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Top 25 buy-to-let areas in the UK


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Top 10 buy-to-let areas in the UK

Top 25 buy-to-let areas in the UK

2022 ranking Area Region Overall score 2021 ranking
1 Bristol South West 75 7 (+6)
2 Oxford South East 73 4 (-2)
3 Cambridge East 70 2 (-1)
4 Manchester North West 69 1 (-3)
5 Luton East 68 12 (+7)
6 London London 68 3 (-3)
7 Northampton East Midlands 67 6 (-1)
8 Brighton South East 66 5 (-3)
9 Reading South East 66 9
10 Norwich East 66 21 (+11)

The remaining towns and cities in the top 25 best areas for buy-to-let are:

  • Southend, East (overall score: 65)
  • Coventry, West Midlands (overall score: 61)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (overall score: 58)
  • Swindon, South West (overall score: 56)
  • Leicester, East Midlands (overall score: 56)
  • Peterborough, East (overall score: 56)
  • Basildon, East (overall score: 56)
  • Portsmouth, South East (overall score: 55)
  • Southampton, South East (overall score: 55)
  • Glasgow, Scotland (overall score: 55)
  • Plymouth, South West (overall score: 54)
  • Derby, East Midlands (overall score: 54)
  • Chelmsford, East (overall score: 54)
  • Birmingham, West Midlands (overall score: 53)
  • Bournemouth, South West (overall score: 52)
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Interesting but statistics don't tell the whole truth !!!!

There is no indication of the parameters used.......

A smart property in a good area, near a train station with good road links that's not in the top 100......will trump most property in the top 10.

Conversely a run down property in a top 10 area won't hold a candle to a smart property near a large employer.

It's all smoke and mirrors and should be viewed with caution.

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The stats are no surprise to me and I shall ignore them all. 😁 Much too random and lacking any detail.  Right now in my location you could let out a large shed due to the lack of rental properties available.

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There's something factual in that list.

Not nowt in Wales. We might've expected Cardiff, Swansea or even Monmouthshire to get a look in all things being equal. But they're not.

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Top Buy to Let properties ? Top for what ?

* Availability of property ?

* People seeking accomodation ?

* Lowest rents ?

* Levels of satisfaction ?

* Best landlords ?

I don't understand what it's supposed to be telling me.......can someone help ?


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I would have to guess on this.

Maybe best return for investment, so rent over value.

Maybe potential for equity growth, so a journalist with a crystal ball, or maybe he has two clanging together.

I can state it isn't based on the best place to be a charitable LL, running the business for the benefit of T's and Gov't, as that would be Wales.


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