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Grampa..we love you


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I recently had an tenant who was on benefits move out,owing rent :angry: (but not a huge amount compared to some).

Their rent allowance was being paid directly to myself and yes you guessed it , the council had decided that I had been overpaid 300 odd quid.This was because the tenant told the council they moved earlier than the checkout date.

Well I had queried it but the council were not going to listen and told me that any overpayment was always recovered from the Landlord.

Fortunately Grampa had recently offered advice on overpayments and after using some wording suggested by Grampa (all clean honest :D ) I have been successful in my claim and the council have now confirmed I am not responsible and they will be recovering it from my former tenant :P

So a big thankyou to Grampa ...yet again I would not have done that by myself.

Thankyou sir xx

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Happy to help. (Bill's in the post :D )

Changing the subject slightly I would never give a good ref to a bad tenant to get them out of a property, though it is always tempting.

I have mentioned before, one of the legal course I sent some staff on all the other people on it (from agencies) said they would which I find very disappointing. I may occasionally be selective with the info given out but would still supply the full story if asked.

This brings me on to a off the record conversation I had with a top banana council boss I had a meeting with 2 weeks ago. He said that if you serve a S21 on a "bad" tenant to get them out, the council will re-house them (try to) as soon as the 2 months notice is up. But if the council are told it was served for rent arrears etc etc etc then they advise the tenant to stay put wait for eviction notice and bailiffs..

That could be a bit of a moral dilemma for landlords.;) . But as they are likely to be put up emergency accommodation first i guess you could tell the council then.

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Hi Grampa ...just to say the overpayment was a seperate tenant to my query re refrences ...I have had a run of bad luck, as both these recent tenants were working when they moved in.The overpayment was last year also. taken a while to sort it but got there in the end.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when the tenant is told he has to pay it back :P

Having said that ..the refrence one has rumbled on, I did not give a refrence at all as I would not lie, they continued to stay..not paying rent right up to the night before the hearing,possession order granted but they put in a late defence of hardship in a bid to delay the possession date.(even though they are working )

They didn't get it as they failed to show at the hearing , because they had gone on Holiday the night before ,the lady judge laughed at them in their absence and did not extend the date,and actually awarded increased costs to me.Now have property back and Just need to follow up now and claim rent arrears.

I think their intention was just to cause me as much hassle and expense as they could.

Very true as you say the council told me that if the s21 was due to bad tenant they have a duty to assist, because its arrears they had no duty , but my former tenants here did not follow up their request to be rehoused.

And I was quite proud of myself for doing the right thing and going through the court process by myself....

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On references-

In January I served a S21, this week the 'Lady' T rang to inform that she would be able to get her and her, prohibited by me, dog accom if my reference was ok. Of course I said I would be honest.

"But you don't want me and if you don't give a good reference I will be homeless."

At least this one realised it before She was.

Yesterday rang by Homelet I responded to their questions, they were so basic I couldn't see the point in their asking.

"Has rent been paid on time." - "Yes."

"Would you consider taking this T again."- "No."

"Have there been any issues." - "Yes."

"Thank you."

Today a call from Trading Places.

"Has rent been paid on time." - "Yes."

"Does She have to serve 1 month notice."- "Yes."

"She doesn't think she has to." - "Well She does have some strange ideas about life."

"That's it really, thanks."

I would be p*ssed if I had paid for either of those as a T check.

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The 3 most important requirements if you are buying property is...... location, location & location.

The 3 most important requirements if you are letting a property is .......get a home owning guarantor, get a home owning guarantor & get a home owning guarantor.

Easy really isn''t it !

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Cor ..absolutely..i would have not wanted to pay for that either..i had homelet call me before and they also ask those basic 3 questions and didn't actually ask for any further info on the answers i gave .

Richlist .. I made the mistake of thinking I would not need a guarantor because the tenants were working ....one tenants circumstances changed and he went onto benefits and the other set were still working but just simply stopped paying their rent ....

Do you always take a guarantor ,when the tenant is working?.. I know you don't take tenants on benefits

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