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Design ideas for swimming pool

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Hi Guys,

I'm planning to install a swimming pool in the backyard of my house. Because my children like swimming and I don't have to send them to any swimming club for practicing swimming. When going to community pools or any swimming club, we don't know who will be having Covid-19 and who don't. So it is better to stay at home. This has made me decide on building a swimming pool at home. The next step is selecting a suitable pool design for my backyard. I came across this swimming pool designer on the internet and was immediately enthralled by its designs. Which pool design is ideal for exercising purposes and can bring more attraction to visitors? I don't like to add landscaping features in an overt manner. It should be simple, have less maintenance needed, and should make my backyard look wonderful. If you have got any ideas, please share them.

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Outdoor pools need expensive heating or they only get used for a few weeks at the height of summer in the UK. I don't see the point of an outdoor pool in the UK !

Indoor pools are much more expensive, they also need heating or won't get used in autumn & winter. 

Don't underestimate costs for water......will need changing regularly. Don't also underestimate the cost of chemicals which will run to a few hundred pounds a year. Maintenance costs can be high unless you dispense with a pool man to look after it for you.

I had a friend with a swimming pool and he was always moaning that family and friends would just turn up at his place with towels and costumes at any time of the day. They would splash around  in his pool, drink all his booze and then sod off leaving him to clear up.......you have been warned.

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My next door neighbour has just filled in his very large swimming pool and re landscaped his garden at a cost of £35,000.   It was only used 4 or 5 times a year and was very costly to run and maintain.

  I do know that when it was built some years ago it was heated by a gas supply. Imagine the cost of doing that now!   I also know that some 5 years ago he purchased a solar pool cover which was just over a £1000 and they have a life of about 10 years.  They also had a safety concern with young grandchildren coming along in the near future and this pool would need to be fenced off for safety.   I have to say I would never want one and I love swimming.

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We lived in the States and had a pool in 2 of the 3 houses we lived in over there. It’s practically a necessity, and at our first house we had someone come to maintain it once a week. When we moved rom that rented property to our own house my husband took over the maintenance. Oh god, the rows we had over it as he didn’t want to do it every weekend! We ended up with problems and huge efflorescence issues. Cost a fortune to put in. Cost a fortune to run. Hardly used considering those costs and that was in Texas where the sun always shines!

We are debating whether to even get a hot tub here in the UK as that too needs maintenance. In my humble opinion I wouldn’t have one unless you have children who will use it every single day. 

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Hot tubs I know about.....had hot tubs for at least 15 years.

Most full size tubs hold around 400 gallons so, that's just under 2 cu mtrs (cu mtr = 220 gallons). Water needs changing every 4 month bys. Easy to drain off with hose into drain. Takes an hour or so to clean. Filter needs soaking in chemicals overnight. Then a couple of hours to refill and a few hours to reach operating temperature. All this X3 times a year......It's very easy.

* You won't notice the water costs on your bills.

* Electricity costs are minimal......equivalent of leaving a 75watt light bulb on 24/7.

* Chemicals approx £150 a year.

* In my experience installing a hot tub will result in your property becoming a magnet for lots of bikini clad women who will drink your wine. 😁😁

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