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Exploitative Tenant


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Thing is Melboy,

Maash is likely to learn that the ex T has nowt, so it's the blood from a stone scenario.

Then the satisfaction of a CCJ may just be another on a long list the ex T already has. The issue there is there is 'some' further expense, there is further effort required, there may well be a court attendance. The satisfaction may not feel worth it after all that.

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Dear All,

I really appreciate your kind feedback and comments, which I will keep in mine. 

I contacted one of the known estate agents and they said that the rent will be £750. Their fees for full management are 10 + VAT of monthly rent and £300 + VAT for set up, marketing, drawing etc, £120 + VAT for inventory (optional) and £60 for deposit registration. I took your feedback in mind regarding the specification of potential tenants. I think their fees a bit high but I think will go ahead as I want more reliable agents. My previous agent fees was 10% including VAT without any other chargers, what do you think?

On another note, I lost my appeal last week in the Housing Benefit Tribunal against the Housing Benefit Department for £10 K of rent arrears pocketed by the tenant because they carried on paying him HP despite that their regulations state they must not pay HP if rent arrears are 8 weeks or more. The representative of HP Dept submitted that despite their admin error the HP was correctly paid and they were not responsible if it was not passed on to the landlord. In addition, they have no mechanism to claim paid HP back from tenants if not used for the intended purpose, which means that the tenant would get away with £10K without being questioned or chased up.

The tenant lied to me that his HP was stopped when it was initially capped but he then managed to claim Carer's Allowance and the cap was lifted and his HP for four months was released when he told them that he was in rent arears. I am so gutted and furious that this fraudulent tenant got away with everything. He got £10K of HP, destroyed my house, got legal aid for 3 years and now he will be re-accommodated by the council. 

My solicitor said that we might be able to challenge the HP Dept. by complaining to the Ombudsman as there was a similar case and the ombudsman order HP to pay a compensation to the landlord for breaching their own guidelines. 

I hope this would be a good lesson for all of us in the future. Any question or comments or advice is very welcome. 

Thank you and have a Great Christmas and New Year.


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Well as it's Christmas.....which is a christian religious celebration and the season of goodwill to all men (& women) and which preaches forgiveness, why not ask your local vicar what he recommends you do ? He may suggest that you pray for your previous tenant but ask him for more practice advice in dealing with these sorts of people.

I've never found the church to be much use when it comes to real problems.

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