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  1. .....and let's not forget that each t that cries foul, or one of the many do gooder organisations crying at how bad things are for them, all have the same tools at their disposal for gaining satisfaction. these poor souls don't need extra legislation, there's more than enough already.
  2. It will be v nice to see the back of Wishy Washy (Osborne). But anyway the futures bright, the future's May.
  3. I agree he is getting involved where he need not. It makes me wonder what his aspirations are, or is this just an American (I know he's north of there but there is an influence) style of just speaking cos they like there own loud voice. But, this industry has been the target of so many do gooder initiatives, again not needed more often than not. Still we are considered the grubby grabbers who dereserve bad things and strict controls. It has become totally disproportionate. For some one to perhaps introduce a reversal of that trend would be oh so lovely. "Leave me alone you wannabe di
  4. What do you mean shut up? This should have been recognised long ago. The continual attack on this industry has been over the top. Idiots with a new MP title with a left wing attitude wishing to make name for themselves. the industry has evolved from the days of one abuser using grenades to scare out secure tenants to increase his equity. I would very much like to see an increased respect for us as business peoples. Not hero's, not supporters of the needy just persons getting on with running a business in nope to pay for our lives. Carney should have shut up before the referendu
  5. Glad to assist. Every little helps as the wife says to me. She should know as she does the shopping.
  6. Actually a little more on notices to last known address. This address is usually, in the case of absconded T's, our property. We would know it isn't actual as they've gone. For repossession notices it has little advantage. They have gone with debts to us, usually. You serve a notice, wait for expiry, progress to court (add another £280) and gain an order from a Judge. We have a greater loss by now. We believe we have rightful possession. But if a T later claims you hadn't the right to claim repossession you may be facing a claim anyway. The responsibility of rightful repossessio
  7. Gaining a CCJ 'aint the difficult bit, getting the dosh is. 1st I need to know where they are hiding, oops, living. I have a CCJ on 1, another I believe would gain a result when He learns I have found him and will pursue, yesterday I discovered a T had gone poof! The G'tor sold her house a short while back I discover this morning. So I find the G'tor, as the T won't become visible to a search for a while yet. I make moves on the G'tor and hopefully the T will reappear as if by magic.
  8. Chaps and Chapesses, Who do you consider to be the best recommendation for a service to trace those that have disappeared from sight? Ex T's and now a G'tor.
  9. You might also consider the local competition. My N Wales flats are all electric, and this is common for the area. 1st choice would be for GCH but if you aren't offering worse than many others locally is it that much of an advantage? Can't you judge its desirability from viewers, or even T's comments? As RL recovering the additional cost will take some doing. Another thought is to save the effort and become more competative by offering at a lower rent, as a sort of compensation. A cost analysis of how long it would take to pay for the GCH at the rent difference sounds reasonable
  10. Post to the correct address. One hand delivered through the letter box. A witness would be useful, to contents also isn't silly. One by record of dispatch, no signature required. I only use 'signed' for' for physiological effect, to show I'm sincere. Allow 3 clear days for delivery when initiiating countdown to expiry.
  11. A g'tor can't resign, unless there is some clause in the deed. Where is the point in taking a g'tor that can just opt out some time later. Not having revenue is their concern, you can't realistically be expected to understand their changing situations in life. My comment was that if the g'tor doesn't trust the T then you certainly have increased risk. A g'tor will usually have better understanding of a T. Now if there is now g'tor where is your protection against loss of rents ++, and more than that in my experience who do you contact if / when the T absconds?
  12. Time to repossess when a g'tor wants out. I don't release g'tors until a suitable replacement is found. That would involve expense for the T and consider by the time you've carried out check out / check in you may as well start a new tenancy.
  13. Why do you feel a retired guarantor to be unsuitable. Is the guarantor a home owner and financially secure. I would consider approaching the guarantor for further assurance that they are happy to continue as such, if they still fit the bill for carrying the responsibility in the event. As for the neighbour and dog, the T is now aware of the concerns and whatever was she now seems to have rectified 'whatever'. A non issue to my mind. Any inconsiderate T's bug me and I invite neighbours to inform me of issues. If nowt else it can be an early warning of problems coming my way. But
  14. I have trouble getting the rent from some tenants, trying to get extra dosh for services isn't desirable. This would mean I would become responsible for the payment of services used and over used by the tenant, no thanks.
  15. I've found more women have a self respect to tidy, but not all. The younger attractive woman is a greater risk than the man. They will attract the admirers, the wannabees. Here we see one that exercises his frustrations on the one thing he associates with her. I've seen others that will want to show their ability to protect the lady, against me. Even when not required. And of course these guys can all decorate.
  16. I wouldn't concern yourself with the affect on the T. Her life style suggests these situations are part of her 'East Enders' attitude to life. There will be more dramatic situations. A protective 'suitor' will sort this, or another, situation. Stay well clear of involvement with her this is a no win situation/s for you, consider your business advantage only.
  17. I imagine Mortgage Express, amongst others, were waiting for the outcome wishing to follow suit. I reckon this has saved me a few quids. But we could offset the extra against tax (for a little while yet) but so can they with their reduced profit so I'll not feel guilty.
  18. Re the Plod. I've found them to vary in interest in different areas. Prestatyn I was asked to evict my t by them to reduce the demand on their resources, I proceeded. Later the T ripped the arial wire full height from the building as he departed. 2 witnesses saw him and also walk away with it. So Criminal damage and theft. When asked by Plod he said it was an accident so end of. Next time they want my assistance they can want.
  19. Well Mortitia feel this one is a judgement call. It sounds like a disgruntled ex or wannabe of the lass but has she invited this? Is it likely to re occur? Should it be your problem anyway. Generally in these situations I leave investigations to the plod, realising they have little interest. I prioritise my investment but consider the revenue.Every new tenancy comes with losses.
  20. If you take a guarantor and check then out it doesn't matter if the T rides off into the sunset.
  21. The last time a T objected to my taking the deposit I took the DPS downloaded form to a solicitor to witness my declaration and stamp it. That only costs £5. Had the T done the same then I believe it would go to through the DPS hearing procedure. The T, as most, was too lazy and let it go. With the renal statement there should be no defence anyway. Has yours gone beyond this situation? It was a while ago so my memory may be faulty or the procedure changed.
  22. True Grampa. Many times in the past T's have communicated well that they intend to move on. It's not uncommon for them to request some flexibility on their move out date and for the good 'uns I've no issue and charge for each day. I don't aim for a no loss turn around anyway and usually expect a little TLC will be needed between T's. My patience has run out for the abusers who continually get away with their abuses. Where they enjoy trying to work one on me I look for the legislated response to balance some. After all where they don't understand, not that I am responsible for their educa
  23. A T serves notice to leave but stays beyond the given date. From that date we are able to charge double rent. http://www.landlordzone.co.uk/content/ending-assured-shorthold-tenancy Scroll down to 'Double Rent'. I see this has been abolished for commercial rents, and maybe my link is out of date?? I'm happy with the result the threat got me anyway.
  24. Oh, thanks Grampa the distress of rents is a little gem you gifted to us all some time ago. I owe you a Guinness or 2
  25. A T departed recently at the end of the 1st six months. During her tenancy she had served notice twice, but I had informed her that I was holding her responsible for rents for the fixed term. On the last day of the fixed term she rang to ask what to do with the keys. I 'suggested' that she 'may' prefer to post and by registered post for her proof of delivery. The following day the P.O. attempted delivery, no one to sign they went to the sorting office, but no matter. This had set up a SPT so I am due another months rent. I wouldn't have chased this but for, a call for me to sort
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