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The National Residential Landlord Association (NRLA) - is it worth signing for?


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As an agent myself and seeing all the constant changes in law regarding the letting industry I would say it is highly important that any self managing landlord belongs to an Landlord organisation that provides documents. guides, helplline, law updates etc. Most letting agents would belong to one and have access to a number of legal resources.

You only need to see all the silly mistakes landlords make posted on the numerous forums and a high % of those mistakes has a monetary cost far exceeding the annual fee to belong to an organisation such as Guild of residential landlords, NRLA ETC. I have no symphty for landlords who think they can do it themselves without even the basic knowledge or dont even try to eduacate themselves to save a couple of quid. 


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5 hours ago, Acura said:

Their ASTs alone are worth joining for. An agent charges £120+ for those and often aren’t up to date whereas the NRLA ones are included in the fee and are always bang up to date with new legislations. 

I agree. I have seen some agency AST's so out of date they are making reference to Corgi. We update ours 2/3 times a year and have a number of extra clauses added which  helps greatly with tenant enquires either during the tenancy or check out such as responsibilities for  garden waste, light bulbs/starter units blocked drains to a few.  Nothing more satisfying than pointing a stroppy tenant in the direction of a clause in their tenancy.

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and to make it worse around N Wales Shelter are waiting with their guns cocked.

The local police aren't pro active, more there for the clean up after the event. I hear the police sirens and consider them to be a Saturday night taxi service for the regulars and their overnight stay.

I bring my waste home and tip it local as at the Rhyl municipal recycle centre the restrictions to use make it nigh on impossible. It's no wonder their country lanes are used for old sofa's and mattresses.

But there are parts of England that aren't much better.

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