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  1. More or less I have told whole story. The two guys signed contract and then brought girlfriends here. I was told I need a license. So I applied. The council told my bank I applied for a HMO the bank told me I will be in breach of the mortgage conditions and will affect future lending decisions as my mortgage is BTL not HMO type. That is all story.
  2. I signed contract with two guys and later they bring their girlfriends in. Now I can tell the bank that I don't intend to do HMO and change the tenants. But how about the council. I can tell them to cancel the application. But if they ask why? How to answer them. Will they come to check?
  3. The local council says max 4, as they share kitchen and toilet so I need additional license.
  4. My application falls into additional HMO category as there are more than 3 people and they are not family.
  5. The two young couple has just moved in for a month what to do about that? (6 months contract) Do I need to give council a reason to cancel the application? Will they come to check the property?
  6. Mine is small three bedroom ground floor flat. It is not my intention to do HMO business. But complying with the law seems put me into dilemma. Again BTL means I only can let to a family? Thanks a lot.
  7. I agree with you. But I can let it to family only. Another thing does buy to let mean I have to let it to a family?
  8. Thank you. I like your answer. As the HMO application is still in processing (consultant ion period) can I withdraw or cancel it? Because I don't intend to pay more interest.
  9. Thank you. And the mortgage provider said that I will be in breach of mortgage conditions and may affect future landing decisions and amendments. Am I in big trouble now? I will lose my property? I am so worried.
  10. I got letter from my mortgage provider saying the Council which I apply for license informed them that I apply for HMO and tell me I am breaching original conditions (buy to let) please tell me how to do?
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