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  1. Congratulations Richlist ..you were one of the first to give me straight to the point advice many years back on another forum ..and it was a great help to me as a novice Landlord. your continous support here is always welcome..you have indeed worked hard ..well done on being Mortgage free.
  2. Thankyou all for your quick replies...and welcome backs too x Grampa .thanks..I am happy for them to stay and don't at this point think they are moving on.all bases covered though. Melboy..She is quite precise at everything and yes just think she is looking to be a bit secure..which is ok by me. Richlist..yup my thoughts too..A little fee may be in order..As a rough guide what do you feel reasonable (if ok to ask) I need to check out deposit situation as I don't want that to leave me vulnerable.
  3. Hello Everyone I am sorry I have not contributed much lately I have been lurking but am always too late to add an answer to many queries,But now I have one of my own,so I hope you will be gentle with me, I have searched but not found answer to my specific question My tenants recently got married and have just completed their first 6 month fixed term The wife would like a renewal tenancy and for this to show her new name details. I normally prefer to continue on a periodic and am happy for these tenants to stay and they likewise wish to stay and if there was no name change i
  4. Hello Richlist I had 3 different ones to do today ..some don't have their own form so hanging on hold for ages is not my idea of a productive day. I normally let all the utilities know check in and check out aswell , but this is instead of calling/emailing all 3 ,just one site does it all..and now those properties registered all I need to do on the next change is to update the site accordingly. Looks like the water authorities recommend the site it as if its easier to notify them there is more chance landlords and/or tenants will do it .
  5. Hello Mortitia can't see any catch,no money or fees Yorkshire water gave me the link to use You enter info of property/properties that have a change of tenant and at the end it tells me that the info has been sent to the relevant water authority does seem very easy I would only upload info when a change is in progress, rather than put details of currently occupied properties as these can be added later.
  6. I use Open rent all the time now ,they have been really good and I get good quality tenants I did sort of put there details on here along time ago as you get a free add if you introduce another landlord they advertise on the main portals ,right move ,zoopla etc and also Gumtree Melboy, if your using them ,no need for you to place the ad on gumtree yourself
  7. Hello Everyone Not been around much ,at all more like ,on the forum how have you all been ?? so I thought I would get back by offering some help I was advised by Yorkshire water of this site www.landlordtap.com you register and put in details and they take care of sending the info to the relevant water companies whatever they may be I found it to be a great help..no hanging on hold etc .
  8. I use openrent ...nothing to do with them ...but have had quite good sucess rates And I get weekend notifications
  9. I have used openrent so I can get the properties on rightmove. I found them good so far...
  10. I haven't got a little book of text messages ...what does than one mean ?... I hope its clean
  11. Oh , thanks for the correction melboy ...I was not aware that was the case now and as for the change next year , will have to make sure I have no more voids .
  12. Not sure that you can get the date any nearer ,proof of service is so important and I would have thought the agent would have known this ,and i would have thought your solicitor would have known to have had proof of service before he got to court. If the agent just put it through the door and did not get tenant to sign for it , there is only your word to say the tenant got it . Normally I post a copy (normal post is fine ) but get proof of sending as this is accepted by the court as proof of service I also send one registered post but the tenant can refuse that so it is returned to post
  13. Hi All Thanks for the info Richlist When I send out prescribed info there is space at the bottom for tenant to sign ,I send them two copies(per tenant if in joint names) already signed by myself , and request they sign both copies and return one back to me in prepaid envelope provided. so far not had any tenants not do that so always have a signed copy of prescribed info,
  14. Hi everyone Had quite a few leads from the adds,mostly rightmove and Zoopla..and pretty good quality tenants . Secured two tenants , all working , so far good references etc .. so I would recomend the OpenRent site, they have kept in touch a fair deal, although I have done all the viewings myself ,they do offer a service to do that too.
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