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Found a tenant - Advice needed


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I am a new landlord who has a 2 bed mid terraced house to let.

The agents have found a tenant who is a single lady in her forties, however she has a 17 year old dog who has arthritis therefore the dog would be restriced to downstairs.

What is everyone's opinion about this scenario?, I have read from past posts about not taking in animals, but I personally cannot see any problem but as a new landlord I do not know the pitfulls.

Any advice appreciated



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well, for certain the dog is not going to live for much longer is it at 17 years of age.

I have a tenant with a dog.....never been a problem to me at all.....mind you good tenant equals good dog.

Some landlords put in an extra cleaning clause at the end of contract.

I know of some landlords being informed of continuous barking dogs driving neighbours mad where they are locked indoors all day......a point you might want to consider.

I have also found that landlords are reluctant to let their property to people with animals. I guess it is all down to your prospective tenant. Have a chat with them about it all and don't rely too much on what an LA is telling you.


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Thanks for you info, I have asked the agent to find out if the lady leaves the dog all day as really want to keep on the right side of the neighbours.

I agree the dog probably wont be around for to much longer, although could she buy another dog and not tell us, or do they have to ask permission?

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Landlords usually fall into 2 categories where dogs are concerned .....they either like them or don't.

No to Dogs include those that think they are dirty, smelly, cause damage with claws, chew things, leave hairs everywhere, ensure the landlord has to get his carpets cleaned and often find parasites or worse around the house. Not to mention noise & extra wear & tear etc.

Yes to Dogs include those that think they are OK, lovely, cuddly, furry , wonderful pets that can do no wrong.

Personally I don't let to people with cats or dogs....I hate the blighters.

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If you are going to let to this lady with one dog it doesn't really matter if she then gets a replacement when it dies. Some old dogs cant control themselves when they get older so there could be a few puddles inside.

I would suggest that if you are considering renting to this lady you:

1 Get a larger deposit

2 State that the carpets have to be professionally cleaned when she vacates. (We draw up a basic agreement that both parties sign)

3 Put in writing that any dog mess to be regularly cleared up and excessive barking wont be tolerated and will put the tenancy at risk.

Also put a max limit of one dog only.

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