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  1. I found the same Grampa, until I spoke to the more knowledgeable young 'uns. RL, when the Turks arrive they will expect us to install squat toilets for them as the present baby bath is beyond their comprehension. And surely for most they should refuse to do business with someone, us, that is so willing to pay interest on our loans. I remember a Polish lass when the tenancy had gone sour accusing me of being racist, as I hadn't provided the AST in Polish. I only lost £1,200 on that one, fortunate really.
  2. Yes RL, mainly due to your comments regarding this, I now include a 'Report of Faults' sheet in my new style tenancy packs. Whenever I go for a repossession I expect Shelter to come to their rescue.
  3. Mr Jones was a T as he paid rent (well had it paid on his behalf), and it was accepted by the LL. As minimum he was a party to an AST agreement. This wasn't a sub let as Mr Jones had full rights as T. He has left and we assume no surrender was provided. There is a risk of him popping his head up but that sounds like very minimal. To clarify Jones status I would be tempted to demonstrate his living status now. I wouldn't want his situation clouding a repossesion. With Smith I would favour providing a new 6 month AST. He becomes sole T and in 6 months Jones now looks like nothing other
  4. I believe the Scots have recognized that the drop in their oil tax revenue would seriously affect any independent future. There is an increased likelihood that the SDP would lose credibility and much of the strength they now have by another independence referendum. As for the UK, without a decent leadership to steer us I believe in or out any difference will be insignificant. If out big business will apply pressure to their own Govt's maintain the status quo of present trading. We will still adhere to the dictatorship of Brussels as we, our Gov't would be afraid not to be compliant.
  5. Most here know I am super cynical about how the legislation controlling us has evolved. The ambiguities over the years should be embarrassing to our bleaders. The way I see the new S21 situation is that we are better to serve the notice when we really do want to use it for hoofing, rather than keeping one on file just in case as many did. As with the S8 now though we have to be ready for Shelter to defend with the disrepair trick. I expect Judges can apply discretion as to believing that we have had faults reported. "Adjourn for reports" became popular with S8's I've read, can we expect t
  6. So if the visa is valid at the time they take the property is that enough? As visa's have a specified duration are we responsible for evicting before their visa runs out?
  7. Well that's a Police matter and they rarely pursue these things. Serve your S21 the tenancy looks like it's problematic.
  8. This is an ongoing problem the changes to the industry are so frequent it's so easy to miss something. For anyone to misunderstand or misinterpret is very understandable as it may well be the case for this gas engineer. So when Cameron reiterated the complaint of the EU being too bureaucratic you might think it reasonable to try to reduce the red tape closer to home some.
  9. It's gas inspection time for my properties. Wales was done last week and all requirements were as previous. Yesterday I met the engineer at my 1 Manchester property. He says that this year it will be a requirement for us to provide co2 detectors even for properties with gas fires and gas boilers, not just solid fuel burners. I can't see anything to support this statement, any thoughts? While not included in the welsh certificates the Manchester certificate now carries tick boxes for; Approved co2 alarms Fitted, Are co2 Alarms in Date, Testing of co2 Alarms Satisfactory, Smoke Alarms
  10. Yes agreed. I was also thinking along the lines that both T and g'tor are unlikely to be from the cuckoo's nest so at least there is one person who can be shown to have responsibility.
  11. Do you think that shows further advantage of the g'tor Grampa? I had a T in 2009 that 3 days after signing rang to say the voice in his head told him he couldn't live in the flat. As a paranoid schizophrenic he said I wouldn't want him as a T. As the T or g'tor hadn't made me aware before hand I told them the tenancy was for 6 months unless they wished to negotiate a closure. Actually last week he rang again for a flat I'm advertising, I told him to go and talk to his head.
  12. So far you can only serve the repossession notice. S8 is faster but more complicated. By the time the S21 has expired this situation will likely have reached its own conclusion. I would wait a few days and serve as S21 if you still have concerns.
  13. I am unlikely to be approached by the more professional international applicants. More likely they are here for the lower status employment, at best. This means they are less reliable as long term t's, very unlikely to present a local g'tor. Any credit checks are pointless. Gone tomorrow and so is the owed rents. I stay away, even if European.
  14. It would be nice to see many more MP's becoming LL's. We might suffer less abuse from the do gooder lot then.
  15. As we are continually tasked to increase our administration involvement, my view is to minimise my activities here generally to what I 'MUST' do. We aren't required by legislation to carry out a Legionaires survey. We are legislated by H&S to provide a safe environment for our t's. Actually that sort of legislation applies to anyone, as in we shouldn't be neglectful of others safety. So I've done my survey's but don't intend to record them in any fashion. The chance of any t coming down with legionaries is so minimal the efforts to control this are massively disproportionate. I d
  16. The main reason for the check in / check out is for demonstration to the DPS, I realise it could have 'some' purpose in the CC also. Now fighting a case with the DPS for a few hundred quids deposit just 'aint worth the effort. A T simply says I don't agree with the LL and now the LL goes through hoops to demonstrate the losses. Even when demonstrated the DPS have sympathy with the T, as does the CC generally. An example is that a carpet is written off after 4 years, how many home 'owners' would replace their carpets each 4 years, if mine don't last 15 years I'm disappointed. So we pa
  17. Mortitia I think you must have missed a few episodes of this lack of soap opera. Cromptons have taken me to County Court 4 times, well 3 times me and 1 times my Ltd Co for the 5 flats I have in the "dreaded block". This being for ground rents and insurance not yet due. A bit more complicated but that's the essence. Last week they sent me information to say the claims were dropped, but this week the Court sent me information to say the cases were to be programmed at my local CC, either way I don't really mind. Flat 6 is owner occupied by Mr Angry, even though the mortgage is with Mort
  18. I think you would be surprised Mel. When the area only gives a choice of low value potentials it follows that eventually I must lower my expectations. Having experienced long voids from being choosy, that is not wanting the perceived "where's my rent this month" "naff off or I'll belt yer" scenario there is a point where the lost rents would pay for the anticipated renovations. And let's not forget the 150% council tax , elec and gas bills we all prefer to avoid. Then if the void is prolonged the insurance will lapse. The g'tor is my favoured protection from financial abuse, for £3 I
  19. I'll be setting up my 1st new tenancy for a while, and I'm aware that there new requirements for us, as LLs, to comply with but I'm not sure I have them all covered. Legislated EPC (if requested by T), gas cert, carbon monoxide detector (for rooms where solid fuel is used), 6 month AST c/w contact details for service (we don't have to provide to but silly not to), protect deposit (I no longer take deposits), prescribed information (if you take and protect deposit), report of faults sheet, c/w contact details, manuals to all LL supplied equipment (ho
  20. In theory theft and criminal damage by T's is actionable. Proof is the first hurdle, getting the Police to take interest is another. I reported a departed T who was witnessed by 2 other T's ripping out the co-ax from ground to antenna and off he went with it. There was other damage, abuse blah de blah. He told the Police it was an accident, end of.
  21. If we're going back over all threads since 2006 we'll be here for a while, or maybe just you be Liz - enjoy.
  22. If posted allow 3 clear days 'for service'. Your method of posting can be important also. You've to consider that them Judges are looking for any reason to give the T's the benefit.
  23. I would 'suggest' that your daughter's LL would have the responsibility. I've not heard of a (part) T being held accountable.
  24. .... and today I received notices that all claims have been cancelled. Shall I now invoice Comptons for my efforts to defend?
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