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Annoying Junk Mail

Carryon Regardless

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Does anyone else here get email from the 'Letting Protection Service' ?

It doesn't matter how many times I delete it as junk mail the buggers keep getting through.

These only started since using this site so I am assuming there to be an association, comment invited by the organisers here.

Very little annoys me more than uninvited intrusion, especially when purporting to be something of value to me. They aren't.

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I agree they are a pain.

I have threatened those companies that do it to me of copying them on every single piece of email I send out. It seems to do the trick......they stop emailing me.

I have no idea if its actually legal. Neither do I know if its a coincidence that the junk stops. I do know that if I was on the receiving end of lots of unwanted emails from me it might focus my attention.

You might like to do the same.

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Thanks for the response all, and Mr resident.

I guess it needs more consideration by me.

Just in case anyone gets the American ACH email, I had 1 last week and 3 today, don't open the link.

I was fortunate enough to mistrust the email and googled to see it's an attempt to invade your pc.

Trouble is these days it gets like you feel you can't trust any one. I don't even trust me, but am I right to mistrust me because at least I'm being honest about me not being trust worthy.

My 'ed 'urts.

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