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Johnson confirms end to Section 21 evictions and launches ‘Lifetime Deposits’


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Boris Johnson has revealed several major shifts in government policy for the private rented sector and, as predicted, has put evictions at the centre of the General Election housing debate.

In an article published by The Sun newspaper early this morning, Johnson has confirmed that the government will proceed with banning Section 21.

“At the moment, renting a property can also be an uncertain and unsettling business, and the costs of deposits make it harder to move. We are going to fix that,” says Johnson.

“A Conservative majority government will empower renters and give them greater peace of mind.”

The policy has been opposed by landlords and many agents because it will push all evictions into the courts, making it harder and more expensive to eject tenants who default on their rent.

But homelessness charities have welcomed the move including Shelter, whose chief executive Polly Neate says: “Reports that Conservatives plan to scrap Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions are hugely welcome.

“If enacted, this would transform private renting for millions of people by providing them with stability and security.”

Johnson has also said that if elected his government would bring in a system of transferable tenancy deposits called Lifetime Deposits which, it is claimed, is the Conservative Party’s attempt to reel in Labour-voting younger tenants.

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However bad you think it might become under a Conservative Government think what the future might be.......

Diane Abbott as Home Secretary ?......no thank you very much.......I don't think so.

I'm actually beginning to get very, very, VERY, concerned that the Labour party have lost all sense of perspective. Life under Labour will be intolerable. I'm already loosing sleep. Next will come the nightmares of living under John Macdonalds ridiculous fiscal policy. 

Can you imagine the horror of waking up on December 13th to find these jokers in charge ?

Start praying now......


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I'm praying Richlist.   It is unbelievable listening to Labour Party election manifesto yesterday.  It is just not economically possible to do what they are proposing to do. Where do they think the Companies will get the money from to pay these huge tax rises?  By raising prices of course ! Then everyone will be affected.

Hello 1975 because for four long Labour Government years this is what happened then and it near bankrupted the Country.

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Now there's no need to drag this conversation down into the gutter by using bad language such as the word 'Labour' ........😄

To respond to your point ......I think you are probably right but it's the degree of political distaste that they hold for landlords. I am under no illusions that in both cases some landlords will be disadvantaged. With Conservatives I can see a thunderstorm or two on the horizon. With Labour it's likely to be the end of the world as we know it.

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What happens if you rent your house out and go to live abroad will the tenant have a right to buy under market value and leave you homeless when you return, or no fault eviction can't move back into your own home will one have to wait until the tenant dies

The devil really is in the detail I could write a hundred pages about  "what ifs" "supposings" "maybes and  " buts"  but the politicians won't say just wait and see how we're going to get shafted (sorry about the vulgar language) just makes me angry that landlords who provide homes for people are depicted as monsters 

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But he got an apology, eventually.

Serves him right for being a bottom feeding landlord I suppose.

Now just to balance the discussion. We make easy money from the poor unfortunates in this life. We harrass them for such trivial things as rent. We are unforgiving to such things as a little damage, that is never their fault. A little cleaning up doesn't do us any harm during a tenancy, or at the end. The Gov't must know best, whichever that Gov't is.

I'm looking forward to walking the 80 miles to Wales to service the properties that my tenants live in, that I have total responsibility for, that is reasonable to pay taxes in various forms for, for the priviledge of working for the state. That is when Magic Grampa (Corbyn) makes my evil polluting motor unfeasible to use any longer.

I have considered the easier life of renting from a landlord, but wonder if there will be many left back in 1979.  As I can't see the grants that were common for landlords returning somehow.


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