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From next year, landlords and sellers will have to reveal when there are high levels of air pollution in their area


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5 hours ago, Richlist said:

Excellent news. It can't be seen as anything other than progress and falls into the same positive category as declaring flood risk areas.

Can't the tenant check the air for themselves before they move in it's getting ridiculous the nanny state will have us wiping their backside for them next

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9 minutes ago, kanrent said:

Can't the tenant check the air for themselves before they move in it's getting ridiculous the nanny state will have us wiping their backside for them next

That sounds like sexual assault to me.

But on that subject I do hope you have provided your T's with instructions on how to instal toilet paper in your property. Then how it should be deployed for effective use.

The risk assesment for the task should conclude the requirement for a data sheet for hazardous materials that they might come into contact with. Suitable hand protection might be provided in the alternative.

We should recognise our responsibility to the provision of barrier cream, along with suitable cleansing materials for personal and equipment use. Be sure to detail that gloves should be removed prior to hand cleansing.

Of course a warning at each water dispensor "Excess H2o can be hazardous to health". 

Labels on toilet brushes should read "Not to be used for cleansing of teeth".

Labels on tooth brushes are optional, but perhaps a polite reminder to T's that these are not for cleansing of toilets, or lower abdomen should there be a failure of integrity of toilet paper.


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I can see how this could be seen as unnecessary further Gov' meddling but there are lots of areas where air quality is very bad. People and in particular children can be very badly affected, especially if they suffer from asthma. So, yes,it's a good move especially for them. It may also speed up further restrictions on traffic congestion/ usage in built up areas.

Electric cars are coming........that will improve the situation.

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RL you clearly aren't up to date on the Landlord and Tenant act of 1984, there's a book on it some where.

While I am not the cause of poor air quality I am now to be responsible for it.

While I didn't sire my tenants, honestly I didn't, seemingly I must be responsible for their lack of awareness on many things.

While electric cars are coming their production and the scrappage of ICE vehicles prior to they being beyond repair will increase pollution, but will also provide tax revenues. The energy to propel vehicles must come from some where, we aren't yet near finding all that from renewable sources. But I accept that neccesity is the big mother of "you will have to". Nuclear power plants have become fashionable again, it's surprising that they weren't prior to the recognition of the fast approaching energy crisis, the one that contradicts the climate change crisis.

I can't get on board with these penalty initiatives until the root cause of over population is recognised, and long term strategy of population reduction is enacted. All other is merely defering the inevitable due to continual population growth.

Still I shouldn't worry too much. Apparently in the life of the planet so far us destructive humans have only been here 5 minutes. Give it another few minutes and we will have made it uninhabitable to sustain the place as our home, that wasn't really built for just us anyway. A few hours later the planet will have recycled itself nicely and other species will be here to enjoy it, if the planet isn't hit by a massive asteroid, or fried by solar flares. But by then we will be part of a new oil field so no worries really.

Actually to ease traffic congestion causing us to be retested every 5 -7 years, and so take the opportunity to improve driving standards would go along way. Less pile ups from those that tailgate in poor conditions, less lane weaving that causes braking and concertina effect that tranfers along way in heavy traffic, and more I'm sure.




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Easy question for me to answer at anytime:     1. None that I am aware of. 

Now of course there will have to be  a cost in providing this answer won't there?  This is the usual pattern of securing more revenue for the Treasury off the property buyer/seller or landlord.

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The usual penalty for us not complying with these new measures is to prevent our ability to repossess usingthe S21, butthey are removing that sonn totally. what penalty will they come up with then?

If there is non complaince with sleectice licencing (Labour council) the fine can be £20k and all revenues for the previous 12 months returned to the T. I have yet to learn 1 part of their stated advantage from this that has accured in 7 years.

When we LL's become a minority I wonder if we will have police protection if abused in the street and meeting houses built for us.

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