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Notice Period by Tenant, Confirmation.

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Things change often in this game, so nowadays I'm not as sure as i used to be.

It used to be that a T was required to give notice of 1 month (for a periodic tenancy  that is paid monthly). and for the last day to be the last day of a tenancy period, Is this still true?

I often refer to the Shelter site, but on this they state one month and don't specify the end date, another site does specify last day to be end of a tenancy period.



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They've been long term T's with excessive wear and tear.

My usual is to say "thanks for letting me know, keep me updated as to when".

Here though I'm expecting heavy repairs, and ott cleaning / removal of 'stuff'.

Rather than chase for damage and rubbish removal costs that could be more problematic to achieve, the strict claim of rents due till the end of a notice period could give me a less complicated way to recover some losses. If they leave the property in reasonable, but a some what worn state then no problem.

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We take a flexible view and may do the same as RL says but only if it suits us. However, our contracts make very clear that the notice period should fall in line with the monthly rental period and most tenant read their tenancy and comply. 

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I am more or less the same as everyone else. My only contract clause regarding timescales is the Christmas period where this country goes into total lockdown these days for nearly 3 weeks!  and you can't get anything done so with that in mind the period 1 week before Christmas until the 3rd January I don't accept move outs. 

                 The funny thing this has never happened to me to be concerned about until this last Christmas 😃 but I was saved from enforcing this ruling due to my tenants purchase being delayed due to his solicitor being away on a ski-ing holiday & Covid delays on searches etc. which delayed completion for 3 weeks until the 14th January. Yippee! 

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Shelter have come up with a useful tool,


Talking periodic here.

Working through it, the result is for a tenancy to end on the last day of a tenancy period, or the 1st day of a tenancy period. Seems strange to me that the 1st day would be applicable but hey ho.

It states that a tenancy period starts on say the 14th if the move in date was the 14th. This is where it is at odds with my set up but I still believe my set up to be applicable.

My AST states tenancies will become periodic at the end of the initial fixed term. My periods of tenancy are all stated to commence on the 1st of each month, regardless of move in date. So the initial fixed term may be some days longer than 6 months but will always end on the last day of the applicable month.

In this case their move in date was on a 24th, so they have already missed their opportunity to serve notice in time for that anyway, should the likes of Shelter wish to argue the point.

They may become organised and shift all their 'stuff' efficiently, we'll see. That being the case they have already paid for June so no issue.


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