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Fence Panels


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I'm after some advice, my rental property has an alleyway down the side of it. Some local youths repeatedly kick the fence panels to pieces. I am constantly repairing them.
Just recently during the night they lifted out three panels and abandoned them in the alleyway. I am tired of the cost and time! My tenant finds this all very unsettling.
Have any other landlords experienced this or have any ideas for an alternative boundary?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you

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If the panels can be lifted out then it is probable that you have concrete posts. Your panels need to have a proper panel screw fixing on the inside into the post to stop the lifting out. Regards the kicking in of panels how do you stop that.  Normally if there is pedestrian access to the side of your property a more robust fencing is required like vertical feather edge close board fencing and rail supports.  

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Whatever, may just be a challenge to the little gits.

You could drop heavy timber into the spaces. That typically would be 1.8m wide with timbers of about 50mm thickness of whatever height. I made up a fence between panels of 19mm thickness, 150mm timber, built up to the top of the concrete posts. even though there wasn't risk of vandalism there the timbers would have taken serious trauma.

As said, strapping the top timbers would make sense, to prevent easily being lifted out.

You could drop gravel boards in, to the height. V heavy concrete, but the vandals might view kicking in the middle till they break as fun.

This assumes the posts are at a standard 1.8m spacing, and set to a good depth, so as to withstand extra weight, in winds / when the gits attack.

Personally I prefer the installation of Kalashnikovs strategy. That would also massively reduce the production of future gits, by their usage of local, both horizontal and vertical, open limb recipients.


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* Cover the tops in something unexpected......axle grease, Prussian marking blue, indelible ink etc. Hopefully that would limit the lifting out of the panels to once & never again.

* Alternatively fix an electric fence wire just under the lip that they would grab to lift out the panel. 

* Fit sensors on the panels attached to a sprinkler system to soak the culprits.

* Fit sensors to activate a police siren and blue flashing lights.

Who knows, this whole project could turn out to be enormous fun for you.

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