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2 year fixed contract / yes or no? why?


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I'm horrified......

You don't know how the new tenant will perform and you are considering committing  yourself to a 2 year fixed term. Neither of you will be able to part company until the end of the fixed term. Sounds like absolute madness to me.

Why does the tenant want this ?

Why are you considering accepting this request ? What is there about the normal 6 or 12 month AST that doesn't cut the mustard for you ?

What's wrong with a 12 month AST and a break clause at 6 months......if the tenant lasts 12 months and is acceptable you could give him another 12 month AST, with a break clause.

I wouldn't want to be lumbered with an unacceptable tenant for 2 years.......that's the risk......how are you intending to mitigate that risk ?

Than there is the question of restrictions to letting terms from freeholder, mortgage lender and insurers that you will need to check.




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I agree with RL. Any tenant who asks for a 2 year tenancy at the start would ring alarm bells. There is a possibility it is a genuine request but it would be foolish to grant it to a new unknown tenant. Just say your policy is to only grant a 6 month tenancy first and you will consider granting a longer one after that. I find most tenants are happy to accept that. 

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I can understand the desire for a T to have stability, and soon enough we may have no choice anyway. Legislation (or perhaps only Shelter) seems to be pushing that way.

But, I won't entertain it until I have to.

If a T has employment issues the result is fairly obvious and in these times that risk is higher.

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Absolutely Not kesm.    Any prospective tenant can have security of their tenancy with the tried and tested 6 month rolling contract.  I normally say to my tenants that I do not have any reasons to want the property back right now so carry on.

I have a tenant who has been with me for 15 years this coming October but he is still subject to the current rules of landlord/tenant contract.

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