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  1. That's a lot of dosh. When does it rise to 150%? Councils have choice of discounts and periods nowadays, they vary considerably. Is that a Labour council by any chance?
  2. I wouldn't hazard a guess at Scottish law. A few years ago a Welsh tenant contacted me with a nest problem. Since wasps can get in small holes it's easy for them to set up a nest in voids. On the principle that the nuisance wasn't there at the start of a tenancy veiwed that I had no liability, and certaily wouldn'r cobsider I would have liability or interest to satisfy an obnoxious neighbour who should go through my tenant anyway. The Welsh nest was late in the season and my research suggested that the grow through the season and upsetting the nest late on could cause them the become
  3. Each of us will have our own result from the appraisal of the effects of this. Mine is somewhat of a risk assessment. Many of my properties are in the higher risk sector where T's have very limited resources of income, some dependant on social welfare. This brings additional, to some, risk of T's (and G'tors) failing to meet financial needs, and some times look for ways to blame me. I am heavily mortgaged, an intentional strategy back in 07 / 08 when I saw lean times ahead so created a cushion in anticipation of a return to more bouyant times within 6 years. That still hasn't oc
  4. Rents will have no choice but to follow the laws of economics. Maybe the big boys of the industry can manipulate rents some but the rest will just have to follow. Supply and demand is the obvious law, there is demand and it seems supply is still retrictred somewhat. The exodus of eu types due to Brexit will have had 'some' effect to reduce the demand. So competition is what I would expect most of us to follow. I look at comparable rents once a year in February to determine my increases if any. Generally my increases have been circa 2% and in my limited expereince I haven't seen abnor
  5. TBH I lost faith in the industry when the deposit protection came in. There is always some reason or other used to justify additional loading on the property landlord but the truth is the Gov't can't manage the housing needs and so pass the responsibility on to us in legislative forms. It is indirect taxation and more as it costs us extra and causes more effort with crazy threats of penalties for non compliance. The deposit protection is a very good example. It's said some LL's abused deposits but the courts are there to address these claims by T's. The holding system (I realise ther
  6. This is seriously making me consider how to plan my future. I do not trust the courts to make a balanced decision if and when I feel the need to get rid of a painful tenant. Already before I go through any eviction process I have suffered losses and stress, this means a person with no understanding of the situation with a direction from above to protect tenancy security will decide the fate of my business. The costs even if awarded against a tenant or guarantor, and I see that as a remote chance at best, won't be received, so it represents a further loss in an already lost situation
  7. It has nothing to do with the Police. They often make statements that aren't correct and set up confrontational situations. There are Local Authority Housing Officers for this sort of thing, should there be a need.
  8. But of course, we are immoral capitalists. This is about as close to nationalising us as they can get. Er, I might be a bit premature there.
  9. A thought around increasing the rent for animals, I can see over the long term you can offset the greater risk / expence, but if a tenancy is shortish, just a few months the carpets will be shot and the cost not covered. I have considered that T's with animals might be asked to buy the carpets from me, or for me if they're going down for a new tenancy.
  10. I did some research and calculations some years ago. While the financial aspect may have evolved some, but I doubt it, the demographic won't have. I concluded that the area must be within the catchment zone, obvious I know. But close to the study venue is less important than easy access to night life. Students are traditionally skint, so taking payments from the G'tor can have advantages, how they all sort that isn't your issue. Expect a repaint each season, and possibly new mattresses and some furniture. Local Uni's will detail the minimum requirements of 'your' property t
  11. I hope you enjoyed Spain, prior to us lepers being turned away at any new eu border, or asked to pay the massive amount of 7 something or other to enter. As I wouldn't consider that there is a responsibility for others to resolve any queey raised there is no apology necessary. A thank you is appropriate from me and hopefully is suitably conveyed. Now back to practicing me Inglish learnin' The rain in Spain is nowt like the snow up 'ere in Buxton.
  12. I'm considering remortgaging one property to fund the purchase of the 1 flat I don't yet own in the infamous block of 6. Really having overall control will represent increased profits from not losing T's due the the present owners ongoing anti social antics. I realise there is the increased stamp duty on buyng a BTL, but another LL friend believes there is also stamp duty charged on the remortgage, that property will not be chaging hands. Is he confused?
  13. I'm surprised your rents are so low. In Prestatyn, 1 bed flats of approx £50k value fetch me £425 pcm, and I'm about to assess for this years increase. The year up to March 18 was an actual revenue of £25,551 for the 5. It's hard to image Notts is any less attractive. I'm not suggesting your not on the ball with your rents but have you considerd requesting one of the larger agencies to value as if they managed? Some years ago i did with genuine interest, didn't use their services and I just pitched a little lower. It could change your view of the sale value.
  14. I'm finding this a bit ambiguous. As I read this the new 'move' applies to a deposit paid 'up front' to secure a property, a holding deposit. This being an amount to reserve the property pending checks and the signing of the AST, where the deposit for the tenancy would more often then be due. Or is this in relation to what we generally refer to as 'the deposit' that must be protected? As I wasn't aware of a 6 week rule regarding that I would be surprised. If I am right this 'move' is pointless as any 'holding deposit' would be converted into 'the deposit' or initial rent at sign
  15. My view, if you withhold any amount of the deposit you still hold a deposit. If you are able to reach a demonstrable agreement over the amount you are due so that the deposit is 'cashed in' and you proportion the amounts each will get from it, then maybe you might be able to show that the deposit has been returned. Where is the deposit held? If with the DPS then as I remember this is done at the closing down of that deposit, I can't comment on the other schemes.
  16. Boiler Replacement Read the response from Melboy in the above linked thread and see how that fits in with your boiler instal and gas inspection dates. If there are other gas equipment in the property they would need to be covered by a certifiacte anyway.
  17. To my mind this would depend on how long ago the notice was served, I would also interogate the notice and service of to be sure that all other procedures were correctly followed. If there is urgency to repossess the property, and the notice has already run up most of the 2 month expiry period and a reasonably minded person should be capable of understanding the notice intent then you should be alright. In areas where I rent I feel sure Shelter would pick up on this and attempt to use it to advantage, the judgement call is if I would feel confident enough to argue the point in front
  18. A good deed of guarantee ties the Guarantor for the period of tenancy, cue Grampa.... T'other advantage of a Guarantor who may be at risk is that an absconded tenant generally reappears when the Guarantor is made aware. I've even had tenants become more amenabl when reminded of the Guarantor's responsibility. One Guarantor even gave my then tenant a black eye for doing that to him.
  19. You need a quality guarantor as even doing more research may not show you the true history. A distant guarantor is far more awkward to sign up than one that can pop over to meet you on sign up day. I've tried signing up a guarantor some 200 miles away by using a local solicitor to witness at their expence, after a lot of faff it failed. The problem with a relocation, possible experiment, like this is that it has it's own risks. Is she running from something that might follow her, like a violent ex? 2 risks from single female T's. 1st, if they are attractive we males might not see the
  20. To my mind these things are a judgement call. More often basing the call on your experience of the person is the basis of the decision. From a business point we don't want to be too swift to hoof a T that may well come right, but then don't want to be slow and suffer greater losses than might be be acting faster. I don't follow the route of guarantee insurance but do generally have a guarantor. that can help me be more relaxed some times if a feel confindent they could satisfy any claim. Considering T's can call on Shelter, CAB and Housing Enforcement I wouldn't be too judgement
  21. Good strong boots, for the wife to wear.
  22. I attended early on but had other things to do so didn't monitor through the day. I spoke to the instalation tech to be sure he understood my slight redesign, in that the boiler was being turned 90 degrees and will fit inside a 600mm wall cupboard next yesr when the new kitchen is programmed for. The extra 100mm being a little easier for future servicing. He spoke of a flush and was telling me it should get one each 12 months, I'm not so sure about that bit as he was fitting the crap collector (he showed me). This is fitted high and will be disguised behind a panel above the new unit
  23. At Friday's instal the controls hadn't been updated, there is to be a compliant wireless control to be fitted Wednesday by a Part P sparky. I'm attending again Wednesday to go over the job with the engineer and pay for the job if all is good. Not unreasonably the engineer has been pushing for his cash, from my side I wanted to be sure that the job was up to required spec prior to payment. Being trusting I've recently been stung by paying first and then trying to resolve an issue later when the there;s no longer the incentive by them. The gas cert was carried out in May. If ther
  24. A new boiler has been fitted in one of my properties. Fitted by a Gas Safe engineer, well one of his contractors. The price was to include everything but as there was some urgency to get heating and water restored for the T's I didn't clarify what is 'everyhting'. It was stated that this included electrics though. As much as he was aware that it was a rental property it could be argued that updating the gas certificate is an extra, but to my mind a reasonable expectation by me. I'm aware that the controls are now legislated to provide for more efficiency, and it follows tha
  25. 1. Fact and not overly difficult to prove. If a person is willing enough to raise this with the LL it is reasonable to assume that the authorities would be next. 2. As you rightly point out this is an individuals opinion. 3. Rfer to 4. 4. The LL, not me in this case for a change, wouldn't be complicit. 5. No 6. Surpringly with my experience of HB I hadn't considered that possibility. However with my understanding unlikely. 7. Only be frequent visitors and possible inconvenience of parking, so not really. 8. Most would consider nothing to that one. But s
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