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  1. I feel the ambiguous style this has been put over by the Gov't is going to cause a lot of issue, and with that a lot of problems. In PM's QT today Corbyn raised this and BJ replied that he had already put a stop to 'no fault' evictions. I haven't seen evidence of this anyway but non payment of rent can't be considered as no fault. 2 points here though., I wouldn't spend money on repossession proceedings w/o better clarification, as a judge would prefer to protect the T as we know. Replacing a T with the present restrictions would be nigh on impossible. Viewings would be far less then usual reducing choices of replacement T, and a move in of said T is very problematic. This is beside the social conscience that we may have.
  2. To my understanding. We aren't able to evict for 3 months, but the protective legislation isn't in place (as yet), but there is no hurry for that as the notice period and then possible court wait would provide that buffer. All rent shall be due for payment as contracted. The debt of unpaid rent shall accrue, along with penalties and any interest applied. The LL has been given a choice of £25 charge per letter or to revert to contracted charges. Those T's that may like to view the present situation as a bonus, in that they refrain from paying rent, shall be lucky to keep their accommodation when this situation is behind us. They should consider their long term advantage / disadvantage, and factor in that a LL will still want the money owed anyway. Many LL's still have responsibilities to pay for. If their business fails due to lack of rental revenues then at some point the properties the T's occupy is likely to be auctioned by the lender. Those T's looking to enjoy their perceived bonus have lost the places to spend the bonus. The pubs are closed, when they reopen the LL can look to evict again. I'm glad I have guarantors. I'm more than happy to learn of errors in my thoughts, and tbh this is me practising for a letter to my T's, and G'tors thanking those that have made appropriate payments also.
  3. Missus and self had an hour and a half on the water yesterday at the local 'dinghy ' sailing club. Out there it felt like the panic of society was far away. Until you come home and see greater numbers in rural Derbyshire escaping the city while still allowed. Their city attitude of reduced consideration to others was apparent. Those parking in passing places are too thick to realise their effect. I've got used to numpties using roads for kiddies and doggies to run wild on, expecting other peoples cars not to use the roads they have just driven in on. And bloody suicyclists, well. I'm sending Learn Spanish DVD's to the grandkids. 1st wife and her 2nd hubby relocated there a few years ago. We're all agreed that group learning, via Skype or whatever, with their Spanish input might help the kids be less bored. It could help my slow brain learn more easily too. No entiendo Castayano. As for our financial plight, as most (Gov't incl) see our revenues as additional to need and for luxury, I'm not expecting any state prop up. I need to seriously question, and fast, the intelligence of making payments for my 'accepted' responsibilities. If I'm going to fail then recognising early and failing with more cash in't pocket has intelligence.
  4. I hope you stay clear of the bug Mel. I don't know how many cases there are in Buxton , and likely no one does w/o testing. I see the Derbyshire figure has increase 10 fold in the past week. Daft thing is it likely the panic shoppers being in close proximity that are most risky and at risk. As for T's, the HB T's don't experience a change in there finances, ill or not, and they're the one's that will expect consideration. I've 3 that are likely to see this as a bonus. I 'will' consider County Court for them and their G'tors. I've 2 others that I consider may have employment problems, both paid on time yesterday, nice. If they are laid off and get the 80% then again their finances don't change much, so I'll monitor that. I was expecting a need to be considerate, but that would need the revenues from the others or soon enough I would be screwed. It's early days and the Gov'ts knee jerk changes are seemingly refreshed daily. I certainly can't anticipate where we will be next week with this.
  5. I'm hopeful that local dinghy sailing will be a release. An occasional w/e in Beaumaris on the mega dinghy will be good if fuel is still in good supply. It actually uses significant amounts of diesel when the wind is both lacking and too plentiful. I was of the opinion that rather than hiding from it, if this thing gets me than so be it. Although I've no right to inflict the results of that view on others (hence the greatly reduced interactions since returning from Italy). But while now understanding better what a session in ICU (if you are that lucky) will leave you as I am less brave. I do question the intelligence of hiding as this thing might succeed anyway. Are China premature in thinking they are over the worst? W/o herd immunity or a vaccine have they just been granted a pause?
  6. 'Every little' of course. Some LL's enjoy rental income as an extra income, that becomes more important if their main revenue source dries up is will happen to many T's. For those that use it as a pension there is risk when the LL's cash reserves dry up. We shall very shortly be unable to repossess a property, in truth there would be little point anyway. The availability of financially healthy T's is going to be very limited, and to try to sell, well as RL recognises that's not a healthy situation either. The problem here is the encouragement for T's to take a payment holiday. Many will most definitely need this, but for many LL's there needs to more consideration than a mortgage break. Additional charges and possible additional claims will remove recovery potential for them. There is going to be a lot of pain, emotional and financial. We are still in the very early stages and seeing knee jerk attempts to keep things even. I feel it's far too early to predict very well, but I do feel that cash will be king here. Comptons took all mine so I'm stuffed.
  7. There is talk of a 3 month mortgage holiday for those in need, so I was expecting a call for measures to protect the private T's. Emergency legislation to protect T's from eviction is coming. In some, and possibly / likely eventually many cases, this should be applied. Aside from the fact that any LL attempting to repossess is most likely going to find the courts aren't available for even rubber stamping such. Therefor consideration is intelligent as to wasting court application costs for something the courts will do their best not to follow up on. Will there be any assistance offered to the private LL that finds rents drying up as T's see a rent holiday as a need or even just attractive I wonder. Anticipating such I've been applying some extra pressure for T's to clear any arrears. I think that boat has now sailed.
  8. Good luck Mel, and to everybody. Some will need it more than others but I'm sure this has a very serious downside to near everybody, health, physchology, and financial. It's too early for shortage of supplies to be for any other reason than panic shopping. That may well change, but let's hope it won't be due to the supplies being withheld to boost the value. This morning I read of big queues at fuel stations, I filled my empty tank on Sunday, empty to full is more usual style. Maybe I need be cautious and prioritise my journeys now, and until everyone has a full tank and can't squeeze anymore in. The drinks cupboard is fairly well stocked. A lot of it are gifts and I'm not looking forward to 'having' to resort to that. Sunday will be our 15th day from returning from Italy. Some tiredness and some aching but a week of full on skiing will do that to a near 60 year old. So I can offer assistance to the local volunteer centre.
  9. Bloody 'ell Boris whatdya mean no pub?
  10. Maybe he never experienced a woman with sharp teeth.
  11. I'm no longer seeing figures for increase in those infected, just those who've lost their battle. Mind the figures are unreliable anyway as testing is very limited and there seems little point in doing other than self isolating if you feel you may have it. The authorities are no longer going to be aware, and anyway hospitals are dangerous places. The increase Thursday was reported as 25%, Friday 35%, a doubling of infected each 3 days or so seems a reasonable assumption. The Gov't are or have invited this to achieve a desired position of herd immunity before next winter is my belief. That's a gamble and would require much stronger controls to prevent over infection, that being too many, that then creates a totally unmanageable health service for them and civil unrest becomes more likely. I have no right to cause infection of those who have a different opinion but I'm not hiding from this. I have restricted our social interactions since returning from Italy, mainly away from those that feel we are a threat but feel there is some advantage to me / us taking our chance in getting this thing, over and done with hopefully. If 'some' predictions are correct it'll be the recovered that will be of value to others that need help. The pub was very quiet last night.
  12. Tbh more relevant than any affordability check to my mind would be their financial history. Do they have a history of bad debt and missed payments? Is their guarantor capable of picking up the tab in the event. Does the guarantor actually have assets to threaten. Those that don't have little to lose by signing anything, much like most tenants.
  13. Of course, but we can't check on a 'guest' we haven't been introduced to or given details of. To know what periods these 'guests' may be there can be difficult to ascertain, as we don't live there. Maybe it's just best to interview potential T's with a Border Force cap on, as a deterant.
  14. Interesting point methinks, we let to a T and later it turns out they are allowing an illegal immigrant 'guest' to stay. Do we have liability?
  15. Trust your instincts, my instincts would reject anyone that isn't open and up front.
  16. News Flash. 2 people returned to the UK from North of Northern Italy without any signs of the Coronavirus (so I suppose that'll be ok anyway then being North of the North) . But now they're saying the incubation period might be as long as 24 days by 'eck. We'll be returning t' pub for an alcohol rinse again tonight then. Since I have a fair portion of HB T's (unintended as it 'appens) do I now have an advantage if everyone else is going to lose money by being sick, they can be sick too but I still get HB?
  17. Advice from 3 practices is BS and weakens his stance in my view, but not the validity of claim. By instructing the cleaner you have admitted a level of responsibility, and very possibly validated the claim some. Am I correct that your Agents failed to inform you of the situation for 2 months? Do you have insurance that might cover this event? More valuable would be a legal protection cover if you have it. Do you want an ongoing relationship with this T, or have you decided that the relationship is unlikely to continue on a good working basis? There is no legal reason to deal with Daddy, but you might consider a meet and see if reasonable discussion can result in an easier resolution than what 'may' just feed the Vultures.
  18. Well RL I usually view any consultation as a patronising warning. Maybe they occasionally fail although I can't think of any that have. Even if there is a more moderate 4 months enacted it is still very dangerous. As HB claimants learn that they can enjoy the 12 months of benefit before a LL can hoof 'em I feel that many will find the temptation irresistible. The plus side is that any Bailiff will be dragging a drunk and well soiled exhuman out for the Mortgage Co as I am unlikely to be around to clean up afterwards. I now have my licence to be a LL in Wales, time to read the conditions and understand the 173 notice. I'm feeling like my pension plan has finally been dashed on the Swelly rocks (that's the Menai Strait).
  19. For information, the house of unintentional HMO cannot meet the Welsh licencing standards. For 5 occupants, same family or not, there needs to be a separate WC. Not possible. A shared bedroom must be at least 11m sq, 2 bedrooms not possible. The T has informed me that one child now resides with relatives for location of college reasons. another now resides with her boyfriend. I have requested he provide evidence to head off any inspection / investigation. So today I'm looking at when the S21 is taken from us. I don't see a definitive answer for England, for Wales it's already gone, it is now a 173 Notice. I've yet to understand if / what difference there may be. Further the Welsh ASSembly started consultation on 11 July 2019 with a view to amend a few things. Extending the notice period of the 173 from 2 months to 6 months is one part. Apparently the court proceedings following this take an average of 22 weeks. So a bady is there for 12 months or more after a LL decides enough is enough. I suggest that any smaller LL will have lost their own home by then as rents will likely cease when notice is served. And that also assumes the Court don't find fault or some defence. Does anyone else see the fashion of the LL being increasingly fair game for all?
  20. I know this affects very few here, as it relates to becoming licenced as a LL in Wales. I've paid the tax sorry fee's and I'm doing their online course. I expect much of the content is nation relative rather than 'just' Wales. I've considered that I am not behind with my knowledge of legislation, although I'm finding that I'm less and less enthused to update. I don't mind admitting that there are a good few eye openers within this course that tbh increase my fear of the risks we run by being LL's. Specifically the Welsh description of HMO. Where nationally this relates to an occupation of greater than 5 people, but also of different household / family groups. The Welsh state clearly that this relates to an occupation of 5 or greater, no mention of family group. Time ter fill me nappy. I've one house where mummy and daddy breed like rabbits and have 4 lovely kiddies. An occupation of 6 'seems' to put this in the catagory of HMO. £20k fine for not being licenced. Not that I would want to but I can't even evict until licenced. The cost of works to upgrade would be scary, doing this with family in situ wouldn't be practical. I realised years ago that HMO properties weren't for me. Now Wales has decided that it is.
  21. Tbh I have been wound up so much recently I think my spring is about to go poing. We've got QT in town tonight. Mrs COR wanted to be a part of the audience, she reckons I've a question or two I could put to the panel. I thought better of allowing the nation to see me with steam from me ears as I suggest whoever is a patronising git. I don't see anyone of interest anyway. Cleverley isn't someone I would enjoy conversation with, but at least Norcott doesn't come across as being a 'destroy the capitlists' socialist. On the Kumar show I got the impression he was patronising the host some, for a few quids. I liked watching Rachel Parris if I'm honest, Kumar was the downside of the show. I do hope the panel decide to get here by train, it's not quite coal into the boiler (still diesel though), but it is a slow haul up from Stockport, if they don't get mugged down there. If not they're lucky that the roads aren't buried under snow as is usual for January. Can't beat a bit of global warning heh.
  22. I'll update later, I'm under attack for failing to register. I don't recall any info warning or informing me. This is for my Ltd co, so likely picked up via Co House, but the Co is near dormant so I'm intending to go online to assess the requirements.
  23. Yep, I wasn't aware of this extra new one till they told me I was overdue for payment. The Welsh Assembly did that to me last month. I now have to take their course, pass their exam and of course pay their tax for registration. It'll take 8 weeks for them to assess my suitability. Meanwhile I'm still under threat of being prosecuted, under threat of fines and recovery of rents paid, and can't repossess my properties.
  24. As above the AST still exists, and they are liable for rents. But fat chance clearly. It sounds like the property needs securing asap, left unlocked and your keys no longer fit. As Grampa endeavour to make contact making the new keys available. Post the notice and photo it. Record all you can in prep for the counter claim. Your inconveinece isn't chargeable just your actual out of pocket expenses, and of course the rents till the end of the AST. What you are heading off is the T turning up claiming he left the property good and some one else broke in (your insurance problem). Also his belongings were valuable and you've removed / sold them. Most like he will be affraid to show his face, but I have encouraged such fear by showing confidence where I can. I say that in the belief that if you could catch up with him there isn't going to be a happy financial benefit to you. As for Mr Plod, well good luck. But if they will do a little leg work, and even believe his cr*p, you might increase his fears. Sad days and I'm sorry for you, I've been there. Having a guarantor has served valuable purpose for me over the years, in their eyes you deserve this, but not friend or family. In truth you would be v lucky for courts to make a g'tor suffer, but most don't know that.
  25. Often the authoritities will anticipate our out clauses. And bear in mind now that where Scotland used to differ from England and Wales, devolution now permits individual authorities to create their own local legislation. A T claims they have been unfairly excluded and we might expect to have to defend such. If that becomes the remit for the Property Tribunals to oversee we could end up with a hefty legal bill, Shelter's as well as our own. A local LL to me ended up paying £,000's in settlement for a deposit action they took on. Realistically he maybe was wrong with his (actually his A's) deposit handling, but Shelter clearly would enjoy our additional penalties that finance their lawyer. He told me the cost was about £1,600, and he doesn't have high end properties. Any action might request our overall T history. As you all are writing that won't include HB T's. Just to bleat my previous winge, we are becoming social LL's more and more. We are increasingly less able to run our own business our own way. Some might consider taking a cheapo property to house HB just to say "look there, of course I do." I can let you have one or two, complete with the HB T advantage.
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