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Would You Do This?


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Providing accommodation for illegal Channel crossers is costing the UK Taxpayer £7 Million every day. 33,000 have crossed the channel this year alone. 64% of the Crossers were young Albanian Men funded by the Albanian drug and prostitution Gangs operating here in the UK.  

Apparently all the UK requisitioned hotels are now full to capacity having been taken over by the Government through SERCO Ltd.  Here in Swindon the Holiday Inn sacked all the staff, cancelled all the future bookings, told existing guests to leave the next day to make room for bus loads of illegal immigrants.  It sort of worked out but as each day passes rooms do become available as asylum seekers escape into the night and according to local people it's not unusual to see these people being picked up and driven away in the darkness.

Clearly the Government has lost complete control on the situation and now they want landlords to house these people. Good luck with that I say but of course that is only my opinion and perhaps there are private landlords willing to do this.


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My first reaction was NO it certainly isn't for me but......there is always a but :-

I can imagine a world..... where landlords with poor quality homes, in difficult to let areas at the lower end of the market who are persuaded by an undertaking from the UK Gov' to be paid a lot of money.....might just be queuing up to take part.


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I had to put this up on the forum as it did make me smile but of course there is a serious side to it that makes anyone undertake building and living in a converted skip.


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