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Mrs Maureen Baboolal


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I have a tenant who has been in my 2 bedroom flat for almost  5 years and is now on a periodic tenancy agreement. The rent is £125 per month which has not been increased since she moved into the flat in 2016.  I now want to increase the rent but what would be a fair increase and ewould it be fair in the present Covid climate?  The dishwasher is not now working - Do I have to replace it?


Maureen B

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*  I don't think there is anywhere in the UK where £125 per month for a 2 bed flat is the market rent......not now, not in 2016. Go talk to a local agent or trawl the small adds to check what similar properties let for. You may find it's many times what you are charging and you will never get away with upping it to the market rent in one go.

* You certainly shouldn't be leaving dishwashers in the flat for such low rent.



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£125 pcm?  Is this a typo error?  I don't know what to say except that you have built up a huge problem for yourself and as a new dishwasher will cost you circa. £375 this will equal a loss of yet another 3 months rental income for you to pay for it.

You are only permitted to put the rent up by increments that are fair to the tenant and if you try to correct this low rental payment by an excessive increase the tenant can take you to a rent tribunal hearing with all the costs that will occur for you.

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38 minutes ago, Carryon Regardless said:

Per week is my guess.


I hope your guess is correct COR but Mrs Baboolan clearly states per month. Perhaps she will return to the forum to clarify this abnormally low rental charge for a 2 bed flat in 2016.

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33 minutes ago, kerbut said:

What's todays date ? 

But a yesterday posting doesn't count towards being an April Fool.  Not forgetting of course if you play the April Fool on any person after 12 Midday...... you are the Fool.

I caught Mrs Melboy out this morning as I brought her cup of tea into her by telling her that "There is an inch of snow on the back lawn. I told you the weather was getting colder as was forecast last night"  She jumped out of bed to take a look. 

  Yup! caught her fair and square.  😅

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