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  1. If the joint owners are related e.g. brother & sister.....it should make no difference as each joint owner would complete their own tax calculation.
  2. Thanks for posting this....I was unaware of the allowance. I'm assuming the allowance covers ALL expenses.....mortgage interest, insurance, ground rent, service charges, phone, postage, car mileage, office expenses, repairs & maintenance etc. Most people with one property will have expenses in excess of the allowance so it's gonna be better to claim the actual expenses.
  3. Did the landlord mitigate the risk of letting by taking: 1. Rent Guarantee Insurance ? or 2. A home owning guarantor ? 3. Did the landlord carry out due diligence with references & checks on the tenants before the start of the tenancy ? 4. Did the landlord carry out regular inspections of the property ? 5. Why did the landlord grant a 12 month tenancy to a new tenant ? Can we have some more detail please ?
  4. Well on the news this evening, if I recall the figures correctly ....total worldwide carbon emissions are: China 30%, USA 15% followed by India, Russia, Japan and Australia. the UK represents just over 1% of the total.......which rather puts things in perspective. Air sourced heat pumps can be installed on any level including flats above ground level. Lots of properties in Spain have them because as well as providing heat in winter they double up as air conditioners in the summer. Dont be confusing them with ground sourced heat pumps which clearly are not for high rise. The issue is the cost. As far as I can see air sourced heat pumps cost between £7K - £11K for a typical house in the UK. Persuading Joe Public to spend that much when they can replace their gas boiler for less than half is the difficult part. Without an incentive or a miracle it's difficult to see it happening. Apparently 14% of all carbon emissions are from our homes in the UK Don't under estimate the power of the Green lobby in this country or the will of Government to significantly reduce our 1% of carbon emissions. Neither will be deterred because China and the USA emit more carbon. Gas boilers are yesterday's technology in the same way that diesel cars are.......don't call into the trap of thinking it's all bullshit. If David Attenborough is right.......then we are all doomed.
  5. * 14% of total UK carbon emissions is from our homes........it has to be reduced. * Gas heating ban to be introduced by 2025. * So, it looks like we are all gonna freeze to death in 6 years time if we don't have a viable , affordable easily obtainable alternative. It suggests anyone working in the domestic gas industry might need to look for another job or re train soon........it's a dying industry. So, surely any property for sale with gas central heating is a good opportunity to negotiate a discount.
  6. Aren't properties with gas boilers on the way out ? Not many years from now legislation will be passed to outlaw their use. Gas boilers running on dino juice are so last year and the Greens/ Environmentalists would rather see users shot at dawn rather than just wag their finger at them. I can't believe people are so short sighted as to have new boilers fitted with the current global warming publicity we see every day in the media. No.......the future is electric air sourced heat pumps. With the electricity provided from renewables (solar, wind etc). My current energy supplier provides power 100% from renewables so it can be done. We have one of these heat pumps in our Spanish property and It's great. Highly recommended. Very soon properties with gas boilers will be frowned on in the same way as second hand diesel cars will be in the near future. You have been warned.......just don't shoot the messenger.
  7. I have no first hand experience of this situation but I would have thought that surely if the landlord is paying the gas and water bills and the tenant is just paying a fixed monthly amount then there is no incentive for the tenant to be careful with water or gas consumption. For example they can just leave a tap running or the heating turned up to max with no expectation of higher bills as the landlord is picking up the tab.
  8. As always, the devil is in the detail. From a tenants point of view it might sound attractive but £100 pcm for gas and water = £1200 pa + electric. So not cheap for a 2 bed flat. From a buyers perspective that's not good news during voids when the property gas and water consumption will be virtually zero in summer. It begs lots of questions......what about utility supplier changes, price increases, resale, usage limitations etc etc. I'd probably pass on it.
  9. I heard it was to wet in Wales this time of year to burn anything..........go on......call their bluff !
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I think most landlords new this was coming eventually...so no big surprise. Significant dates are 1st July 2020 for new tenancies & 1st April 2021 for existing tenancies. Note: It is currently only a draft and needs to get thru the Commons and Lords.......so could get delayed.
  11. If you still want to go ahead with a mortgage then the way forward is through a mortgage broker. They will have access to all the products suitable for your situation.
  12. There are no plans for changes to CGT.....it remains at 18% & 28%. In fact they said there will be no tax changes but there will be a budget within 100 days.
  13. Bad news for Scotland I'm afraid ! With Johnson as PM with a massive majority and the independence vote of 2014 being a once in a generation event an INDY vote 2 is unlikely. I reckon Scots have at least another 15 years to wait before they get a second independence vote. By then the EU will look entirely different.
  14. I'm soooooooooo happy. Best Friday 13 th EVER.
  15. That means there ARE people who actually want Diane Abbott as Home Secretary.....it's unbelievable!!!!!!! We need to ensure more money is spent on education.......how can people who go thru at least 11 years of schooling be so stupid as to want their security compromised in this way ? These people are prepared to do anything, absolutely anything to stop Boris being PM.
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