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Useless Energy Companies


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Here's the story :-.....

* Tenants move out, they confirm they have been using EoN as their electricity supplier.

* I take meter readings the day they leave and then spend approx 2 hours trying to contact EoN.........you couldn't make it up !!!!!!!I

* I try to find an email address for EoN.....it doesn't exist. I have an old EoN bill...... no indication of an email address.

* I go online......their on line chat room doesn't work.

* I spend the next 45 minutes calling various numbers for EoN.......all telling me they are very busy and there is a long wait.

* OK....I surrender or in reality I give up.  I write a letter to Eon on paper with all the relevant details and post it 1st class to their customer service address.

What's the chances of me ever getting a reply ?

I have absolutely no confidence in them.

I couldn't possibly recommend them.

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I'm with EDF and I would imagine it will be the same treatment of the long wait with no action. I have been informed that Scottish & Southern are the worse of the energy companies.

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I'd like to introduce some good news to this thread.

One energy firm......and the only energy firm.....that I have been really, really happy with and that I would unreservedly recommend to all of you is :-


Competitive rates and absolutely brilliant in every respect.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Still no response from EoN.....it will be 4 weeks tomorrow since I sent them a letter with my details.

What does the forum think I should do ?

Should I take legal advice ?.......I want to register and pay for the electricity I use......EoN are not making it very easy for me to do that are they ?

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If your concerned about not paying a company that doesn't want to recognise your existence why not move to Octopus?

I perceive you might then be bombarded by the marketing numpties of EON wondering why your leaving, if they have any of your contact details.

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I am with Octopus with my own home and very happy to be with them.

But.....the property in question is a rental property. Empty and unoccupied and up for sale. So changing suppliers is not really something I want to do in those circumstances.

I'm mindful that energy companies are very quick to pass any debt on to debt collectors. I have personal experience where the energy company just sell the debt on without contacting the customer......and don't forget I'm not even a customer with a contract yet.

A £50 energy bill can very quickly turn into a £250 debt when costs are added.......that's what I'm trying to avoid.

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I got a reply from the dreadful EoN today.......it's only taken them almost 5 weeks to respond.

So, an empty property, nobody living in it and they want £135.......absolutely no chance......I'll check the meter reading tomorrow......I probably owe them £20 at the most.

Is it any wonder people have no confidence in these large organisations.

This has got a long way to run yet.

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invite them to read it,

they won't trust you anyway.


I went with Bulb a while back. Email requested reading, so I complied.  A half hour later a knock at the door and a chap wans to read the meters. "I've done that I said", "I know so they've sent me ".

Not cool me "piss off and tell them not to waste my time in future". These disorganisations are never wrong as they put us to pointless effort.

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Happy ending.

I read the meter. Went to the EoN web site, registered, input my readings and BINGO........they issued a new bill online for £24.62 which I paid immediately. They're gonna send me a monthly reminder to input my readings......so I pay for what I use.

10/10 I'm satisfied.

But I still wouldn't recommend them.....these things really shouldn't be so difficult.

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