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  1. Here are the questions taken direct from the ICO website: 1. Do you use CCTV for the purposes of crime prevention? · Yes · No 2. Are you processing personal information? ‘Processing’ means doing any of the following with the information: · obtaining it; · recording it; · storing it; · updating it; and · sharing it. ‘Personal info
  2. Lol thats strange! Question 4 lists activities that are not exempt, and that includes Property Management and information obtained from a credit reference agency. If I have time later I will try to run through it again. Maz
  3. Oh dear I wish I had checked here first. Having said that, the following question is applicable if you interview tenants and manage your own properties: 7. Are you processing information for any of the following purposes? Property management - including the selling and/ or letting of property Personal information processed by or obtained from a credit reference agency Maz
  4. Hello If you have an agent that advertises, lets and manages perhaps you don't need to register, but my understanding is that even if you only rent one property and you hold information on that one tenant you have to register. There is a self assessment test on the ICO website to see whether you need to register: https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/register/ part way down the page. Let me know how you get on. Maz
  5. I didn't realise until 2 days ago that the new GDPR legislation affected me, other than I would need to register with ICO. I was shocked to discover the amount of paper work involved and as time is short to register I decided to look online for any documents. Well, one landlord association is charging £95 (or £99 I forget) + vat, and another is charging £75 + vat, then I found a website charging £35 + vat...initially I thought it was £35 per set of Landlord documents however reading on I saw that it is actually £35 + vat for ALL property related documents, and there are lots. The GD
  6. Thank you both for the detailed responses, they are a huge help. The remaining tenant has been fantastic (how many tenants can we say that about?) so we are not looking to give him notice to leave. Great, I'll start the ball rolling with the paperwork. Maz
  7. Hello We had a couple renting a property from us that had moved onto a periodic tenancy. The male paid the tenancy deposit and was also responsible for the rent and all utilities (the female was a stay at home Mum). We have been informed by the male that the female has left the property and will not be returning but he wants to remain in the property. He has asked for a new tenancy agreement in his sole name. 1. Do we need to issue a new agreement? i. If so, does it have to be an AST or can it be periodic? ii. If we do have to issue a new one, do we have to not
  8. Thank you both for the replies. Unfortunately we had nothing in our tenancy agreement about Tenants possessions, so I have amended our template so that any future tenancies are covered. I have sent this tenant a text message to say that we will store possessions for 28 days, though she hasn't replied, and I do not have a forwarding address for her. We have attached a notice to the front door advising that the locks have been changed and to contact us for collection of furniture. I will photocopy the bailiffs notice now and we will stick that on the door too. Many thanks Maz
  9. Well, the bailiff met my hubby at the property and used the keys to open the front door. The tenant was nowhere to be seen but ALL of her belongings are there, and we're talking everything: clothes, photographs, paperwork, furniture etc. How long are we expected to store her things? The bailiff told my hubby to 'chuck it out' but I'm not sure we can do that. We do not have anything in our tenancy agreements to cover this, as we have never encountered it before. Thank you in advance Maz
  10. Thank you. I have done as you recommend - given her date & time, no other dialogue. Maz
  11. Well, the judge didn't request a hearing and notified us that the tenant should be out on 31st January. On that date we went to the property and lo and behold the tenant was still there, refusing to leave and saying that she hadn't received anything from the court. We walked away before the situation became heated and I contacted the bailiffs office (rather than the HCE) and the bailiff is meeting us at the property on the 13th of this month. The tenant has contacted us saying that she needs more time to find somewhere else, and can't face losing her belongings for sentimental reasons
  12. Report Mortitia Thank you very much for the additional advice. I will be sure to post any updates. Maz
  13. UPDATE The documents submitted to the court were all in order and we have waited the 14 days to see if the tenant would dispute, which she hasn't (actually waited for longer to factor in the holidays over Christmas). We are about to send the request for a possession order back to the court, is it at this stage that we include a letter to the judge asking if it can be transferred to the HCE, or do we have to wait for the possession order to come back to us from the judge first? Any help as always much appreciated. Thank you Maz
  14. The tenancy started on 8th December 2012 and was on a 6 month AST, after which it became a periodic tenancy. No deposit was taken (not sure what you mean by PI) Section 21A was issued on 25th September 2014 to end after the 7th December One copy sent by Royal Mail 'first class signed for' to prison where tenant was one copy delivered by hand to the property and signed for by tenants brother I have just prepared all of the paperwork to take to the court tomorrow, so any advice will still be appreciated. Maz
  15. Hello The date I was referring to is the date of the 2 months notice that we gave her. I need to apply online for the possession order but I am nervous of getting it wrong. I contacted the bailiffs office yesterday to see what their waiting times are, and they replied with several documents to read through, one of which is an example letter that shows the waiting time for bailiffs as 6 to 8 weeks. I issued her with a section 21A giving two months notice and in a covering letter stated reasons why I was giving her notice. I only found out afterwards that I didn't need to give
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