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HI ,

I have been a landlord in Newcastle for almost 10 years renting to only students.We have 4 properties and over the initial few years the students were ok but in the last couple of years they have been extremely difficult.I also noticed that the number of student properties  available has dramatically fallen over the 12 months.Does anybody now any reason for this?To be honest I am close to calling it a day myself.There is simply to much grieve and some of the tenants we have recently are just down right nasty.I find more helpful you are the worse they are.Any comments would be great

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Reasons for a drop in the number of students over the past couple of years :-  how about....

* Brexit.

* Covid 19.....restrictions, lockdowns etc.

* University fees.

* Foreign students unable to travel (due to Covid 19).

* Perceived poor value for money as lectures cancelled during pandemic.

* There were no graduation ceremonies in 2020/21......and may be none this year.

Etc etc etc

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Hi thank you for your reply.No i understand the reason for the drop in students,I was more wondering why there are far less student properties available to rent.The number of properties has dropped by at least 30% this year and as I said they are becoming more difficult to deal with so I was wondering whether this was the reason in Newcastle Upon Tyne the number of properties has fallen

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Cause and effect, drop in students, drop in landlords renting to students and either selling or moving to a different market. I know some landlords who rented to Afghan refugees for example. What with s.24, anticipated EPC requirements etc many landlords are selling up anyway in spite of a massive change in their target audience. 

How do you know it has dropped by 30%, is there a report stating this? The reason I ask is that methods of advertising have also changed so if going on a particular portal that may be misleading. I've heard of landlords providing incentives to existing tenants to recommend directly to the next lot of tenants etc, this can work particularly well in the student market, not that I operate in that sphere but have friends who do. 

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Locally there has been dedicated student blocks built. Perhaps those that 'enjoyed' the student market felt there would be a drop in clients so pulled out in anticipation or because of.

I considered the possibilities a while back but concluded that having to furnish, having to deal with possible social issues, and refurbing each summer didn't appeal. The result of my calculations didn't make it look advantageous.

A large house we pass regularly on route to the centre was rented to students a few years back. Parties, rubbish, noise were the norm. It isn't let to those learning about life any longer.

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Almost off topic.............

A neighbours' Daughter has just quit Uni after almost 2 years as she has stated that the Covid epidemic has absolutely destroyed the student graduate learning process. Cancelled lectures and Uni staff not turning up and having to rely on working for your degree from an online computer course just didn't cut it for her.

This is the second person I know who has quit Uni. and my Grandaughter is about to embark on a psychology  university degree course as well in September. Only seems like yesterday she was sitting on my knee and now I shall be sitting on hers.   😅

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