properties to residential lets. I've seen a strategy to squeeze out small businesses by successive Gov't''s in favour of larger organisations., so it's less likely to be the little guy taking up the spaces. I'm not sure if that strategy applies to us as there is a definite targeted attack.
  21. https://www.boilerguide.co.uk/articles/replacing-central-heating-pipes No charge.
  22. I thought Mel might clarify this one. To my mind the boiler 'will' need a 22mm supply, I think to within 1 metre of the boiler and possible to inspect. Call the gas engineer you intend to use for inspection and ask him. You might find a 'pre' inspection has value if other things are amiss.
  23. I wouldn't know the regulations. It won't be law. Often regs are retrospective, so a property is feasibly up to standard if things are up to the standard of the date of install. I would be tempted to ring the local building control and ask 'em.
  24. Simply Business continue to pester, my low level of patience doesn't help much when it's another bl00dy call. I went through the online process for Direct Line. Personal info and 3 properties entered.. They are unable to quote "please call this number". Another part of my life gone for nowt. I try ringing the number , press this, press that. Listen to disclaimers, their rent guarantee insurance can't be claimed on because... And then they are too busy. "You may have to wait for a longer period than normal". For new business that's unusual, but tbh I thought they would have called me, instead of the Simple Gits. What was that computer called in Hitch Hiker Guide, I know how it feels, but it can't it's a computer. Still Christmas to look forward to, in 2021.
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