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Tier 4


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I'm in the process of selling a property and have a viewing pre arranged for later today (Monday). I was concerned that this would be called off due to the stricter rules for areas in Tier 4. But,  I received an email from my local Council with details of what's allowed and what's not allowed. We couldn't believe what can still go ahead although Christmas itself is going to be very different this year.

We make sure viewers wear masks and we wait outside whilst they look around the property and then answer any questions outside at a distance.

Went to collect our order from the supermarket yesterday.......loads of people not social distancing &/or not wearing masks. No wonder numbers are rising, lots of people are not taking precautions.

Stay safe.

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I am in Tier 3.  Cancelled Christmas get together with family and it will just be Mrs Melboy and myself. Fortunately we still get on very well.  😄

We were talking to a family friend over the weekend and he is an ambulance paramedic of 20 years experience down in Richlist's area of the South East and he was telling me that as hardened as he is to what he has to go to in medical emergencies he broke down on Friday with a few tears filling up his eyes.

He was faced with a life and death decision with a young Woman who had severe Covid symptoms and in his professional opinion she wasn't go to make it without urgent treatment. Did he robe & mask up and treat her on site or take her straight to the hospital? He chose the latter with blue 's and two's and a frantic 15 minute drive to emergency admissions where she was rushed into the hospital for expert treatment.   She didn't make it.  She died within the hour.

This rams it home for me how serious this new Covid outbreak is.  

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It seems a lot of our international trading partners have renewed fear of dealing with us. My thoughts are that be closing borders and the like they might buy a little time.

If the UK has the new strain then other countries will have it already, even if the transmission hasn't been in the same numbers, as yet.

The signs are that this is putting pressure on the infrastructure. I haven't been overly fearful of covid, but failures of infrastructure are scary.

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No need to eat your hat Grampa.........My Son in Law has a lot of business dealings with Denmark as his head office is based there and he has been told to not to travel to Denmark TFN and that was 3 weeks ago due to a new strain of Covid discovered in Denmark.

France is just playing the Brexit Card let's-be-really-difficult-with-the-British as is there usual way of averting interior crisis.

The French Minister will wake up tomorrow and realise that with their actions there are about 100 French truck drivers parked up on the M20 cursing Macron and trying to get back home for Christmas. 😅

Sing: 🚚  "I'm driving home for Christmas
Oh, I can't wait to see those faces
I'm driving home for Christmas, yeah
Well, I'm moving down the M20
And it's been so long."

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I don't doubt your right Mel. But France aren't on their own by closing transport links to us.

When  the likes of Russia and Turkey do this it becomes a bit surprising. Are the nations leaders (40 so far) responding knee jerk style to Macron's lead?

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