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  1. I'd like to introduce some good news to this thread. One energy firm......and the only energy firm.....that I have been really, really happy with and that I would unreservedly recommend to all of you is :- OCTOPUS ENERGY. Competitive rates and absolutely brilliant in every respect.
  2. Here's the story :-..... * Tenants move out, they confirm they have been using EoN as their electricity supplier. * I take meter readings the day they leave and then spend approx 2 hours trying to contact EoN.........you couldn't make it up !!!!!!!I * I try to find an email address for EoN.....it doesn't exist. I have an old EoN bill...... no indication of an email address. * I go online......their on line chat room doesn't work. * I spend the next 45 minutes calling various numbers for EoN.......all telling me they are very busy and there is a long wait. * OK....I surrender or in reality I give up. I write a letter to Eon on paper with all the relevant details and post it 1st class to their customer service address. What's the chances of me ever getting a reply ? I have absolutely no confidence in them. I couldn't possibly recommend them.
  3. Richlist

    Mr Neale

    Do you have a written contract with the tenant ?
  4. This is where I often disagree with the law....... In court a smart lawyer might argue: The landlord knew the tenant had a dog, knew the dog had sharp teeth and knew that dogs like to chew. It's reasonable to assume that the landlord would also be aware that a flexible hose can be chewed thru but nevertheless was happy to accept those risks. Therefore it could be argued that the landlord failed to act on something he knew about. I rest my case!
  5. That s an awful thing to happen, you have my sympathy and I hope you get it sorted quickly. I've always avoided letting to tenants with pets but I have to admit........a dog chewing through a water pipe was not one of the risks I had ever considered.
  6. Just bought a job lot of heaters......winter is coming.....I sense a healthy profit on the way. Lawnmowers are a good buy this time of year....buy, hold & sell in the spring. It's the same with garden furniture and air conditioning, all can be picked up for a song. Don't recommend suitcases as nobody is travelling so sales can be slow. Don't recommend bicycles either.......seems prices have gone through the roof as people have more time on their hands.
  7. My wine cellar is full, I have all the music I need and there is no shortage of women in my life. I was just saying to friends the other day, where did it all go wrong ? 😇
  8. I feel very fortunate that I have never really been a gambler. I have played the stock market and made more than I lost, which is generally the idea but the only thing I do now is a few charity lotteries & lotteries linked to savings accounts....but I've never won anything. Don't think I have ever bought a scratch card or done the national lottery or the football pools.
  9. We each already have the maximum holding in p/bonds.......I've had to put the proceeds of the sale of the other properties somewhere.
  10. I've been selling some of my properties over the last few years. As I get older I'm planning ahead and have decided I don't want to be managing as many properties. So, it seemed prudent to start to sell them off ......this has been working quite well.......up to now !!! With Interest rates now at an all time low I'm starting to ask myself what am I going to do with another £170K if I sell another property. I don't need the money and I will definitely get a very low return where ever I invest/save it......but there is an alternative. If I keep the property it's currently providing around 4.5% after tax.......can't get that anywhere else without very high risk. I'm thinking I might just not sell ......yet.
  11. Richlist

    VAT cut

    My understanding is that the VAT cut to 5% only applies to hospitality & tourism (including holiday accomodation)......extended until 31st March 2021.
  12. Tradespeople are not required to wear masks it's optional and he is there to do a job of work. Its the tenants job to keep out of his way and to maintain a minimum of 2 metres between them. Tenants ! It's always somebody else's fault. They are responsible for their own safety.
  13. Ok 20% taxpayer. Alarm checked twice a year @ £100+vat x2 = £230 deduct 20% = £184/4 = £46 per flat Sounds like a total bargain to me.......not worth trying to do yourself. Go worry about something more important. 😃
  14. I've always used a standing order on the assumption that direct debits are not available to individuals. Never had much of a problem with missed payments when using a standing order. Are you trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist ? Or do you have an existing problem that a change to a direct debit won't fix ? If the tenant doesn't have sufficient income to pay the rent, it ain't gonna be paid irrespective of the method you set up. What you need is a backup........either rent guarantee insurance &/or a home owning guarantor. Have you got either of those ?
  15. You may be paying £195 inc vat but you can claim that as a business expense and if you are a 40% taxpayer the real cost to you is £117. Makes it look like a bargain.
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