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New TV series to explore ‘slum landlords’ and ‘rogue tenants’


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Channel 5 has announced a new television series which will focus on the UKs Private Rented Sector.

Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords promises to provide an insight into the millions of landlords and tenants across the UK.

The six one-hour episode series is set to cover numerous horror stories, including those of a flat covered in black mould and a pensioner who had to repossess their property from an abusive tenant.

The series will also follow eviction specialists dealing with difficult tenants and council teams identifying rogue landlords.

"With 8 million of us renting, it's a huge issue and this dramatic series exposes some shocking tactics on both sides," comments Michelle Chappell, Channel 5 commissioning editor.

Channel 5 says the series is likely to be broadcast later this year

I doubt it will show everything we haven't seen before but should be entertaining

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Anybody see this last night? Usual entertaining stuff.

As much as I felt sympathy for the black tenant with the young child as the property was terrible did anybody ask themselves the same question I did.

If you havent paid the rent for the last 18 months (due to the condition of the property) you must have a large wad of cash to put down as a deposit and pay the rent for a good few months on a new property. So why are you going into emergency housing???? Or am I missing something?

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As soon as i see the term slum landlord and rogue tenant I switch off, loose interest and consider the whole matter below me and of little interest.

I have no interest in trying to deal with these people or understanding what, why or when. They represent the dregs of our society and I like to think I move in different circles.

Fortunately there are people who seem to enjoy/tolerate this kind of business. I'm not one of them and have now decided I will never be involved.

Didn't see the program.

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I watched the program................ :D

There was nothing else on the telly for me.

Yes, same old, same old stories I guess but once again it demonstrates the difficulties and cost of removing abusive tenant's from a landlord's property. There really must be new legislation to evict a tenant such as we saw last night who had sent abusive and foul texts to his Landlady and not paid any rent for months. £4000 it cost her to get rid of this Scumbag.

Regarding the black Lady and Daughter I have a certain amount of sympathy with her situation. The flat was disgusting and the landlord should be fined for allowing it to fall into disrepair with black mould and leaking roof etc. as he did.

I agree though she should have packed her bags and left much sooner and it was, up to her eviction, her choice to stay.

As I let my flat tomorrow to a new tenant I wish C5 would follow me in the process but of course this would not happen as it would not be good telly to watch a smooth operator in action with no drama. :D

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Whatever happened to...

* Obtaining proper references.

* Getting rent guarantee insurance.

* Insisting on a home owning guarantor.

* Avoiding tenants on housing benefits.

* Saying no to unsuitable applicants.

It ain't rocket science is it ?

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That's the problem RL

But didn't both the cases shown last night have LA's who should have carried out the tenant checks?

It is always a gamble though. I have a person moving into my flat this week end and I have done everything you could do to minimise the risk but there is no guarantee is there. I have to say though I do go with a gut feeling initially on my tenant selection.

My person has passed through all the necessary hoops of tenant checking short of checking his DNA on a police computer.

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I think it was questionable that the black lady had a agent as she was convinced the guy who turned up was the landlord not the agent.

I must have missed the bits about the other two cases having agents. But if so I blame it on a bottle of red wine.

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I've had late finishes before a long drive to get the latest flat ready for today's move in. I missed any telly this week and most of last.

Not really relevant to this but the flat was abandoned and left full of smelly, disgusting cr+p. Including a car wing ffs. My inspections had shown me that the flat had deteriorated in short time so I knew a full refurb was on the cards and later was better so I ignored as rent was paid on time, till the end.

The press would have hung me out to dry I'm sure, they don't factor in lifestyle as much as they should.

I've T's in a 3 bed semi down the road from there.

There since 2002.

A good family of 2 + baby back then.

Still a good family now 6 of them, the walls are bulging, they don't seem to throw anything away.

It's easy to see that open windows are a no no due to lost heat, fungus is common. I refurbed the bathroom with them in situ some years ago. It was black again soon enough.

The property gets heavy use and now badly needs attention, but with the property being so cluttered doing any work is nigh on impossible.

I have no intention of suffering the cost of providing alternative accom but if a housing inspector became involved I guess that would be the result as due to the kitchen and bathroom it would likely be deemed uninhabitable.

If I hoof 'em the media would see me as evil, after all these people are just living their life, they've done nothing wrong and always paid their rent.

For years I've been expecting them to realise the house is too small for their needs. In fact when finances were more healthy I suggested they look for a property that would be suitable for me to buy and make good for their growing family, no response.

It's actually not good business to hoof 'em as after refurb I never know what problems future idiot T's will present, it looks like I may have to though.

Whichever way I see I would be hung out by the press but it isn't always so simple.

I'm open to suggestions though.

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Like Melboy, I interview prospective tenants and go with my gut feeling provided they meet all the other admin requirements. I like to think that I'm a good judge of character and since 1999 I've only had one tenant who let me down.

It's easy to assume that everybody is good at judging an applicants suitability BUT that's not the case. Some people just can't do it. Perhaps they are easily persuaded by applicants, perhaps they see good in everyone or don't spot the danger signs. What comes naturally to some of us isn't possible for others. How do they get round it......I really don't know.

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It is a little more difficult in areas where the education level is lower, the employment possibilities are less, less reliable, seasonal and at lower revenues.

Sometimes there are good choice. Other times, even after a void due to being fussy, I need take the best of a poor selection.

This also removes the intelligence of investing time and effort for the next abuser.

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