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Prestatyn Soap Opera. Next Episode

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A recap. Block of 6 flats, I have 5. The sixth was repossessed from the abusive owner occupier last year, and bought by a LL wannabe who now regrets this some what, even before today.

So earlier this pm I get a call from the new owner of Flat 5. Today she attends the fully renovated flat to allow her new T to move in. During this crisis she has done well to get thus far, and he is present with a van and belongings.

The lady informs me that her new front door has been trashed by one of my T's (Flat 1) over the previous w/e. This it transpires was Sunday eve, but this is the first I hear of this.

I now hear that Flat 4 has had a fire. First it was a chip pan, then a pizza box in't oven, but apparently it was oven chips left in for too long and ignited in the oven. Oven gets opened and smoke is seen by neighbours from open windows who panic running around shouting "everyone out there's a fire".

Mr Flat 1 feels it's appropriate to kick in the door of Flat 5 to rescue nobody as it's empty. No curtains, no lights, no brain cells. Even if Flat 4 incinerated itself there would be no risk to Flat 5 as its a level down (heat rises) and not ajoining.

Said T of Flat 4 has been a bloody nuisance of late. Last September Mr Plod (and colleagues) bashed in the front door 'cos he had been accused of throwing the previous owner occupier of Flat 5 through his own window. Arrested and released under Police bail after 3 days, never charged (but it seems v likely he did do it). He  lost his local taxi licence, got depressed, put on medication, and sinks into an abyss, then licenced removed on medical grounds. So not much of a future for that one.

In January the Flat 4 front door was bashed in by a hammer wielding chap(ess) in a dress. "Because I ruffled his (her) hair at a party" was the explanation. Not enough evidence so no charge of criminal damage, I'm used to such local police lack of response.

Because I'm attempting to get arrears of rent from Flat 4 I'm a bully. Because I've now applied for his HB to be redirected to me I'm even worse. Last year Daddy G'tor paid me near on £800, so that's the route I'm taking for recovery again.

Flat 1 is under a pointless threat of eviction due to arrears and disturbing the peace of 'er above by arguing with his girlfriend. Truth is I don't really want his flat back, or any other come to that. That would just leave me with repairs to do and a void that isn't desirable, now more than ever.

Oh, a later call and the new lady of Flat 5 informs me the 'fire' was Sunday the 29th, 9 days ago, and no one thinks to inform her or me even though there have been other communications with Flat 3,  Flat 4 and Flat 6.

Go on see who can better that little lot.



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  Nope!   You win hands down. I think you should have a TV series on the continuing saga of you being a landlord in Wales.

I would even pay a subscription fee just to watch the ongoing events.   😀

You would certainly earn more money from the TV royalties than being a landlord of these flats.

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There has actually been a bit more of this and that recently.

As for TV, no one would accept it as it's all too far fetched. If I woke up from this night are I wouldn't believe it.

I pity the new owner of Flat 5, she is learning and it's going to be a hard time as she does. Today she learns the police will pat her on the head (as I did), while not being any sort of deterant.

As we reach the end of this crisis I'll 'attempt' to persuade the court to evict one, as a n example. Which one? There's so many to choose from.

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The police will classify Flat 5's landlady complaint of having her front door kicked in as a "civil offence" and then wave goodbye to her.

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