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Hello all

Last December I needed 3 EPCs doing at the same time. My management agency wanted £85 per property. 

Being the frugal landlord that I am I shopped around and found a company that would do them for £45 as they were all close together. 

Passing on the info in case anyone else needs them doing reasonably priced 

EPC Online



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£45/£50 per EPC is the going rate in my part of Essex.

Your agents probably just tried adding their bit for arranging things .......and felt able to justify it if you were overseas at the time and might have found it difficult or time consuming to arrange yourself.

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Same for my area........£45/£55 for an EPC and probably a bit cheaper if multiple properties are going to be done at the same booking.      I paid £45 for a flat earlier this year. 

Don't forget new EPC regulations come into force in 2020

On 1st April 2020, the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rules that came into force in April 2018 will expand to include all tenancies, including ongoing ones.
That means that if you have a property with an EPC rating of F or G, then you only have six months left to make improvements and get your property re-assessed with a score of E or above.
The improvements required could be considerable, and we expect tradespeople to be very busy near the deadline. So we’d recommend booking the work as soon as possible if this applies to you.

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The rating of F or G being a failed property,

is this only for the energy rating or the environmental impact rating also?

Is the assessment outcome still using the same criteria for the ratings, or have there been changes that can change the score?

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Let's face it......it's got to be a very, very poor property to achieve an F or a G. I'd probably go further to suggest that a property with an F or a G rating would not form part of a professional landlords portfolio.

Most of my 30 + year old properties just about get a C rating .......they have no cavity wall insulation, minimal loft insulation, ancient electric storage heaters etc, etc. It makes me wonder what sort of features a property rated F or G has to have to get such a low rating.

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