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  1. Thanks for the wishes. Angelesey being easy to get to would depend on your route, but the most obvius is off the M6 and then M56 / A55, it's still 2 hours(ish) from the M6, and the timing of the use of the A55 can make a drastic difference to the journey time and frustration, but that's pretty usual up and down the country really. I want to explore the bottom of the M5 possibilities a little more, it may have greater onward exploration possibilities. The w/e didn't work out as planned. Saturday night we anchored at Llanddwyn with 6 more club members, bor BBQ on the beach. Our th
  2. Small point but does their contract allow for the 1 month expiry to expire on the 27th of a month. You may find they are liable up to a different date that allows you to inspect and close out the tenancy on your return, only a few days later anyway.
  3. If online only then they may well have little or nothiong of substance to lose and for you to claim for in the event, see the other thread running about a poor agent. If they run this as here today gone tomorrow you might find them enjoying what revenue they can and not passing it on to their clients, especially as the 'run' day approaches. Is there any personal liability with this agent?
  4. As Melboy I've fitted the Pegler isolation valves to many of my properties. Turn 90 degrees and they're off, a much more positive and reliable isolation than the screwdiver type. I've had too many of those weep. But along the lines of T's having responsibility for the properties in which they reside I think it reasonable for them to be expected to take responsible action in the event of situations that require pro active responses. We have discussed here previously that T's shouldn't expect hotel type service. So protecting our investment is the priority. Part of that is of course protect
  5. It's generally recognised that inspections should be independant, your own inspections would likely be seen as biased. If your A's were to carry out the admin to claim here, and it deosn't sound like it, they would charge for their efforts. That cost can be addd to any claim but increases your risk of a higher out of pocket result. During a claim expect a generous, to T, write down allowance for the items damaged. You may think a carpet to be good for 15 years but 4 years is what I understand to be accepted. Is there a guarantor? Again if there is the A often declines to provide
  6. Slightly different, but still locks. For a pleasant change I was out on one my my sailing dinghies yesterday (Sunday). Not that it's relevant I don't carry my phone and but I missed a call from a T at 14:02, and from his unofficially house sharing brother 6 minutes later. I texed them both back at 19:04, enquiring as to if there was issue. No response to those texts. I called the T 8:10 this morning, but I know he can't take his phone onto the production line, no answer so I called his brother and success. The front door lock had failed yesterday. They had called a lo
  7. A return of property can be vague, not all T's will serve notice and sign a surrender document. Imagine you return to a previously vacant property to find an occupier 'who has a key'. The Police would see them as rightful after they say they are authorised by said T. I have had T's live in such basic fashion that I know many people would be happy to just get a roof. Turning on utilities isn't a great problem to most, if turned off in the first place. Then there are scenarios of revenge following a hostile end of occupance, I've had a few exT's that would like to see me suffer, a
  8. On the locks question. All mine are euro locks, UPVC doors. But the barrels vary in legnth. I keep a couple of barrels that I've labelled empty property and instal those in any property that has become vacant, takes a couple of minutes and no cost.. I can provide keys to any that have purpose to visit, viewing agents, workers... On signing up a new tenant I offer them the option of a new barrel at £12 (I buy for between £6.5 - £9), they get 2 new keys, I retain 1. If they prefer to save themselves £12 then the barrel from the departed tenancy goes back in.
  9. Officially, Send notices, pay for storage, duty of care means you've to look after their so precious belongings that they couldn't be articulated to care for themselves. Unofficially, Record that it is of minimal value by whatever means, photo's may help. Then ditch it. Consider creating a record of outstanding monies owed you if there is ever a claim, so you can offset their claim with yours. Should they ever request where their stuff is, of your Agents I guess, get the Agents to request a detailed inventory of their claim. That can be compared to your photgaphic record and wou
  10. Apparently there are moves in Parliament tp try and address such bullying. But they're a bit busy nowadays so I don't expect much progress. When I first informed Comptons of their errors they replied that they have 45,000 leases and so know what they are doing. That means that if they enjoy some success with this strategy it's worth it to them. It also menasthat many naive and frightened peope can have their lives seriously affected by such. I recognised that they would only gert worse if allowed so chose to be awkward from the off. Like going up against large corporations though the
  11. I have considered that. 6 units, I own 4, my company owns 1. The other is in possession of the anti social git I've written about a few times. It seems (but not sure on the reliability of the info) that his flat has been repossessed and he's waiting for Baliff eviction. For sure he isn't secure there financially and the mortgage provider is moving against him. If I can be fore warned of any possible auction it might be advantageous, or even approach the lender direct. Not sure how to gain the info though. I know from LR that there are 2 mortgages, which is acting I don't kn
  12. Their strategy is to over price anything they could feasably charge a lease holder for. At my flats there are 2x grass areas at the front. 20ft x 15ft approx (each). The 1st year they took over the freehold that came in at £1,640 for grass cutting, 2nd year £1,311. I had already reached agreement in 2005 with the previous freeholder that I would take that on, Comptons wouldn't accept that. There were charges for a 24hr telephone line, £500 for rubbish removal, although there was no rubbish on the site (it was fly tipped rubbish by another over a fence). The list of charges was plain
  13. Comptons are up to their now familiar tricks, in that they are taking me to Court again. This time 5 court claims. The ususl, CCOL, Court allocation, moved to another Court (Chesterfield), who have ordered that these be transferred to the First Tier Property Tribunal, Birmingham. I can see the sense in that, although it's a first for me. So now I wonder if legal representation is an expectation, intelligent (as clearly not cheap), or is this designed to be more informal and just possibly a first step that may be basic and not need great invovlement. I have believed for some
  14. The agency I refer to is a Yellow Pages type advertiser. Those that purport to supply best tradesmen, when in practce they just ring roud to get someone who is available or who may or may not be on their books. That agency then invoices the client as they see fit, and often that isn't relative to the actual tradesmans charge to them. Like Acura I could change the Euro Loock in a couple of minutes, I carry spares for abandonment situations, as minimum it causes the absconder to contact me if they want back in. Then of course it must be a lock that became faulty. As I would have t
  15. Unless the lock was faulty, requiring extra force to try and open, and the key wasn't given in a fatigued state then it's their problem. The issue is that a locksmith may sympathise with the tenant and report that the lock was faulty, but even than you might argue that they should have referred to you prior to being excessive. I have refunded for a locksmith after the tenant had arranged it and chosen a silly route to get one (agency bumping up the total cost). I took a view that it was worth looking after a naive tenant.
  16. As is often you write something flippin' obvious and believe you have educated the numpties. Of course capital growth varies, it's broadly down to demand. We can't manipulate it we can only follow those market forces. The rents we can charge are in comparrison to local market forces, again we follow as we aren't big anough to effect them. Try charging too much and we lose tenants to cheaper competition. The tax that we are entitled to avoid paying isn't over complicated and to suggest that if I complain less and comcentrate on improving tax efficiency, or any other efficiency, i
  17. RL I'm not seeing the capital growth. Certainly my portfolio is only attractive for its revenue, and that is continually attacked. I have been more toward tory over the years, but more recently voted UKip pre referendum, but wouldn't now as they have become the racist thugs they were accused of being. In the eu election I went for the Brexit Party, but they only have one policy and I don't see them as being a force that can manage the country. Seeing the 'debate' on Tuesday caused me to realise that if that lot are all that can be put forward as leaders of the UK we are lost. On
  18. What ever, who ever, I'm sure the profits of our Lets will lessen and our responsibilities toward our tenants will increase. This until there is a problem with enough housing for the non buying masses. But if housing values are controlled by detering the likes of us from investing then these houses become available to those that wouldn't otherwise afford them. The more the likes of us are 'persuaded' to sell the more the housing market is 'controlled', and available to those that wouldn't otherwise afford them. If it all happened over night there would be serious issues, bu
  19. The only experience I have of Shelter is to side with tenants at the landlords expence, wether just or not. I've not looked at the survey as it would take more independant information to convince me that any interaction with them can have a positive effect for the landlord. However, they should have relaised many years ago that there can be mutual benefits from tidying up the industry from poor landlords but from our perspective disgusting tenants. That should have started by removing another sheild of protection offered by them to the abusers.
  20. I always consider it strange that a legal suit is taken out in the US for an event in the UK, more money possibilities over there I guess. I'm sure Cellotex, and even alluminium, will burn at the right, high, temperature. Last year my yacht had a fire when a starter cable chaffed to earth, the fumes from the engine insulation were choking and seemed to me to burn easily. I tested Cellotex with a blow torch as an alternative and 'I' considered that it performed well. It didn't want to burn and the fumes were no issue imo. But hey ho I'm sure the experts for the claims and the defence will
  21. I agree with the above comments, aside from not promoting any violence even if it is understandable. Not saying anyone here has promoted it. The thought of Tommy Robinson and the like taking pleasure in gaining more footy style hooligans as supporters doesn't sit well, it will just make our streets less safe. Until the majority of 'our' Parliament accept that we need to leave the greater force to remain is there. Even some of the ERG Brexit campaigners reversed their own moral stance when opportunity of power presented itself, and that was only as a vague possibility. They lost what
  22. Apart from, today, the timing being coincidental of course, the eu are starting their efforts to control if not bring him down. As this will suit all parties but the Brexit Party I only see a coalition of force against him. I've forecast for a while that we won't leave the eu. The WA wasn't / isn't leaving as we remain tied to the eu. Now May offers a 2nd ref (if the WA is accepted), w/o any indication that I've heard as to what the choices will be. The choices possibly being the WA or Cancel. This is designed to reverse the 1st ref.
  23. Where's me monkey gone? Is this an animal rights thing?
  24. While the Gov't's are keen to pass the burden of social housing to us we will see incresed controls by legislation. The trend is very clear by now so it's either suck it up and get used to it or get out. Personal choice and that can be down to many factors. Then we have the Bof E keen to prevent housing bubbles that interfere with the ideal inflation target, so by what ever means thare will be efforts to control property price increases. That also suits the Gov't some as there is greater opportunity for those wishing to escape the rental trap, that we evil LL's are totally res
  25. Some of mine can still be exempt while empty for 6 months. Another increases the charge to 150%, after 12 months I think. Part of the attack on 2nd home owners if I remember. Local council websites should fore warn of their 'chosen' policy. But generally I find Labour run councils will us as fair game to provide them with additional revenue. Far be it from me to suggest another party takes residence before such as 150% is applied, on paper, for their records.
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