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I am renting out my property for the first time and have had a request from a potential tenant for changing the hot and cold water taps in bathroom and ensuite sink to mixer taps .  Do I change these at my cost or can I ask the tenant to get them changed themselves ?


Thanks in advance for any advice

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The first question is why do they want them changed. If they are perfectly functional you have no obligation to do so. However, you might choose to do so if they are long standing good tenants but you have to be aware that could open a floodgate of requests and if you have to learn to  say no at times.

It is sometimes a balancing act in trying to keep good tenants but not being a pushover. .   

I find it helps to put yourself in the tenants shoes and ask yourself the question when you get these type of requests and would you want it done but never forgetting you are running a business. 


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As potential tenants they presumably are not resident yet. I believe it's fairly common for tenants to ask for changes in homes valued around £3 million + in London and some expensive areas of Surrey & the home counties but I don't think it's acceptable in normal flats or semi's unless repairs are required.

I tend to be quite open minded toward these sorts of requests. For example, if the request involves a change that will enhance the value or desirability of a property then it's worth consideration......but only if the tenant pays a significant portion of the cost. If the change doesn't add value or desirability......ask yourself what's in it for you.

Remember, there is a massive shortage of good quality rental property........It's a landlords market, not a potential tenant market. If you turn them down and they go elsewhere then another applicant will be along very quickly.

First time landlords often think the biggest problem they are going to get is being able to find a tenant......believe me it isnt. We could provide you with a very long list of potential problems that you will encounter and I can guarantee finding a tenant wouldn't make it onto that list.

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The simply answer from me is no I wouldn't change the taps providing they are shiny and not crusty with limescale and in working order. Potential tenants must accept the fact that what they are viewing as their new home is what they are getting.

As Richlist has stated that very high end properties commanding high end rents these sort of requests for changes are often carried out but I suspect your property does not fall into this category.

I also agree and it is a fact that in the current climate it's Landlords that are holding the cards and not tenants right now.

My own Son is a heating engineer (and Plumber for me) and he has just changed a pair of almost knackered basin taps last week and he only fits quality named brands and not the cheap Chinese crap that you can buy off auction sites for £15 (trust me they do not last and he will not fit them) and that cost me £95 to supply and for him to fit a pair of quality Peglar basin taps. Your invoice will be much higher if you decided to go ahead with their request. £200 ish?

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