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  1. Hi Guys, I'm planning to install a swimming pool in the backyard of my house. Because my children like swimming and I don't have to send them to any swimming club for practicing swimming. When going to community pools or any swimming club, we don't know who will be having Covid-19 and who don't. So it is better to stay at home. This has made me decide on building a swimming pool at home. The next step is selecting a suitable pool design for my backyard. I came across this swimming pool designer on the internet and was immediately enthralled by its designs. Which pool design is ideal for e
  2. Hi there, I run an apartment that is rented out. We have installed a sump on the ground floor. Recently found the water pressure isn't good enough for the proper flushing and flow. Seems like I have to replace the sump pump. Can someone provide any info on plumbing services who can get this done for me? Also on the manufacturers of pumps, they might use. Thanks in advance.
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