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Adding T's to a tenancy

Carryon Regardless

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Rather than hijack the "" thread.

Melboy, or anyone, on your "bf must be on the AST" point I considered same with one of my tenancies but decided not to bother.

The T was very approachable and although erratic with rents got it sort of right. The rent payments had improved since, I find out later, the bf had moved in. So I could see a stabilising influence.

As they could see I would now become aware I was now asked what the situation would be 'should' he move in, not that he had. I'm not unfamiliar with these little discrepancies of description.

I considered the effort of creating a new AST and for what advantage.

There was opportunity for the G'tor to reject being so on a new AST, and once asked would have questionable liability under the existing AST.

Charging them for the admin and checks might be enough for them to find somewhere else.

80 miles away and extra effort isn't something I would enjoy.

Should things go astray I serve a S21 on her as T and recover the property anyway.

My answer to the T was that she can have a guest and there isn't much I would or should do about that. If she wished to inform me of a new T, in the future, there would be extra cost to set up the new agreement. Essentially I was suggesting they just carry on as is and I would turn a blind eye.

Where is my downside ?

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We have to to turn the odd blind eye when we are fairly sure a partner has moved in.

As you say if you need to evict, the named tenant is put put on the paperwork and if the bailif is needed they will chuck out any "guests" as well unless that guest can prove they have a tenancy.

That is why it is important you do not accept any funds from the guest (unless you have to) and any letters are not addresed to them which could imply you have given them a tenancy. This could also give the council a reason to chase any overpayment of HB direct from from the landlord because you cant say you didnt know.

I do also have a clause in my tenancies that states any payment recieved for rent other than from the named tenant is paid for by that person as a agent for the the tenant.(or something similar to that)

Just as a extra bit of insurance because I guess you dont want to be put in a situation where rent is owed and about to be handed over and you are turning it a away.

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Cor - I would say the downside is where you have not referenced this person and they are now in your property. This might also invalidate any rent insurance you may have in place.

Personally I have always found the opposite of you and Grampa. IME partner (usually male) starts causing trouble over inspections or whatever and acting like he owns the place - this has in past ended in eviction. In one case male tenant wanted to put class A addict GF on tenancy - as if! They both did a runner having just previous day taken out £1000 of loans between 4 doorstep loan companies.

A class act.

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All points valid and gratefully received.

I don't take out RGI, for many reasons. A good few of my T's wouldn't qualify, for example your fly by night T('s) would be unlikely to.

I try to cut out dealings generally as much as I can. I find increasingly in life we can write letters. make phone calls, attend meetings...... and much of the time we have just wasted our efforts. Companies wriggle out of 'understandings' or just run us in circles with a legal department or red tape before we 'may' achieve satisfaction.

I effectively save the time and dosh and self insure.

I used to reference through Experian, until they decided I wasn't big enough to hold an account. I still say I do and where possible charge admin for it.

All too often Experian would report all history to be healthy, but as the T was afraid of losing the admin fee would confess much more before a check. Their fear of the credit check had / has far more value.

We never know we have a bad T until we give them the keys, and we all know the ball ache involved in reversing that situation.

I totally agree that a single lady carries for more risk, generally, than a single guy. The single guy has had some assessment prior to tenancy, the girl has but the future possible 'hero' bf has not.

In this case I've met him, nice guy (so far). The situation runs nice (so far). My greatest fear is when they move on to bigger due to the antics of a real anti social prat who lives below them (not my T, and never would have been as that assessment could have been carried out from the other side of the street).

We can't control their guests and only when we become aware of an adverse situation due to a 'guest' can we take action. I see no difference to him living there or being a guest in reality.

Taking his dosh and creating a tenancy with him could change that thanks Grampa.

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I totally agree that a single lady carries for more risk, generally, than a single guy.

I think the other way. I try to stear clear of single guys I have a number of tenants who are single mums and find they can be the best tenants.

I guess its horses for courses.

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I agree with Grampa.....single, separated or divorced women generally make far better tenants than men every time.

They know how to clean & keep the place tidy, vacuum floors, wash up on a daily basis and are generally far more pleasant to deal with.

Men, generally, haven't got a clue...... they don't recognise the word tidy, wash up once a week, maybe if they remember and only use the washing machine or vac when absolutely necessary......which isn't very often.

The separated & divorced are usually wary second time round so will often have a partner stay a few nights a week but won't move them in completely......preferring the freedom their new situation affords them.

Single women, in my experience are more likely to move out if they want to cohab with a boyfriend.

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Again fair points regarding the singles.

I'll be thinking tonight where I've suffered most male or female, as T's of course.

The cleaning I agree with, but not always, I've had some pretty disgusting returns from 'ladies' who I expected better of.

Some single guys clean well, although this may be the fair few ex forces that I've had as T's.

My thoughts were around bf's that like to show their prowess and demonstrate they can take charge for the little girlie. As we only see these chaps at a later date they will be an unknown but have capability of causing us grief.

The single guys are assessed at viewing and if there is doubt rejected.

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And just to balance the discussion................ :D

My worse tenants were two single females, both professional, one an accountant and one a vet.

I have two single males in separate properties and both are just superb at tidiness and cleanliness but as they are both ex-military perhaps it goes some way to explain the reason for this.

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