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Floor damage in rented house - who pays?


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I rent a house from a landlord (generally pretty decent and helpful). I did a thorough mopping of the floor a while back, which is made up of interlocking wooden plywood slats. Unfortunately some of the water must have drained below, causing some of the slats to 'bubble' and rise at the edges, and now about 3-4 planks need replacing. As I mopped the floor, I am happy to pay towards it. However, one of the reasons the water leaked is that the slats had not been fitted properly, there being gaps between some of the slats. In this case, would the repair costs be a joint landlord/tenant responsibility? My fear is that the LL will say that as I did the mopping, I should pay the full costs (still waiting to hear back).
Any help on this point much appreciated.
A. Renter
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It sounds like you are referring to a laminate floor that has been damaged by excess water. You have been over enthuiastic with the quantity of water used and not mopped up/ dried the floor adequately. Some laminate flooring is not waterproof.

It depends on how old the floor is and it's life expectancy. The owner wouldn't normally expect to receive the full replacement cost. But it does sound as though you caused the damage and will be expected to contribute to the cost.

How old is the damaged flooring ?

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Was it a "thorough mopping"  or a mopping up of a spillage? Just Asking. However, you would likely need a independent written report stating it was caused by poor fitting to counterclaim against misuse. I would suggest you contact the landlord now about the issue and not leave it until you leave. 

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Thank you for these replies, though it is clear there is no obvious answer on this.

Yes, the floor is just a cheap laminate 'wood' floor - I've checked the local hardware shops and it is very cheap to buy even in bulk.

I was never given any instructions re. floor cleaning. I have been mopping it for two years with no problem. I gave it an extra thorough clean as there was dog mess on the floor. 

Again, I am not trying to shirk paying a contribution, even the bulk of it (2/3rds say). However, I do not wish to pay the full amount, given the cheap quality of material and poor fitting, especially if it turns out to be exorbitant.

Annoyingly the photos I took when I moved in do not cover the affected section, so I have no proof of the gaps between the joints (I suppose I could bluff but then could get out called on it).

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I wouldn't have sympathy with a LL fitting an unsuitable floor, cheap or otherwise.

But dog mess will be accompanied by the bladder emissions, that will have a more extreme effect. I guess it wouldn't be only one occasion and may be left until your return.

Gaps aren't good for fluid, imagine spilt milk, mind what got under from doggy might smell bad enough. How much doggy do has caused / increased the gap is now a matter of some debate.

If my property I would be expecting the floor to come up for a good clean below. 

I suggest talking with the LL, but if he wants the majority compensated (including labour) I couldn't say he is wrong.

Animals and kids are expensive luxuries.

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