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Using alias via letting agent


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Hi, I am new to the board and as a first time buy to let landlord. My wife and I really strong about keeping our details private. We are therefore going to use PO boxes and letting agents to create as much privacy as possible and protect our details. However, one area of concern is that we still need to list our name to the letting agent. We have no plans to be dishonest and will make sure the house is in a good state and any future issues with the house that we will be contactable through the agent. We have a unique surname and the property we bought is in very near vicinity which is why we wish to our names not to be shared publicly. Is there any advice if there are ways to protect our privacy as it is a small area we live in. Is it legal to use an alias on the tenancy agreement e.g. wife's maiden name or is this against the law to use an alias?

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I agree with what Richlist has replied back to you.      

You can instruct your LA that you require total privacy and do not want any contact with the tenant and that the LA will deal with everything on your behalf but that is about as far as you can go to gaining the privacy you require.

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I guess the property is owed in your name(s) so If someone did a land registry check your name would be on it.

Your name needs to be on the tenancy agreement unless you sub-let the property to someone else who then instructs the letting agent but that may breaking your insurance and or mortgage requirements.

The landlords address on the tenancy can be the agents address.

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The only way I see to be legally anonymous is for your own Ltd company to let. This can be registered at such as an accountants or solicitors.

'We'  can use any name we desire as long as it isn't for fraudulent purposes. Grant Shapps has used Green historically, and he is a very suspect character, so why not.

Using 'another' as a point of contact keeps you remote. 

But any AST needs a  LL address for service. Out of hours contact for emergencies would need some consideration also, there are agents that can accommodate this. The costs would be my concern.

Being sarcastic you might consider citing the Gov't as LL, as we don't run our own properties any more. 'We' are merely agents ourselves.

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* Your name(s) at least needs to be on the tenancy agreement......you can use the agents address.

Unless you a)sublet....which may breach mortgage or insurance requirements or b) form a Ltd liability company

* Your full names and address will always be available from the land registry.

* Consideration needs to be given for emergency contacts i.e. Out of hours emergencies when your agents are shut (evenings & weekends).

* There are now a long list of documents that have to be given to the tenants. It would be quite difficult and probably quite costly to ensure 100% that your names and address was not on Any of those documents.

Personally I'd forget the idea completely.

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