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  1. Grampa perhaps you can clarify, the term contractual periodic is new to me. My AST's state clearly when a fixed term defaults to statutory periodic, as it's stated within the contractual agreement is this the same as defaulting to contractual periodic? I have had similar issues with the Denbighshire council over council tax liabilities. A lot seems to come down to the discretion of the particular council. When a T absconds the council tax liability reverts to me, that is from the day the T has registered at a new property. As RL, if there is a charge it is then for me to recover that
  2. It's civil law, so not really breaking 'the law'. The Gov't and local councils have been using us to compensate their lack of social support for a long time. We still have the right to claim for our losses againt a T though. If they stay they pay, the trick is having a g'tor or such to be able to claim from.
  3. If he's wound his neck in I think you've made the right decision. Voids / T changes usually mean losses and the admin these days is a head ache. Tbh my T's don't get the service you provided him, and I don't intend to try to. There can be advantage to leaving a silly T to stew, they usually realise there power is to relocate but that isn't so easy for them and they realise when they've cooled some.
  4. No one is obliged to give a reference. If the present LA is declining to give a reference it could be for a few reasons. They may have decided that they could only provide a negative but honest reference, this could lead to conflict with their T, even litigation in the extreme. They may require a fee for the service and have not been paid. They may just have a policy of not providing them as there is no advantage to them. As an alternative 'you' could call them to see if they will give a verbal appraisal. You might ask the potential T for a rental statement, then visit thei
  5. Can anyone explain the logic of it anyway? I can't see what HMRC gain from this, if were to be only reporting. Being able to collect our profits quarterly would have a cash flow advantage for them. BTW RL, you promote the advantage of items being tax deductible, but that still means many, if not the majority, are still paying for 80% of the expence.
  6. To confirm, as I attempt to do within my AST. http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/content/tenants-notice-quit Notice (by T)- Periodic Tenancy " once the tenancy becomes a statutory periodic tenancy (SPT), are one month in length. " " The Tenant’s notice must be in writing, though there is no prescribed form this must take, it must be for a minimum of one complete tenancy period," I would say that is arguable that a text is acceptable as "in writing", printing off and filing is an issue, and a T producing his mobile in court would hopefully be frowned on. Other than that the
  7. You're thinking of the revision of Oct 2015 that allows 'us' to serve 2 months, and the end of tenancy period no longer required. Not sure if this applies to tenancies started after that date, but don't recall this concession ever applied to T's. To have multiple tenancies all with various start dates and it follows various payment dates means tracking each tenancy at various dates to see if rent has been paid. Now to standarise dates, that offers no disadvantage to either party makes sense. I only need check online once per month, in theory, to check they have 'all' paid. Reduces confusi
  8. I'm inviting opinions, clarified if possible. My contract clarifies that, regardless of tenancy start dates, that following 6 months + however many days to enter into a periodic tenancy 'each tenancy period is a calendar month'. That is, during a SPT a tenancy period commences on the 1st of any month and ends on the last day of that month. The AST details that payment of rents are for these clarified periods. Under legislation that's the important bit as a tenancy period is stated to be the period that rent is paid for, so this is agreed by all when signing the AST. My recent ex
  9. Works that are replacement or repairs aren't notifiable works, additional installations are. Kitchens and especially bathrooms get extra consideration. The only time non inspection becomes an issue is if there is an incident and the HSE are called in, or come sale time when the surveyor or solicitor might ask for certificates for recent works. The general and easy route is to use an NIC registered sparky. He can, obviously, do the work, but as local councils need a registered sparky to comply with their requirements, he can deal with them also. There are 3 organisations that should c
  10. Any Ltd Co mortgage is likely to be covered by a personal assurance (underwritten effectively). The original directors would then be at risk of the new company owners / directors abusing the situation causing the originals to still be responsible for the payment of the debt.
  11. Nah, a £150K pa person wanting to rent my flats, only if he wants to run it as a brothel. I don't approve of people putting holes in any of my properties
  12. Floor covering, blinds and cooker is all I provide. Any other items that were left by previous are given to the new T's, if they want them. Years ago my first let was furnished but "I have my own" this and that made all lettings more complicated. The only potential T's that had nowt I wouldn't want anyway.
  13. A thought, if you declare yourself as self employed, and charge the property for your efforts, as say administrator, agent, or such, you reduce the shared net profits and end up with personal profits to be taxed on. Any issues with that theory?
  14. That's interesting information Duck. Firstly if I were to use an agent for my properties 80 miles away in N. Wales I would need to attend the agents office prior to attending my properties. In other words a very small part of the overall journey would be tax deductible. It effectively removes any incentive for me to use and agent. Then if I go to N. Wales for property business, but continue to my boat (moored in Anglesey for obvious reasons) for leisure purposes again the whole journey wouldn't be deductible. What the tax man don't know don't hurt him as far as I'm concerned, and to
  15. When providing promotional material to contractors/ clients the promotional material should carry company identification/ logo. Perhaps mugs and biscuit packets would be considered to be compliant if carrying the words "Compliments of the Scum Landlord", I can't imagine any MP arguing with that.
  16. You must decide which method of tax allowance you will claim for a vehicle at the offset, and stick with that method during the usage of that vehicle. The business mileage log is 45ppm for the first 10,000 miles and then 25ppm there after.
  17. Hopefully things haven't changed for my style. I continue to claim for business mileage. As I intentionally don't drive high value cars it gives advantage, and no consideration for capital write down or other motoring expenses.
  18. Thanks, Grampa, I'll look into that company. One issue with the RTM route is that there is 1 other owner, abusive, and wouldn't pay his share. He is a major management problem but the overall advantage could still be worth it. Notices were served on me, but as 1 flat is owned by my limited company no notices were served on it. Compton / Tapestart have been requested to serve these but no response. My limited company will defend CC action on the basis that they have not been served and aren't due to pay until this requirement has been met. Of course the money will need paying eventual
  19. Comptons are on the offensive again. 3 CC claims for my 4 flats, for charges that I will defend as should be offset by my costs of defending the 1st lot of claims that they dropped. They are also citing, again, that some charges are applicable in advance. The lease, as clearly as these things are, states that all charges are in arrear. They have cited HA2002. I intend to state all charges are due in arrear, but just in case I've missed anything, is anyone aware of any case history or legislation I'm unaware of that would enable the freeholder to charge in advance in contradiction to
  20. I can't dig out the regulation right now. What is relevant is the period the rent is contracted to be paid for. Start dates and payment dates may well become irrelevant due to that. The main problem is judges are confused, as are many, by the ever changing and misquoted legislation, so if an appearance is required it makes sense to be able to quote the actual legislation being relied on. As Grampa, using a 'savings clause' should allow for a judge to decide on the date he / she believes to be applicable. I would be worth high lighting its presence in the court claim. What I hav
  21. Aye, I liked her style yesterday. I see her stance though as a starting point for negotiations. If the EU continue to be so arrogant I hope she holds her nerve.
  22. Aye, I heard the comment of a cynicist that we might become like the Cayman Islands or Singapore. That'l save on flights. Sounds good to me.
  23. Not quite true RL, Buy a Honda and likely as not it needs only fuel and service, buy a Hyundia and you might well be replacing the turbo each year. As for Germans, I have driven Mercs for years for the better engineering but they are so complicated there is more to go wrong. And their recent engines don't fill me with confidence (especially the Renault engines I've heard will be going in some MB's). I'm with Mel in that you get what you pay for, hopefully.
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