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Sign and forward on if you agree


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1 hour ago, fionaf said:

The way the petition is worded makes it sound very unprofessional and poorly thought out, even if the opposite is true. The sentiment is good but it is hard to take seriously a petition that is so badly drafted. 

I totally agree 


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3 hours ago, Melboy said:

I have signed but I feel it is going to be a struggle as it is only 4000 plus after a week. Not a good sign I would suggest.

The trouble is I am one signature but have potentially 500 tenants signing the the opposite so it is always going to be a uphill struggle.

And now you we have MP's spouting this. http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/mp-demands-assurances-that-letting-agents-will-not-pass-costs-on-to-landlords-after-fees-ban/

So they want agents to swallow all the costs but it is them (mp's) who are making the job more and more labour intensive. It is now a legal requirement to for us to do the right to rent checks but we are expected to pay for doing it. (this is on top of all the previous extra requirements).


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